All n sundry

Prof.Raj Reddy and his lost cause :

Mr.Bojja Babu (the halley belly parody to  Mr.Erra Babu) put it in a subtle way

Now ..time for some stark ground reality.Against my reluctance,I drag myself and some friends also (literally..emphasis on the word “drag“) to this “placements”  meeting.

But what do I….or rather,….we hear ?? Things about some Shakespearean dramas , things about life and stuff.Nice!Some one should have told people that it is an extension of Jeevan Vidya workshop or Dramatics club or just an intellectual talk by the great man.Then people who are “genuinely” interested would have only come!!!

This humongously great faculty of ours doesn’t even tell the great man about the things in IIIT-H.(obvious from his “U guys are probably placed by now” statement ) But they force him unecessarily to come and speak arbid stuff.

Dont blame Prof.RR or evryone.But looks like desperate measures to fill seats to me 😉

The MF controversy  :

If u check out the comments in some recent blog posts on blogroll, some fellow justified the actions taken on some senior IIITians for ragging.His reason = usage of the MF word

Okay anna agreed!!! But just wait and ponder once.These words are like used commonly and not to be taken in a literal sense 😦

Why!! Those fellows even address their own frenz. like that.What to say??Society is like that..what we call in telugu as “OOTHA PADHAM”.Surely no intention of incestuos idelologies here!!

Also usage of words like “Chettana koduka” ,etc., is common and also so trite that its not taken seriously at all.But why dont ppl understand that it is almost as bad,anti-social  in meaning as MF ?!?!?!

But sending them to Musoorie for Jeevan Vidhya !!!! Gimme a God-blessed break !! Reminds me of a Telugu movie “Moga Rayudu”  where Iron Leg shastri (the wrong doer)’s soul is damned to watching discovery channel programmes on pigs for 1 lakh years ..LOLs

The billi/pilli/feline baap :

The mocks are slowly starting to look up…but good ol’ me still miles away from my fellow batch mates cum CAT aspirants.

The most powerful animal belonging to the feline khaandaan,to the pathetic apex of my knowledge, is the tiger (see this ..nice puli related song 🙂 ) But i am not scared of it as much as i am of the CAT.

 Aha! Nostalgia :

In the days when i weighed around 90 kilos (ya!I really did …  ) I used to keep running while listening to the song mentioned supra 

Yes sir!Those were the days …. early morning jogs,no hectic work,walkman,the whole gachibowli area  and me.

The one on Mr.N, Mr.V and Mr.R  :

Finally Mr.R went for jogging yesterday after his claims and declarations for the last couple of months.

Mr.N is probably trying to do a Rocky Balboa routine . Btw did u know that he is a sorta grandmaster in karate (baad verri baad ..i thought I was the only one  ..hehe ..just kidding).Anyway, how would the nick Bocky Ralboa sound for him ?

Mr.V is ..err..well … a more mature and much better person these days.Good for him 🙂

 Last Sunday and Monday

Oh boy ..the rapping urge in my veins…may God save the readers ..I will rap about this ..

I go to write yet another mock

Inspite of knowing that

I will be a f***in laughing stock 

On the way ,I get caught

By this halley ..err..sry…belly – lawman 

N get  screwed by 100 bucks

Thats just the frying pan ..

Wanna know about the fire ?

The next day i get screwed out of Rs.360

By the psudo senile mmts-tc who turns a deaf ear

To my ticket-blew-out-the-window gifty 


 Yo the f***ed up abbulu man

His 2 days sucked worse than IIIT’s LAN

But why in the name of Ross’s tan

Is he laughing like ..err… cartoonist Pran ???? 


ps :  the first line of this postcontains the words “halley belly parody” ..aliterations at fingertips ,huh! 🙂

ps1 : No bolting doors anymore .BUt the culprit’s identity is disclosed.Lite! Poor fellow,frustration makes ppl do strange things;but guess guddu sense prevails in the end

ps2 : Next post has unalduterated conversations between me n pals.Verri OAish (their part) wud be an understatement or ..err overstatement !! 🙂
ps3 : H is gonna get super pissed after reading this 😀

11 responses to “All n sundry

  1. Sorry for the comment in your last post .. that was not the worst ever on blogroll.This one surely deserves that place.

