A belief no less appreciated …

The sequel to the last post is supposed to end happily.It does , but only heralds the dawn of a new beginning 😀

The previous evening, good ol’ abbulugadu’s reason for his 1.5 yr long ordeal had finally been believed ..HURRAY !!!


ps : Lots of stuff coming up …

ps1  :The days of the uber state are to come soon

ps2 : Dont rule out “him” (a name less mentioned) either 😉

ps3  : Vidyasagar works out at the gym everyday at 5 in the morning.

9 responses to “A belief no less appreciated …

  1. oh, second to comment 😦

  2. ps4: abullu gets up at 4 am
    ps5: he jogs for 45 mins at 5 am
    ps6: 6-8 he studies CAT
    ps7: 8-9 ………..

  3. @ psst aka sagar :

    This is an outrageous lie.

    @ readers :
    Is it rational toeven think that a person gets up at 4 AM , let me re-phrase THAT A IIITian gwakes upa t 4 am :O I respect the IIITian culture and will never do anything to defame it 😉

  4. asalu ee comment enti????

  5. sagar !! n gym !! nice ….!! but 5 in the morn …… oohh dear lord !!

  6. i believe sagar’s comments on you !!

    i saw you going to jog for a few days at 5.30 AM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. @ sid :
    Everything has a reason Sid 🙂 ….

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