Of life,cruisers and the avenger funda

Very few things in the ever-becoming-more-sedentary world can beat a bike ride on a cruiser bike 🙂 ( on a traffic free road of course)

Well …I spoke of this one before but the fundas in the Bajaj Avenger ad (featured over a year ago) are blasphemic yet AWEsome.

The ad starts with a macho guy, with a stub, wearing a black T-Shirt and a black jeans, driving his Bajaj Avenger through the roads of Ladakh. (Gachobowli-Tolichowki  road too can be tried 😀 )

As he is driving, he remembers his dad slapping him, which is shown in black and white. As the ad comes back to the present, the voice over says, “I forgive my dad”.

abbulu’s parody : Hmm ..I am not talking about this one.But for the record,my dad never did that.


Now his boss throws a pile of paper on him and fires him. He ducks while driving while imagining that. The voice over says, “I forgive my boss”.

abbulu’s IIITian parody : Replace the boss with all the prof.s who were patient enough to bear with this oh-so-average yours truly 🙂

He encounters a hole in the middle of the road, and as his bike jumps out of the hole, he looks back at it, and the voice over says, “I forgive the government”.

abbulu’s parody : In the year 2002, dad met with a serious accident because of such a hole-on-the-road. The next day , I had this internal exam,but i didnt really care about the preparation anymore 😦 .And poor pa was telling my mom “Dont tell abbulu ..he’s got an exam”

Of course , dad being the baap of abbulu the macho man (hehehe) recovered quickly and hence,I forgive the government.

He traverses through roads that beautifully make Valhalla seem like a highway.He moves along.

The next scene that he remembers about is that of his barber about to give him a shave. Coming back to the present, he licks at the scar below his nose and the voice over says, “I forgive my barber”.

abbulu’s IIITian parody : The chap who used to bolt my door back then in summer.Not that its related but I used to dream of the same person cutting my throat with a barber’s tools 😦


He then sees a guy on the road, trying to start his bike. He looks at the guy and the voice over says, “I forgive my past”.
abbulu’s parody : God! The only time my bike broke down was somewhere near Hi tec city ..had to call dad to the rescue.It was like a punishment from Bhagwaan for really losing my temper for the first time in 3 years. 😉 (incident too painful to speak about )

As he drives along, he sees a local who was sitting and weeding the path. The local gets up, arcs his back to relieve the pain, and the voice over says, “I feel……. I feel like….”.
Then he looks up to the sky, while the voice over says, “I feel like god”.

abbulu’s parody : “I feel like GOD” katte … I never felt that :O I thought only rakshasas in mythology serials make such statements 😛

******* end of the ad and the prose part of post*********


Parting thought ..err…verse :

Like a revenge act out of a brazier

The bike’s got a name called avenger

Yet its got the mercy- paradox

So there u go ..pull up your socks ?!?!?!?!?!

    Its like in one of those Sheldon novels

    This fat guy( cholestrol in his bowels ?? )

    Says “Sicilians forgive but never forget”

    Can say the same about the IIITian net

– good ol’ abbulugadu


ps : Next post either on “Dhooms and Machales” (or) “abbulu = me= IPS ??? ”

ps1 : I need to work on my ps-ing mass production skills.

11 responses to “Of life,cruisers and the avenger funda

  1. yo ho ho ho and a bottle of rum baba’s back witha BANG :d

  2. hmm, ok then, me and sriram forgive you too; don’t worry , we won’ t beat you up !!

  3. gg post re…. kummav raa…..

  4. Orey “novels” , “bowels” rhyming enti bey 😛
    Mari rhyming kosam antha kashtapadala 😀

  5. @ all :
    an honor unparalleled 😉

    @ halley :
    hehe ..things are supposed to be funny u know 😀

  6. and for the record (yet once again) 😉 the bolting door chap is Mr.S

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