Little things

At school there used to be this song that went like …

“Little drops of water

Little grains of sand

Make the mighty ocean

And the beautiful land .

Though God made the Universe

He stays behind the scenes

God’s specializes

In using little things “ 🙂

See thats the whole beauty of it.Little things always make up bigger stuff.Perhaps even something that is the very epitome of magnificience.

Actually I was never even aware of the inherent meaning of these lines.Until now,after 8 long years since i first heard this song.

The other day,I was like totally clueless as far as my life’s rays of hope were concerned. (barring a very few) Then I got back to running along with Erra Balu in the mornings.In the beginning ,it was like the “Kasi” thing sang Metallica’s “I disappear

But then these little things played their part.

As i ran,I felt the morning air blow at my face.It was as if the fresh gale blew away the demons within and resuscitiated  good ol’ abbulugadu 🙂 along with all his hopes,optimism and his madness laden never-say-die fundas.

As I ran ,as i played football later,as I did BC with pals,u know…all the itsy bitsy dumb-headed stuff , i felt like “This is life after all ” ..n then I felt pretty good about evreything, u know that nice soft holistic view towards the world.
I see myself doing my work with sincerity,playing sports faster with a lot more intensity et al.

So its just little things that matter, little things that say “Nothing Else Matters” (oh boy! Metallica again) when compared to one’s happiness 😀


ps : Patnaik’s gonna probably participate in da Sports meet .Nice!Finally i get to compete with him

ps1: I still suck at futbol compared to most other players.But my flying antics are the talk of the town

ps2 : Gotto make Halley run in the mornings lest he wants to look a sorry picture when he enters the interview room this December. 😉

ps3 : Me probably going to be in one of the skits of Dramatics club.Now get ready for an Electrifying(hahaha ..i know it sounds sooooo trite but I love the word) show.

ps4 : Guess i am getting the hang of sharing Spawn‘s antipathy towards Himesh Reshmaiyya

3 responses to “Little things

  1. [:x]

    C ya in the court of law ….

  2. the [:x] actually was 😡

  3. Hi…

    I heard this song long long bak and would do anythin to get it… I think the album was named “little things” and had other songs such as “manners”, “change the world” “magic painter” etc… but can some one tell me who the band is(if there is one) and where i can get this song from on the net??? i relly relly wanna hear em again… pleeeeez 🙂


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