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The strange case of “oh-so” and “not-exactly”

Ok! So I decided to take a day off today ..not that I was kicking a** throughout the week gone by.

In that not-so-pristine ,not-so-surreal head of mine , there are thoughts that classify as alarming co-incidences to the String theory ,thought I am not exactly that precise at understanding Physics 馃槈
Hmm …how would I describe my current mental state ? Subtle and smouldered might be a close approximation.I basically came up with this interesting prefix funda to describe it ….

“not oh-so “ for all the negative stuff and “not exactly” for the positive stuff. 馃檪

So i would say , my situation right now is …..

>>not oh-so tense yet not exactly cool
>>not oh-so pathetic yet not exactly great
>>not oh-so miserable yet not exactly rocking
>>not oh-so …..

Crap!Thats enough! I am sure the people got the picture thats being implied here.

Yesterday AT tells me that people are of the opinion that I (of all the people )have a heart of gold !!!! (If Halley knows this , he will suffer a stroke.) Anyway,even though its an oh-so- misleading notion , I am not-exactly electrified about the remark.

Sicca dude who lives next to me sort of introduced me to Godsmack.They are pretty good 馃檪 thought not exactly of the overall ultimate-league


ps : Lil’ sis tops her section in the quarterly examinations (at school) .Guess that is not not-exactly great 馃檪
ps1 : I am desperately trying to cloud my mind from the Naa daariki ledoka Gamyam feeling

The Art of gluttony: One P too many

Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.



the CAT glutton

The definition of Punugu :” It is defined as an edible thing made of flour, with an orange bajji-like coating on the surface and if made in the OBH FF mess,has lots of oil all over it (which surprisingly was lacking today..I mean ..the oil) “

Around six months ago , before the “struck-by-lightning” era began , good ol’ abbulugadu set a record of eating 25 punugus in one single break fast sitting.

This was done in the presence of the ever indomitable Singamalai (for ignoramuses who dont know him , NTR PK.. ug2k3 batch…CSE branch… trained in Ramayya … krishnudu of the batch) He does not look like the entity in the picture below… 馃槈


Then today, I got this insane urge to break my own record.I was already at number 23 when halley said,“Aha! I am already about to finish 25” This is a sacrilege !! I mean. so I thought …

The guy with his super-belly has excessive storage capacity.What match was I before the gr8 halley-belly ?But I didn’t want to give up.i kept stuffing myself , taking one at a time.

Finally,thanks to my persistence , I finally won with 32 punugus in today’s break fast.

I thank Singamalai for his support and halley for the good fight 馃檪


ps : Most irrelevant information of the post : If you type punugu in Goolge Image Search, you get this chap

ps1 : A Long time ago, I scared Vasan too in the same way ..the only difference was that it was in the OBH GF mess and it was roti in that case.

The Fight Club Phantom

Long long ago in IIITian land when the Sun burnt at its brightest red (no I dont mean it聽 became a聽聽聽 Red Giant ,I only mean the summer months) , the violent dimension of the now-non-existent dark side reached an聽 acme of sorts!

Then as they say, when u r at the peak聽 the only way left to go is down , the dark side perished due to a strong self-positive-twist聽 scheme 馃槈

The previous night , GV (an old school pal) called after聽 a oh-so-long time.He was shouting in the phone bugeoning his sissy vocal cords to the terminal limit.

He went like .. ” Orey Baba! The KR guy is at it again.He’s spreading rumours about me.I am not going to spare him.Since my dad is a contractor , I will get a full labour force and get his a** whipped .”

“So what shoud i do,dumbass ? ”

“You are on my side, right ? ”

“Anna..chill!! I am not taking sides.I am just staying away from ur senseless misadventures!”

“Rei baba ..why r you of all the people …” (he laid stress on “you” ..blast!!!)
“Shut aaaap” and I hung the phone.

That is the uncoveted problem that arises when you TRY to do a “bad-to-good” or “hooligan-to-shareef ” metamorphosis.Oh boy! Whatever ……


Verse of the day :

The devils of the past

How long will they last聽

When’ll I at the least

Get to see Odin’s feast ??

