Yet another Exablog

Okay this Exablog is a bare necessity for existence, a feeble attempt at causing a self deviation (whatever that meant 😦 )

Hmm..okay here goes ..


This feline friend is finally about to arrive .Just a fortnight away.

As an arbitrary rip-off , wonder why they coined the word fortnight .This is the exact reason.Must say I was n’t exactly pleased with the background.Expected much more.You know … something like a legendary battle to defend a fort ,that actually lasted for 2 weeks ,but ppl felt like it was one long night because ..err.. the Sun got blocked or something (what the #@%@$%# ?? )Okay i agree 😦 the stress is getting to my head !!

Okay where was I ? Yeah ..the CAT! Sometimes it so happens that mighty warriors with all the heavy duty weaponry and stuff fall just like that.Sometimes, the guys who act like “Who ?Me? CAT? :O ” actually get calls.Of course the ASPIRANTS cover a broader range.I only mentioned the lower and upper limits. πŸ˜€

Alright folks!I dont think this talk about the feline majesty is serving my true purpose of the exablog.So I say no more …

The Photo Shoot

Hmm ..ok ! Neither was I a part of the winning football team nor the winning basketball team (runners-up actally)at the recent Inter coll-sports meet dubbed the “ICTHALON”.

But how did good ol’ Sid and myself find ourselves in the photoshoots along with the likes of Sangal,Zulu,etc., Simple,my dear friends!Get into the Sports Council πŸ™‚

WAIT! Before you jump to conclusions let me make it clear that good ol’ abbulugadu’s primary aim in joining the council is to serve IIITian sports πŸ˜› (boy! I can feel a halo πŸ˜‰ around that head of mine..okay okay dont puke please)

The End Sems :

It is blasphemy and even more to talk about this, being a final year student. Just wanted to say that I am relying on the great Singamalai to save the former CryptMaster from Cryptography.

Btw could someone please teach me DIP ?? 😦

The Mag :

Its like I predicted during the lighter days of old.Things seem dim and none wants to save the mag 😦

Just one Echoes and yet once again , You hear the IIIT Magazine singing “I disappear” .Oh well I am singing “In the End right now.

Well! Lets see .. if there’s any kind of salvation waiting for the good ol’ mag in the next sem.

Where am I?

Being at coll has its plus points.But i just realised that I always come home on the last Sunday before End sems.

Hmm…guess its some kind of sub-conscious sentiment.The one that goes like ,

See your family before the Exams and your lost energy flows back into you.

– abbulugadu


ps : Prithvi leading the sports tally! Interesting!

ps1 : Will post GR’s bare-headed photos soon.(Found them in my PC.Thought I lost them.Now he’s finished)

ps2 : Ever thought of trying bungee-jumping ? πŸ˜‰

2 responses to “Yet another Exablog

  1. haha.. wish i was in the council too πŸ˜›

  2. Chillax buddy! Crypto’s PCO na πŸ˜‰

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