One more MMTS (mis)adventure

Okay ! Three months ago when I went home via an MMTS (local train service)I had to face the hijra horde from the nether world.(I dont want to speak about it now 😦 )

Three days ago I decided to go home because ..hmm..err..what the ?? do i need a reason to go home ? Some stupid urge forced me to go the MMTS way .

There was this beeeeeeeeeg 7 footer chap (yeah! You read it right ..he was tall .. i am sure he’s 7′ ) who sat opposite  to yours truly.Okay so far so good …

The thing is good ol’ abbulugadu has one physical weak link in his otherwise macho invincibility (ahem!ahem!ahem!) He’s got backward motion sickness.(There!Now its public!All ye villain-characters!Dont take advantage! 😛 ) Unfortunately me was sitting on the seat opposite to the  direction of motion of the train 😦

So I tell the gentleman my problem and ask him to swap seats.He goes like

” NO!My wish”

“Sir! Pleeees …”

“No!My wish!”

“Okay ! At least i will sit next to you n you can put your bag in the place I am sitting now” 

“No!My wish!”

pondering thought  :  does the jabroni from the yuckiest of MCH garbage dumps know only that phrase in English ?!?!?!?!?

Okay ! I give up , deciding to fight my volcanic nausea , by myself.Then that fellow,(who out of nowhere took out a samosa and started stuffing it into himself) drops his samosa on himself.And by  all the jabronis in the twin cities! starts abusing me !!!! Why? Because according to him I disturbed him by making faces katte !!

“Sir! What the f*** are u talking about?”

“Wait! F***? What is f**k”

“Sir! U dont know what f*** means?”

“No you useless fellow must explain”

pondering thought :Oh boy!He didn’t know the meaning of f*** and there were college girls sitting a few feet away giggling at my a**-fired misfortune!

“Sir! I dont know”

“Aha!I knew it.What do useless fellows like you know.Using stuff from Eng. movies because u find it fashionable, huh? “

pondering thought : What the f***(yeah ! again!!any problems??)  He looked like the baap  of 10 fully blown kids and was acting like the word’s from some other planet.

“Sir! Sorry!”

“Whaaat ?? U dirty fellow!! Do u know what sorry means? “

He almost grabbed my shirt.By then luckily his station came and he got out shouting, ,”Next time I see you in MMTS , I am going to beat the hell out of you,you you useless fellow”

Maaaaaan! MMTS and abbulu dont go together, do they ?


Verse of the day 

Well!Its just pure ill luck

That I said “What the  f**k”  😛

But come what may

There shall be another MMTS day 



ps :  Okay! This is a real life incident! Dont laugh at my misadventures though I know they happen relatively more to me.

ps1 :  7 placed in ECE 2K3.20 more to go (including me)

ps2 : If u missed Krrish,dont care about yourself and dont know Hindi, simple! Watch Sainikudu 😛

5 responses to “One more MMTS (mis)adventure

  1. 😀

  2. What is the use of that gymming .. what is the use of running .. when u r as timid as a pussy mentally 😛
    Tcch tcch u still have a long way to go before u actually become macho 😀

  3. @ halley :
    You don’t use strength for every small thing.He didn’t lay his hand on me you know , so tolerance solves problems sometimes 🙂

  4. ha ha …funny post abbulu !!

  5. once again a honour 😛

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