– abbulugadu


ps : Always nursed an ambition聽 to lay the mighty ol’ smackdown on SJ bhai!!

ps1 :聽 Similarly, Maaams (for ppl who dont know him , Sriram) nurses a dream of beating me up before graduation.

ps2聽 : Suggu is working out in the gym these days 馃檪 Guess IIIT is all set for a Hrithik Roshan like transformation 馃榾

Abbulu’s Uncertainity principle

Statement : “Do not stake your whole on futurology because everything has a probability of less than 1,irrespective of the problem model considered”

Traditional Indian-ishtyle version : “Arey babbu …dont put either your skull or cranium as security for anything, ’cause u dont have the scene to see what Lord Brahma has written.”

Geeky version : “Do not celebrate over a proportionality between a future expected result and the success of a code u didnt compile yet.No one has access ,not even read-only permissions to Destiny’s source code”

The optimistic,quixotic,bold,machismoic version : “The original definition emphasizes the non-existence of a unified probability,but doesn’t say anything about the existence of probability=NULL.So the latter doesn’t exist either .”

And so , good ol’ abbulugadusays 馃檪 ..annayyaaaa …thats what makes life sooo frigging adventurous 馃榾

– abbulugadu


ps : this week’s got a mock IIFT at TIME 馃檪 ..2hrs paper

ps1 : Everything that I always beleived seems to be a bit uncertain …

ps2 : So what, lets make it certain na 馃槈

ps3 : My orkut fans’ count crossed 50 recently.So ??

ps4 : I guess alacrity = me is a valid deterministic equation though Prof.PRK.Rao might not agree 馃榾

Apun ka IIITian thought

Every week , come Sunday morning and good ol’ abbulugadu used to wake up with a certain type of movement that would remind you of the catch phrase “Jahalak Dikh laaja” .Then he tells himself “Okay Bobs ! You got a mock today”

But last Sunday boleto yesterday , a strange thought (i would have preferred to call it a “queer” thought but queer also means “gay” who cares anyway what it means ..gays are #$@#$) struck the ghantas of my mind.

The “striking” thought was the not about the mock.It was the fact that it was already frigging October (In the english version of聽 bleach they always say “frigging” in the places of phrases where we use f***ing )

Within around half an year I would be leaving this place .Shouldn’t I be rejoicing since I never wanted to come here in the first place(3.5 yrs ago) .

Guess its the people here (read friends,comrades and fellow IIITians sans most Profs) that made me like (never thought I would be saying “like” for IIIT)this place. 馃檪

– abbulugadu


Verse of the day :

“Lord I am one..Lord I am two …Lord I am three ..Lord I am four..Lord I am five a hundred miles away from home”

– source unknown(just remembered it from “i dunno when” )


ps :聽 I mentioned above that i never wanted to get into IIIT .That is another story.Will say ,someday,…at the least before the next May 馃槈

ps1 : I actually wanted to become an IPS officer 馃槢 ..that is聽 the second “another story”

ps2: Unable to decide which movie is better(or worse)…Conan the barbarian (or) Conan the destroyer.

The one that started it all …

First of all , HAPPY DUSSEHRA to the People 馃檪

So now, lets get to the point.This wasn’t planned until after next semester.And I dont beleive in the certainity of futurology either.i am not running anymore and to hell with the sports meet since I got placements at the same time :(.And of course all those B-school entrances.

So there’s no point to corroborate any sort of hunkering as far as the “running man ” tag is concerned.So I am going back to my roots…… 馃榾 The Real Ignis Fatuus
ig路nis fat路u路us (沫gn沫s f膬ch奴-蓹s) pronunciation
n., pl. ig路nes fat路u路i (沫gn膿z f膬ch奴-墨).

  1. A phosphorescent light that hovers or flits over swampy ground at night, possibly caused by spontaneous combustion of gases emitted by rotting organic matter. Also called friar’s lantern, jack-o’-lantern; Also called will-o’-the-wisp, wisp.
  2. Something that misleads or deludes; an illusion.

[Medieval Latin : Latin ignis, fire + Latin fatuus, foolish.]

…so i hope u get the essence of it by calling it the real ignis fatuus , i might mean two things

  1. what is so good that it seems to be an illusion is actually true 馃檪 (or)
  2. it is a real misleading illusion 馃檪

I leave it to your own brilliant interpretation.Choosing either the red pill or the blue pill is upto you.


Quote of the day :
“This thing called the heart is evidence that one’s existence is not superfluous, or should it be superfluous ,whatever.. I believe in the former case”


ps : Will try to eke out time to ‘gym’ (used as a verb ) again.

ps1 : The previous day,the good ol’ me realised that he finished the entire Wodehouse series in the IIITian library .Impressive, huh ?