The 100th post : the one on Monsoon 2K6 SGPA

Before I write about either the placements  or the sports meet , I guess the 100th post of this blog deserves a shocker 😉

So I opened my ISAS login the other day and saw this ….

Of course  before you  insert your foot in your  nasal cavity with surprise, this is so  because only the HSSM grade is uploaded for the last sem.So the “Monsoon 2k6 SGPA=10” picture (which in reality is the baap  of impossible as fas as yours truly is concerned) is going to disappear within a few days.So this is for posterity 🙂


ps :  Wonder what halley thought when he saw the same thing 😛

6 responses to “The 100th post : the one on Monsoon 2K6 SGPA

  1. oh, so thats what a 10 looks like !!

  2. Will let you know 😛

  3. Welll…lucky you!!! Saw a 10 in your ISAS… I hope i can manage to see it in my ISAS some day….

  4. @tipo :
    blah ..

    @ halley :
    sure..sure waiting .. 😀

  5. @ himank :
    Yes 🙂 ..may u too buddy ..

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