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The last post of 2K6

Okay no super hyperbolic stuff for the final post of the year . Got 5 minutes to shut down this computer and get my a** to the car 😀

Anyway,me off to Kalahasthi with family.That makes this Dec31 the first New year’s eve in 10 years where I am actualy not gonna celebrate in conventional style.Hmm!! Interesting though! I would be in the train when 2K7 arrives 🙂
Congratulations! The blogosphere and readers can heave a sigh of relief for the rest of the year 😉

Happy New Year folks! Hope you have a great time ahead 😀

– good ol’ abbulugadu

Movie week

The previous week was a movie week (only those seen in lab). Watched some decently good stuff and lots of unfortunately-downloaded monkey crap ! You can find all of the following somewhere in the immensely f**ked up IIITian LAN!

Rocky Balboa

Yes!Among all the movies I managed to see this week , this one was relatively ,decently nice!Stallone still does it with his cast iron jaw and his rugged-tough-guy-with-golden-heart gullibility.Of course,not to mention the trademark rocky-training music 🙂

A good one from the movie :
“It ain’t about how hard you are hit by life , but about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward … about how much you can take and keep moving forward.Thats how winning is done … “

– Balboa to his son.


Well! The movie’s about this dumbass who starts an institute called S.H.I.T ! Need I say more ?!?!

Story of American-football (read rugby) player Vince Papale.Decent movie to watch in case you have nothing better to do.

coincidence : There’s a comment about this very movie in imdb that says “Rocky in pads” .Now thats ittefaq (Love this word) !

My super Ex-girl friend

Stay away from this one! Its one humongous piece of celluloid thrash!!!!!

R-rated crap fare

Halley (who else!) made me see all sorts of X-treme violence , X-treme gore and where the world is seen through red-tinted (read blood tintnd) glasses 😦 Maaan! House of 1000 corpses,Devil’s rejects,Butcher,Feast.Well! I have had enough after that.

These movies are not scary but bloody dirty and induce X-treme bouts of unlimited vomitting ! (Unless You are a cannibal)

Anyway, Halley’s searching for Texas Chainsaw massacre in overly blown-up desperation. Someone put it up on the LAN please, lest Halley gets so frustoo that he might run around OBH with a chain saw 😦

—————————————————————————————-ps : I dont think girls will really like the positive-review movies mentioned above.They are basically guy-stuff.

ps1 : But I am sure most will hate the above-hated movies.

ps2 : Me off on a pilgrimage tomorrow.Can you believe that ? 😉 😀

ps3 : My monsoon 2k6 SGPA still reads 10 🙂

ps4 : If Devansh gets to be a little more of the yo-yo variety , he will surely be earning millions as an Art of Living guru!

PS5 :And yeah! Last but not the least … write ur exams well and happy holidays ! 😀

The IPS officer

Dream Sequence : “And as the dacoits stood there counting their loot , came abbulu IPS (may God save the society :P) with his loyal battalion.Then the Sun came out and shone upon their well ironed khaki uniforms and the lions on their topis glittered like diamonds … “

It all started in 10th when I had this liking for action movies , esp. the ones where cops are involved.The Lethal Weapon series to be particular.From then on , wanted to be this IPS officer with a service gun,service vehicle and an adventurous life!! f course, strangely,shockingly wanted to do something for society (everyone’s pretty boiled up when they know nothing I guess)

Then ma used to say , “Orey chinna! Pillani evaru ivvaru ra ..” (no one’s gonna give their girl’s hand in marriage to a hot-shot IPS officer ) Well! Thats how mothers dealwith the whole thing … get marriage into the picture for a 10th standard lad who wants to become police!?!?! Then ma goes like ” Umesh chandra the famous hyderabadi police officer used to be the tiger,the this ,the that but got killed at just the age of 30 something leaving behind a 1-yr old son,a young wife …” Oh boy! Can anyone argue with moms when they do the senti thing ? But can’t say anything to that can I ? After all , love my mom 🙂

Then came dad into the scene , “You are preparing for IIT okay ? And getting a good job ! Thats what any studious student should aim for …they should aim high”Dad never overheard the conversation with mom.But I didn’t muster enough courage to tell him.Not because I was scared of dad’s authority,but was scared that I would slay his expectations!

