The Ground Zero Feeling

I can quite literally feel it now 😦 … the exactly parallel feeling to the one I had when Kavith Abrol left Niraj at the end of 9th (Who is this guy ? Well! He was the school bond ..but you folks know him not I guess)

At that junction (March 2000) , I went like “Yo man! This is your day!”.

Shift to November 2K6. Hmm.. okay while writing the DIP paper it was like my whole IIITian life came before me.I didnt know how to fill the answer booklet and also how to pass those 3 hours.Not thatI didnt know some of the answers I didn’t write,but what would happen when your mind goes blank.Honestly, the one DIP related thing that redundantly occured to my mind was … BLANK boleto gray level = 0. 😉

That too for the first time in an exam since the last three years!!! But its not about the DIP paper(I might just get a safe grade) but something else, an overwhelming force that I know not, but has been troubling to say the least.

Technically,superficially every thing’s hunky-dory 🙂 right now, but why in the name of Li-Shenron (must stop idolizing Dragonball-Z too much 😉 ) do i get the-fort-crumbling-from-within feeling.

And also, remember the Swami in Lagaan who goes like “Ooski Amma ko yaad karra hoga” !!Yes! I do remember my ma now ,not for any particular reason though. Only for solace 🙂

Okay then! Good ol’ me’s gonna go to room and sleep now.Could someone please wake me up in the morning!


Quote of the day

They’re not real. ”

– Jericho Kane in ‘End of Days’


ps : Hey God! Will the uber state ever come ?

*** Good ol’ abbulugadu looking towards the sky *** 😐

2 responses to “The Ground Zero Feeling

  1. aha! I heard u say in the mess that with u every thing is reverse .Now I can make a guess 🙂

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