The Fight Club Phantom

Long long ago in IIITian land when the Sun burnt at its brightest red (no I dont mean it  became a    Red Giant ,I only mean the summer months) , the violent dimension of the now-non-existent dark side reached an  acme of sorts!

Then as they say, when u r at the peak  the only way left to go is down , the dark side perished due to a strong self-positive-twist  scheme 😉

The previous night , GV (an old school pal) called after  a oh-so-long time.He was shouting in the phone bugeoning his sissy vocal cords to the terminal limit.

He went like .. ” Orey Baba! The KR guy is at it again.He’s spreading rumours about me.I am not going to spare him.Since my dad is a contractor , I will get a full labour force and get his a** whipped .”

“So what shoud i do,dumbass ? ”

“You are on my side, right ? ”

“Anna..chill!! I am not taking sides.I am just staying away from ur senseless misadventures!”

“Rei baba ..why r you of all the people …” (he laid stress on “you” ..blast!!!)
“Shut aaaap” and I hung the phone.

That is the uncoveted problem that arises when you TRY to do a “bad-to-good” or “hooligan-to-shareef ” metamorphosis.Oh boy! Whatever ……


Verse of the day :

The devils of the past

How long will they last 

When’ll I at the least

Get to see Odin’s feast ??

– abbulugadu


ps : Always nursed an ambition  to lay the mighty ol’ smackdown on SJ bhai!!

ps1 :  Similarly, Maaams (for ppl who dont know him , Sriram) nurses a dream of beating me up before graduation.

ps2  : Suggu is working out in the gym these days 🙂 Guess IIIT is all set for a Hrithik Roshan like transformation 😀

4 responses to “The Fight Club Phantom

  1. baba’s back … nice verse … glad you changed the theme

  2. Thankx man …DEADLY MAYHEM 😉 shall be unleashed by the blogging fellowship once again

  3. I guess mams and I can come to a deal and beat you up.. 😀
    Or maybe not.. 😕

  4. @ spawn :
    U mu friend are supposed to be on my side 🙂 …maams can get SJ if he wants to 😉

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