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A belief no less appreciated …

The sequel to the last post is supposed to end happily.It does , but only heralds the dawn of a new beginning πŸ˜€

The previous evening, good ol’ abbulugadu’s reason for his 1.5 yr long ordeal had finally been believed ..HURRAY !!!


ps : Lots of stuff coming up …

ps1Β  :The days of the uber state are to come soon

ps2 : Dont rule out “him” (a name less mentioned) either πŸ˜‰

ps3Β  : Vidyasagar works out at the gym everyday at 5 in the morning.

A belief …

Was I scared to believe something so obvious ? Or is it a case of things being too insane ,too mad to be true?
An ol’ pal once said … “U know wat? A person burns with fire ,either for love or for revenge!!”

For one and a half year the ass-hole cum dream head dreamt and remembered his ma’s saying “Do ur homework before u enter the field.Prepare well for the sake of what u believe in

And thats exactly what the pathetic lil’ dream head tried to do … he made a big-time (il)logical pseudo-Seldon plan.Then good ol’ abbulugadu ran, ran,jumped at every f**in moronic bull shit that happened in IIIT, all to get noticed (inspite of he sucking at most of it),all for a mere delusional belief 😦 ..that lay with no hope

And then lightning struck πŸ˜€ …. thanks to this oddity of a blog of mine.

— abbulugadu


Quote of the day :

“If Seth can fall from heaven, the dream head can emergeΒ  from the dark side too .So does that make me elf the fel” ***with a highly gullible expression***

ps-1 : A confession long overdue …

ps0 : Finally a (very apocryphal) justification of the title above.

ps1 : elf’s fine!! but wat’s elf the fel ? arbid aa ? :O

ps2 : Thinking of writing about the Ashes

IIIT’s very own version 1.4 : Enroute to “his” comeback

The foreword
By Ju Ra ,the ghost who walks calls forth the power of TEN tigers ”

The Phantom

I only wish that one of the guddu fellows had this force within them to bring about a wiping out scheme of the scum and the yucky carbuncle that is sweeping IIITian environment 😦

And also, long ago before the “anger portal ” opened , Spawny brainy non-brawny said this

Anyway , good ol’ abbulugadu basically had a good ol’ life in IIIT so far , except for some short and highly complicated episodes like say, this,this,this ,this etc.,

What’s happening to 200?

The mailing lists are getting a lot of crap filled with verbal-slime laden rugrat shit.What i fail to understand is whether this is an attention grabbing routine or a clear cut case of psychosis.

Btw is there anything like verbal slime ???? (oye IV!!) If there’s none i get the copyrights ..hehe πŸ˜€

For once i decide to tune in to the dark side n i get several thank-u mails from batch mates.Nice!! Guess the dark side isn’t bad after all.
A take on other chunks of thrash:

Well here i go with the poetry routine again :

All sorts of kawa-munnndo crap
Happen on IIIT ‘s map
Go ahead it aint a pastry
U might call it poetry
Or is it rather better off as rap ???

There’s a certain Mr.KK
Who literally spams his head off
Thinks he’s clearing a popularity cut-off
Wish some one gives him a TK
Guess then he would be okay !?!?


Then there’s the ol’ SnS duo
Who like suo-moto (or is it moto-suo)
Are a head ache to the hilt
Hope they come out of their mongering silt
Lest “he” in the title makes them ..hmm…tilt !?!? πŸ˜‰

Then there’s the ug2k3 gay
In all his pathetic dismay
All he does is shamelessly stare
At one n all …boy! do bohemians too dare ??
Well folks! I am too straight to say .

Well as for me
I am still good n free
But the future that lies ahead
Is not a rose laden bed
The Crypt, for yet another spree ?????


Quote of the day :

“I see no end to the darkness ahead.But I also,with hope, see the beginning of the light “

– Underworld : Evolution

ps : Those who are offended by this post, before u feel bad tell me how u found out that I was addressing you πŸ˜‰

ps1: Life’s nice.Cool yet electrifying πŸ™‚

ps2 : To my beloved batch mates , thank you for the thank you mails.I am infinitely flattered πŸ˜€

ps3 : Spawn’s gonna report yet again.Why in the name of Lucifer is he acting like he’s scared.I thought only foes are scared of the crypt.

ps4: Deadly Mayyyyyy-hem wherver “he” goes

‘Varsham’ the rain

And so its been raining non stop since yesterday πŸ™‚ There’s always this pleasant feeling about the rain.

