Hell = Masochistic heaven ??

One of the meanings of masochism goes like

The deriving of pleasure, or the tendency to derive pleasure, from being humiliated or mistreated or physically abused, either by another or by oneself

Now suppose this arbid chap’s a masochist and a wrong doer.So he goes to hell after his life goes kaput .But the innumerable punishments at hell’s torture chambers would be like heaven to him because he enjoys getting mutilated,cut up,etc., ….**PUKE**

So basically he’s in his perceptual heaven !!!!!

Or is it a case of masochism being only a materialistic tendency with no place in the fundas involving the soul,the atma,the tramsmigration to the upper astral planes …the **blah blah**

Whatever … I guess a masochist (if such a breed does exist) would find the real heaven bland and infinitely boring

ps : I am not sure of the existence of hell and heaven though

ps1 : Thanks to tipo for the idea 🙂

5 responses to “Hell = Masochistic heaven ??

  1. PUKE !!! this is by and large the worst post i have ever read on your blog .. and the worst ever on smr’s blogroll !!!

  2. hey !! it was not my idea. I was just lending an ear.

  3. @ halley
    My worst is better than the best of many crap hole-fied jabronis in blogdom.
    Just because it is beyond ur bojja’s (mee brain location kada ? :P) comprehensive capabilities , it does not necessarily mean that it is bad ….it is a valid question about human nature ..something like an abstract topic in GDs 🙂

    @tipo :
    avuna !!!

  4. If you say this in GD … the whole of IIMs will commit a mass suicide .. or chances are they will go into mass hysteria 😛

  5. Thats how topics are … and no one ‘s going into any mass hysteria …. talk facts..not
    YOUR jobless,no-show assumptions 😉
    Btw I should first get through to the 2nd round kada ?? Sometimes U hardly pause to think …. anna! pls use ur common sense ra 😀

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