The Art of gluttony: One P too many

Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.



the CAT glutton

The definition of Punugu :” It is defined as an edible thing made of flour, with an orange bajji-like coating on the surface and if made in the OBH FF mess,has lots of oil all over it (which surprisingly was lacking today..I mean ..the oil) “

Around six months ago , before the “struck-by-lightning” era began , good ol’ abbulugadu set a record of eating 25 punugus in one single break fast sitting.

This was done in the presence of the ever indomitable Singamalai (for ignoramuses who dont know him , NTR PK.. ug2k3 batch…CSE branch… trained in Ramayya … krishnudu of the batch) He does not look like the entity in the picture below… 😉


Then today, I got this insane urge to break my own record.I was already at number 23 when halley said,“Aha! I am already about to finish 25” This is a sacrilege !! I mean. so I thought …

The guy with his super-belly has excessive storage capacity.What match was I before the gr8 halley-belly ?But I didn’t want to give up.i kept stuffing myself , taking one at a time.

Finally,thanks to my persistence , I finally won with 32 punugus in today’s break fast.

I thank Singamalai for his support and halley for the good fight 🙂


ps : Most irrelevant information of the post : If you type punugu in Goolge Image Search, you get this chap

ps1 : A Long time ago, I scared Vasan too in the same way ..the only difference was that it was in the OBH GF mess and it was roti in that case.

5 responses to “The Art of gluttony: One P too many

  1. Scared aa? 😮 haha.. in your dreams! you wish!! 😡
    I out-ate (if there is such a word :-s) you on that day comfortably..
    Mark my words, I can beat you hands down..
    And I dont need the excessive capacity of halley belly as well..
    Neither do I need the support of our batch krishnudu.. 😀
    But then.. as always, I shall maintain a low profile and my almost non-existent physique.

  2. no way … u ate 7 and I ate 12 😀 …

  3. Thu 😛

    Totally despo for post content 😛

    I was lying …

    LOL @ you .. 25 punugulu anta 😀

  4. I am not despo …. I had so much serious content to post (already saved in drafts) ..but thought little light hearted stuff would be much better 🙂

  5. No way ..u ate 25 punugulu … we know u r capable of that my friend 😉

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