Abbulu’s Uncertainity principle

Statement : “Do not stake your whole on futurology because everything has a probability of less than 1,irrespective of the problem model considered”

Traditional Indian-ishtyle version : “Arey babbu …dont put either your skull or cranium as security for anything, ’cause u dont have the scene to see what Lord Brahma has written.”

Geeky version : “Do not celebrate over a proportionality between a future expected result and the success of a code u didnt compile yet.No one has access ,not even read-only permissions to Destiny’s source code”

The optimistic,quixotic,bold,machismoic version : “The original definition emphasizes the non-existence of a unified probability,but doesn’t say anything about the existence of probability=NULL.So the latter doesn’t exist either .”

And so , good ol’ abbulugadusays 🙂 ..annayyaaaa …thats what makes life sooo frigging adventurous 😀

– abbulugadu


ps : this week’s got a mock IIFT at TIME 🙂 ..2hrs paper

ps1 : Everything that I always beleived seems to be a bit uncertain …

ps2 : So what, lets make it certain na 😉

ps3 : My orkut fans’ count crossed 50 recently.So ??

ps4 : I guess alacrity = me is a valid deterministic equation though Prof.PRK.Rao might not agree 😀

9 responses to “Abbulu’s Uncertainity principle

  1. has neone ever told you that you are a pathetic blogger?

  2. please change the template. its impossible to read nething.

  3. template sucks biiig time …

  4. @ obelix and crazy person :
    Ok I will .. 🙂

    @ anonymous :
    I would agree to ur divinity’s opinion had i seen ur blog URL(since u r actually passing a decree) and a name above.
    At least I dont lack testicular p******e like u do,my good pal 🙂

  5. why the f*** is everyone posting arbit nonsense … why cant ppl write something funny to read abt … its becoming boring to read blogs 😦

  6. arbit katte! oraiiii ..its a coded version of my present state of life 😦

  7. hmm.. innovative 😀

  8. @ spawn :
    Thank you ..finally someone else in the same erudition-league 😛 as good ol’ me

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