abbulu’s placement story continued …

So here I sit in lab 330 all by myself  trying to review my honours project under Prof.VUR in 3-1.For the record , its called  soft decision decoding of punctured convolution codes with interleaving. :O

An extract of whats going on in good ol’ abbulugadu’s head (please skip the following para if you suffer from sinus problems)

Okay I am so far successful in recollecting the fundas of my own project 😛 But then decoding the convolution codes requires the Viterbi Decoder and that too a modified one since we are puncturing.I dont exactly remember a viterbi decoder’s intricacies,so I try to read about it on the net and end up seeing a major VLSI cum DLD  part in the convolutional encoder implementation.And then,there are the soft symbol metrics to deal with 😦 .Is Prof.VUR ‘s “dont-care” algo better or the one by that Aussie chap who does the difference squares of the probable symbols ??? By Odin! I am going nuts ….err … is nut a wireless technology term too ?? …and so where was I ..yeah..the viterbi decoder …

So you see as far the project work is concerned , know what is relevant and the job’s done by implementing what is reqd..But when it comes to a placement interview (i.e., if I manage to clear the written test for some company) , one tiny low-significance link and blast,you are asked stuff about arbit things not related to your project.Failing to answer which is not exactly taken in good favour.

So  you see ..the Viterbi Decoder for the soft symbols goes like  …..


ps : Lots of days passed since I used technical terms in my blog. 🙂

ps1 : 10 placed in ECE 2K3.17 more to go(including me)

ps2  : 15th and 16th  are two days getting on my head right now 😉

3 responses to “abbulu’s placement story continued …

  1. first to comment! 😀

    Do you mean to tell me that Bubba is nervous of sports meet? :O

    I dont understand CSE tech-crap! So no comments on ECE tech-crap.

    PS: Did you know that there is just a letter’s difference between rap and crap? 😀

  2. @ spawn :
    Not speaking 😐 😛

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