The one that started it all …

First of all , HAPPY DUSSEHRA to the People 🙂

So now, lets get to the point.This wasn’t planned until after next semester.And I dont beleive in the certainity of futurology either.i am not running anymore and to hell with the sports meet since I got placements at the same time :(.And of course all those B-school entrances.

So there’s no point to corroborate any sort of hunkering as far as the “running man ” tag is concerned.So I am going back to my roots…… 😀 The Real Ignis Fatuus
ig·nis fat·u·us (ĭgnĭs făchū-əs) pronunciation
n., pl. ig·nes fat·u·i (ĭgnēz făchū-ī).

  1. A phosphorescent light that hovers or flits over swampy ground at night, possibly caused by spontaneous combustion of gases emitted by rotting organic matter. Also called friar’s lantern, jack-o’-lantern; Also called will-o’-the-wisp, wisp.
  2. Something that misleads or deludes; an illusion.

[Medieval Latin : Latin ignis, fire + Latin fatuus, foolish.]

…so i hope u get the essence of it by calling it the real ignis fatuus , i might mean two things

  1. what is so good that it seems to be an illusion is actually true 🙂 (or)
  2. it is a real misleading illusion 🙂

I leave it to your own brilliant interpretation.Choosing either the red pill or the blue pill is upto you.


Quote of the day :
“This thing called the heart is evidence that one’s existence is not superfluous, or should it be superfluous ,whatever.. I believe in the former case”


ps : Will try to eke out time to ‘gym’ (used as a verb ) again.

ps1 : The previous day,the good ol’ me realised that he finished the entire Wodehouse series in the IIITian library .Impressive, huh ?

3 responses to “The one that started it all …

  1. so basically, ignis fa(r)tuus is what you’d get if you set your farts on fire?


  2. @ obelix :
    Obvioulsy not u moron …gosh! i didnt think even IV can be an absolute @#%#$%#@#%@#$ somtimes . ..

  3. he is, he is the dumbest of them all !!!!!! 😀

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