Halley the self proclaimed jobless character :part 1

Halley was in his one of his super-mutated OA moods.So inspite of being jobless ,he put a YM status message that said “dont buzz me” with busy sign. So obviously,I buzz him. πŸ˜€

halleyji: why did u buzz me :O
abbulu: just like that
halleyji: spying aa

halleyji: 😑
abbulu: cha

halleyji: 😑
abbulu: meeru aithey eppudu free ga untaru kabatti (u r always free!!)
halleyji: :((
halleyji: aa maata antha direct gaa anaddu ra babu (dont say that so directly ..i know i am beverse)
abbulu: hehe

halleyji : ok!I go do my work babayya πŸ™‚

work here==> doing OA in a YM conversation with someone else

Case 1 :My estimation of halley in a couple of months from now :


Of course the twist in the story is that Halley is attending PT these days πŸ˜‰ He runs like say 20 centimetres and voila!! He thinks he’s bailey πŸ™‚
By some unexpected freak accident of nature ,if he loses his extra-kovvu,he will be soo “self-dabbafying” that he would dethrone the God of OA …i.e., YP

(to be continued … )


PS : But halley the belly isΒ  brainy enough to get into a B-school πŸ™‚

PS1 : THank god!Had he been hard-working too , he would have been a ten-pointer πŸ˜‰

4 responses to “Halley the self proclaimed jobless character :part 1

  1. But for the 2 PSes everything else is Blasphemy .. πŸ˜›

  2. blasphemy! Halley !! pls dont tell me that u r GOD now :P!!!!!!1

  3. You’re blotting the name of mouli and OA!! 😑
    How dare you.. The whole post is blasphemous! A sacrilege!
    Thou shalt be damned to hell forever.. 😑

  4. I am unlucky to be on the receiving side of such a curse 😦 pls forgive me and take lite πŸ˜›

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