Hey!Thats okay!An engineer’s life is not bad either!

But only if …

“.. the Sun came out and shone upon their well ironed khaki uniforms and the lions on their topis glittered like diamonds … “

– abbulugadu


ps : I don’t have the scene to become an IPS officer.So easy on the criticism please 🙂

Where from …

“Aeons ago there had been this very well written piece of poetry that I lost …”

It was authored by a friend of mine I had known since childhood.As time passed I lost that piece of paper 😦 I hardly remember what was written.Then in the morning it happened that piece of paper came back, though only mentally! I close my eyes and see every part of it now! I dont have that paper, but I see every word in it !

Even when I had that paper , I could hardly recite it without looking at it.But now,I dont have the paper,never found it!! But still its contents come back to my mind :O Is such a thing possible ????

What exactly is this phenomenon ?!?! A piece of poetryI never crammed,a piece of poetry I hardly remebered the title of, a piece of poetry I thought I forgot for ever , comes back in such a placid way that I can literally close my eyes now and recite it as it is…sorry..was….hmm ..on second thoughts … is!!

“Aeons ago there had been this very well written piece of poetry that I lost and from within my own self , found again…”



ps :  Wish you folks a merry Christmas and a yappy New year 😀

The tiny huge twists in life

Well! There are always things that happen in one’s life that seem to be of zilch value but the butterfly effect of them is catastrophic(oh no! why the f*** is this theory coming to my head so many times)

The Ramaiah and Megastudy circle connection :

There are these two big time IIT-entrance coaching institutes in Hyderabad which grind the students big time, sterilise them,de-corrupt them,solder them, push them, enlighten them, preach them , teach them et al  and manage to get a lot of them into the IITs.

Okay so where do I come in ?  I told my dad before the Ramaiah entrance (yeah!an entrance for that too) “If i dont get into this I will forget the IIT dream” Obviously I didnt get in 😦 Then dad said , “Hey!You might get into Megatudy circle!”  I was quite optimistic about that one.Sure enough , get record-breaking , path-breaking , bheja-breaking  scores in maths n chemistry but screwed up in physics and those authority guys had to put sectional cut-offs! Blast! So then , I land up in Gowtham college,S.R.Nagar in IIT coaching batch (dad persuading me, my interest in IIT then= -ve infinity)

The IIT to EAMCET to IIIT ian landing  :

Note Point  : The person I am talking about has been my mentor  and guide who is directly & indirectly responsible for my decent ranks in EAMCET & AIEEE.The following incident is highlighted only in good jest. 😀

Five years ago , in my +1/Intermediate 1st year , there was this mathematics lecturer Mr.V.V.S.S.Srinivas (I think there’s one more S in the name,but I dont remember) who told me face-on ,

Em panikosthavu ra nuvvu IIT ki , nee bonda paniki vasthaavu ra , ekku cheyyaku class lo , BURRA PAGILIPODDI ..(Translation : You are not fit for IIT , dont do your monkey antics  in IIT  coaching class , otherwise your brain will break …  )  So the next day, I shifted to EAMCET-coaching class citing the reason in rhyme-model

I am running away in pain

And  with all possible disdain 

Scared that he will break my brain

If he saw me again! 😦

So i prepared for EAMCET what with ceremonoiusly cramming all sorts of formulae,short-cut formulae corresponding to original formulae,short-cut methods to remember the short-cut formulae to the original formulae,short-cuts to remember the short-cuts to the  …oh God! I hope you got it!?!?!? That actually proved very useful for the AIEEE paper in 2K3 where speed was an effective criterion. I didnt knowwhat IIIT was until 2 days before I decided to join it 🙂

Yeah! Btw I didnt even write IIT screening . At least saved myself the humiliation of  putting a mongoose face before certain characters who think that writing IIT screening is a matter of prestige !

Network(s) Delay :

Dropped a flexi-core course  called Communication Networks last year because I was scared of probability.So had to compulsarily do it this sem (being my final sem)Now I am facing the music,would surely have had a better grade had I not dropped it last year.If I get any grade better than B- in this course ,  Chandramouli and IV will  give an on-stage classical dance performance !! 😛

According to the grape-vine ,the course was made “core ” from “flexi-core” because I was the only student who dared to do such a thing as drop it.So guess the management didn’t want  gullible future  generations of IIITian-ECE to follow the example of the pioneer !