Generally, when good ol’ running man aka abbulugadu πŸ˜› wakes up early in the morning all set for his infamous jogging thingie , things that obstruct his process piss him off … that is except the varsham πŸ™‚

Yesterday the guys won the futbol match in the rain.That was a truly inspiring scene: the soccer match-up, the kinda support for our apna football team and finally the victory , all in the midst of a torrential-like downpour πŸ™‚
So here goes the good ol’ poet yet again …

The birds were quiet and nested

Awaiting the downpour , they rested

Hoping for the rain to come

Singing a blissful anthem

That was over time very well tested

It thundered as it did rain

To kick the heat wave down the drain

Yet the IIITians won the futbol match

A prized memory to catch

Without a single aota of disdain

Then several drops of rain fell

As if by the hand of a spell

On heads of people taking a stroll

To banish the evil fiery troll

A perfect scenario to tell πŸ˜€

Β note :Β  This poem written at 4 in the morning today πŸ˜€
Btw,I dont understand why i am so obsessed with getting drenched in the rain.Perhaps it is a perception that ..hmm..err… well its beyond description by the hands of an oh-so-average layman like myself .Or am I dumb or something ???

Oh yeah!! Almost forgot …

This pic taken at 6:00 in the morning ..just a normal photo from my digi-cam , can hardly make out the rain ,can u ?Now ..

The above pic was taken in the instantaneous “sports” mode,only seconds later to the 1stΒ  pic .I saw the droplets against the completely de-illuminated back ground and concluded that I captured the droplets in motion.

But pals say that its only the drops that fell on the lens 😦 But how come the first pic’s got no drops.Β I dont think its the drops on the camera lens..further proof :see the pic below taken from a science webpage , very much similar to hamara rain pic :p

international maams

HENCE,It must be a case of good ol’ me instantaneously capturing the rain (in picture of course)

Anyway some more tit-bits :

  • How would the idea of running in the rain be ?Β  πŸ˜›
  • Eeeeee varsham saakshiga …
  • Remember the “Gallu gallu mani” from the movie Indra? Chiru-fansΒ  love that one for sure
  • Lil’ sis loves eating ice-cream in the rain inspired from the movie Athanokkade

———————————————————————————ps : Hope u enjoyed the nice lil’ post

ps1 : Best way to read = with a samosa n chaiΒ 

ps2 :Actually wrote a non-rap-ish poem after a long time πŸ™‚

Halley the self proclaimed jobless character :part 1

Halley was in his one of his super-mutated OA moods.So inspite of being jobless ,he put a YM status message that said “dont buzz me” with busy sign. So obviously,I buzz him. πŸ˜€

halleyji: why did u buzz me :O
abbulu: just like that
halleyji: spying aa

halleyji: 😑
abbulu: cha

halleyji: 😑
abbulu: meeru aithey eppudu free ga untaru kabatti (u r always free!!)
halleyji: :((
halleyji: aa maata antha direct gaa anaddu ra babu (dont say that so directly ..i know i am beverse)
abbulu: hehe

halleyji : ok!I go do my work babayya πŸ™‚

work here==> doing OA in a YM conversation with someone else

Case 1 :My estimation of halley in a couple of months from now :


Of course the twist in the story is that Halley is attending PT these days πŸ˜‰ He runs like say 20 centimetres and voila!! He thinks he’s bailey πŸ™‚
By some unexpected freak accident of nature ,if he loses his extra-kovvu,he will be soo “self-dabbafying” that he would dethrone the God of OA …i.e., YP

(to be continued … )


PS : But halley the belly isΒ  brainy enough to get into a B-school πŸ™‚

PS1 : THank god!Had he been hard-working too , he would have been a ten-pointer πŸ˜‰