    You amaze me at your consistency to churn out absolute junk ..

    Keep running running man 😛 ..

  2. @ halley :
    _|_ thank you _|_

  3. its not moga rayudu
    its ‘maga’ rayudu , get ur telugu right 😛

    if u thought severity of chetta naa kodaka = that of MF , god save you
    do refer wikipedia to understand the severity of MF
    its not even used in the ‘spoilt’ US culture where words like ‘fuck’ are dished out frequently

  4. regarding -:
    “These words are like used commonly and not to be taken in a literal sense 😦

    Why!! Those fellows even address their own frenz. like that.What to say??Society is like that.”

    society isnt like that. WE have degenerated to such an extent. we dish out this crap to the freshers and we expect them to take it LITE ???? :O :O
    we are making a bigger mistake by pulling them into the shit we are in

  5. @ sleeper :
    1)I agree totally annayya 🙂 But the guys who were involved ,i.e., the seniors who got exiled to Musoorie (is the spelling right??) shoukd not be sent to Musoorie.Dont want to pollute other places do we ?? 😉 Its like sending them to a place where no one can control their sorry a**es

    2)Yeah, usage of MF ‘s a disgraceful example of what our society’s becoming.But they keep using it.Now dont tell me they meant it 🙂 If they actually did mean it in order to bring down the juniors or something, may they get screwed by hybrid pigs

    3)Aaaargh ,….My telugu’s quite good !! I got 95 in my boards 🙂 “Moga” can be used too apart from “maga” ….. It goes like the “Ma” sound with a slight inclination towards the “o” sound i am correct.U r probably correct too; maybe the way u saw it was different ..I pronounce it in telugu pretty much the same way as u do 😀

  6. @ sleeper :

    4)Reg. “chettana kodaka ” : I dont care wats written in wikipedia.(Now dont get angry n hack my mail accounts pls)
    In my village , it means something really baaaad 😦
    Anyway i gus i gotto agree that MF is worse (on second thoughts ….gimme a chance I am not as brainy as u are 😛 )

    5) Just because 3 supposedly-declared misfits are sent away u think that the freshers will not be prone to vices that are deeply rooted in the IIITian culture.Even if they are not dragged into it ,they will enter it sooner or later.Believe me … it is the end of innocence 😦 (I sound pessimistic I know)

  7. I completely agree with Halley..
    This post is just another worthless piece of junk.. 😡
    Whats happening to you? And about juniors getting polluted and shit..
    The transition is supposed to be smooth.. Not like this.
    But I do agree that the punishment was way too harsh and I condemn everyone involved!
    Am I political and diplomatic or WHAT?? 😀

    PS: Its Mussoorie and not Musolllini!! 😛
    I never knew chetthana ko was soo bad. Maybe I should stop using that as well.. 😦 Is dongana ko an “OK” word?
    BTW Mr. N has stopped his Rocky Balboa routine..

  8. reg exile -:
    i never said they shud have been punished . i was expressing my concerns about the language used

    reg MF -:
    now agreed with u

    reg maga/moga -:
    just a matter of perspective 😛

    reg ref. to wiki -:
    i wanted you to refer wiki to make you aware of the fact that its considered sever even in the western socities , nothing other than that

    reg 5th point -:
    lets forget abt the freshers. i was never supporting the punishment anyway

  9. spawn is jealous huh ? never knew u had that angle my friend !!

  10. That was not Discovery Channel which you mentioned, the pigs programme was actually in DD-1.

  11. Here are some links that I believe will be interested

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