The one on companies, preferences and chances …

Okay … the ‘morrow shall see one of the ECE – Dream companies coming to IIIT . This one’s in Bangalore.The day after the ‘morrow shall see another ECE – one coming to IIIT.This one’s in Bangalore too.Well! Almost half the ECE batch’s placed and good ol’ urs truly’s chances have just increased.

But the twist in the abbulu-plot?

Lets see …

Factors for abbulu sitting for tomorrow’s companies :

  1. Probably these are the last of the pure ECE companies.So chuttams (non telugu pals , read relatives) will say “Ayyo chivariki software side vacchsavanamaata  ?” (translation = So you ended up on the computers/software side anyway).That is if I do get placed some day in some arbit company.
  2. The prev. interview results are not out yet :((

Factors against abbulu  sitting for tomorrow’s companies:

  1. I dont want to go the Bangalore way.Cost of living is high and I wont get anything left of what they pay after deducting costs of roti,kapdaa aur makaan 😦
  2. Chances of getting through the written test are dim.Why? Because like a complete moron I have been sleeping the days off instead of studying.
  3. Even if I do get through , I will be blasted to shitdom come in the interview, kyon ki ..
    • VLSI dudes are much better off since they have soo much touch with VLSI what with their projects and all …
    • Refer to reason 2

Result : So the for-tomorrow’s-company reasons get beaten by the against-tomorrow’s-company reasons 2-3.

Conclusion : I am running at the Sports Meet 😀


Verse of the day :

I just had a dream

That I made it to the cream 🙂

That I got placed

Before, I raced …

Why so real it had to seem ? 



ps  : The abbulu-and-job post and abbulu-at-sports-meet  post just started a race.Lets see who wins 🙂

3 responses to “The one on companies, preferences and chances …

  1. Orey repu ellundi companies vastunte niiku sports meet avasarama 😛

  2. sad.. neways here’s hopin that u get placed this weekend 🙂

  3. @ karan
    Thanx man 😀

    @ halley :
    read the post properly and then comment x(

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