The one on Sunday Canivals and ill omens

Must say these lot of sunday carnivals, cultural nights, etc., are a welcome change in the relatively smouldered lifestyles of the not-so-distant IIITian past.Everyone gets to enjoy and indulge in vellagir-ish past times.

But then , for me unfortunately , whenever such events take place(since the beginning of my final year) something bad ,embarassing , irritating et al , particularly belonging to the “bheja-fry-triggering” category , happens.Too embarassing THINGS to elucidate upon in this blog.Not anything related directly to carnivals,but its like they are the omens of abbulu’s destruction (statistically speaking 😛 )

Lets just hope that today’s GOONJ – the ug1 carnival has a different experience in store for yours truly.


Dialogue of the day :

abbulu : Hey wasssssup man ?

Lilli : Everything f***ed up


ps :  Wrote the IIFT entrance today.Paper was… .surprising !

ps1 : Coming to IIIT in the evening.Hope there’s a open air DJ sort of thing where everyone gets to jump and do monkey-giri 😉

3 responses to “The one on Sunday Canivals and ill omens

  1. monkeygiri – bandarbaazi 😀

  2. exactly 😀

  3. oh, gg !! .. Monkey Man guessed it perfectly !! what say iv ? 😀

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