Quote(s) of the day

“Burra pagilipoddi ….”  (your brains’s gonna break)

“Nee bonda kooda paniki raadu ..”  (even your hole won’t be any use )

“Bonda Sacchinoda … ” ( hole-dead fellow .. )

-V.V.S.S.Srinivas the maths lecturer


ps : Next post on  “abbulu the IPS officer”

ps1  : next next post about a bike ride at 5 AM in the morning !

ps2 : A fortnight ago,I made two promises and they are fulfilled 😉

Home and stuff

Finally the  abbulu-meister is back homeAfter three weeks of slogging , blogging,rusting et al in IIIT  , I came home yesterday.Its a different feeling.Folks at home treating  me a like a grown up .

Granma , Granpa and chinna :

Hmm… reminds me of that border dialogue , “Bacchha khilone se khelte khelte bada ban gaya”Went to  thata and Ammamma  next.Hehe ..they still treat me like the chinna character 😛 (for those of late ,   thats my nick meaning “small” in telugu.)Well! Guess I am happy that way with them.Mom and dad ..fine! But grandparents treating me like some bade aadmi  ?? Scarrrrry to contemplate !

Dad and abbulu combo  :

Its been a while since dad and  me went on one of those father-son outings.So he’s decided to check out some new mall in  the city (dont know anything , have been in a self imposed exile for some days).Dad calls it the “all-boys” shopping spree!! Does such a concept exist ?  Hmm.. or most probably we will stuff ourselves with all sorts of junk food ..yeah ..probably by shopping , dad meant eating spree ..yumm..that would be cool !!! Cant wait for the evening 😀

Maaaa :

Okie … nothing much but I must  have gained  more than a couple of kilogrammes within the last 10 hours.Guess that says it all 😉

 The out of place parts :
Hyderabad is supposedly the new retail capital of India. Check this out

India test fired a new missile.They claim that its a defence technology break-through  ! But sounds to me like any other missile test.Whatever …


ps : Got only one midsem next week 😀

ps1 : Must start preparing for XAT

ps2 : Dont understand why in the name of  #%@^% did i become so lazy after the Sports meet !!

Abbulu at Sports Meet 2K6

They say that good ol’ abbulugadu is the most incredulous opportunist of them all 😛 What with GR (recently changed to IR where I = Item …LOL , kidding!) not participating this time.So I actually held the IIITian flag during march past and lit the torch instead of GR.Will put up the pics in alter post.

Hehe..I would certainly say that I had a field day at the sports meet.The “super-saiyan last lap bursts” that I had been working on worked to perfection (in the 400,800 and 1500 meteres races) 😀 .Missed out on the sports-person award again but at least played my part in the Prithvian victory for the first time in IIITian history. (alliterations again, huh? )

Got to say Prithvi for once laid the mighty ol’ smackdown on every piece of non-prithvian entity that dared to come across .Not that I have such an obssessive house feeling though, but its quite amusing to see that PRITHVIans actually won the Overall Sports Championship 🙂 And for the first time in 4 years,on the evening of December 16th 2K6, I actually laid my hands on the Sports Shield.

Now I can retire (as far as the running is concerned) in peace.Hmmm….. or should I? Who knows … 😉

– gud ol’ abbulugadu


Quote of the day :

“This is your race … remember your dragonball Z concept , Baba!”

– AR just before the 400M finals


ps:Won a job in a D-company,4 gold ,1 silver , two trophies and a shield within a span of 3 days.Feels nice!

ps1 : BK’s gone nuts after becoming the SE tutor 😦 He wants to catch the movie , Rakhi (the movie with junior NTR/piglet from hell ) ON THE FIRST DAY (i.e., today)

ps2 : abbulu’s got 6 months to go in IIITian land.Lots of things left to do.My final semester’s going to be one narakam/hell (literally) of a sem !!!

ps3 : Even if the Butterfly effect were a true concept, I wouldn’t be changing anything 😉 , always been the unconditional guy ,you know !!