The Hounds of Gachibowli

“On a cold,chilly early winter morning there ran good ol’abbulugadu…blessed,fearless,driven,unafraid …… “

This singular event literally scared me off my fearless wits πŸ˜› (there! Now u know that its scary πŸ˜€ )

So there I decided to resume the ever-so-notorious 10K runs.Early morning’s a cold,eerie place on the Gachibowli free way.At 5:15 AM on a cold November morning , its dark,cold and lonely.Makes one think that the soul reaver just finished the last soul-morsel on the Gachibowli-tolichowki road :O

Then it happened .I was doing my fast jog routine when all of a sudden came this lean stray dog just about the size of my kid-sister’s pencil box.

“Hey dog come near me and you will be kallas ! ” I thought.I got ready to give it the kick of its life !

Then suddenly it let out a howl (aren’t wolves supposed to do that) And then it happened …

Not one , not two ….but seven of them now came up rallying behind the first one.They didnt look like pencil boxes anymore.They were like the Hound of Baskervilles multiplied by eight 😦

“Oh boy Now its like in The Omen movie .These mongrels are gonna rip me apart ”

My first impulse ….”Run abbulu run !Oh crap! No matter how much of a running man I am ,no matter how much I might potentially rock on Dec. 15th & 16th (hehe..if placements dont come in the way) , I cant outrun insane, pissed off, hungry dogs ,right ? My hair stood up ,like it literally got (yeah! U guessed it right )electrified :p

Remember!At school , we used to do the statue routine.So I did that.tThen,three of those Gachobowli hounds circled around me πŸ™‚ & probabaly decided that I was not going to kick them.And then , the Sun came out .


Like in the climax of lotr 2 the Sun probably discouraged them to carry out their orc-ish agenda.They barked to each other and packed off in a jiffy,almost like a vanishing act in movies where the demons glide away in the mist πŸ˜€

and so once again …

“On a cold,chilly early winter morning there ran good ol’ abbulugadu …blessed,fearless,driven,unafraid …… “


ps : Hey fellows of Agni,Vayu,Aakash ! Ever heard of the last dish on Odin’s feast ? πŸ˜‰

9 responses to “The Hounds of Gachibowli

  1. My dear Abbulu,

    I always believed you had a special bonding with Sunakas, And you have finally accepted it – that’s so
    wonderful πŸ™‚

  2. he he..would you believe if i told you that i sent the dogs !!

  3. dei tipo,
    guess what abbulu would face tomm? :p

  4. dude,
    take care this is winter cannies r in good mood…
    may be u r disturbing them…

  5. @ tipo and asr :
    Fine i agree u r both saurman and sauron respectively πŸ˜›

    @ pranav :
    Aha! I remember :)..ur advices , mails et al! Nostalgia is a good thing ..

    @ spy :

  6. @ tipo again :
    No matter how much u try u cant stop me f5rom running in the sports meet πŸ˜› πŸ˜› …good always wins over the bad guys πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

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