The “abbulu and job” post

Good ol’ me is placed 🙂 .Hehehe ..wantedly delayed the ” abbulu-at-sports meet ” post so that I could write this one first.

Okay to put it short.There was a 45 min interview and a 15 min interview back to back. I sailed smoothly through the 45 min interview since most of it was related to my BTP and projects.The 15 min interview scared me out of my good ol’ wits since I couldn’t answer most of the questions properly 😦 At least I raked up enough courage to tell the gentleman

Sir! I am unable to recollect!”

Guess he liked my honesty.I would rate my interview a 6 out of 10.A “+ two mark” bonus for telling the interviewers the truth about not knowing certain answers.And “- one mark” for filling my resume with unecessary lexiconic crap (its not the english,its the stuff that matters).So that gives me a self-given score of 7/10.

After the interview,“Will 7/10 do,abbuluga?”,I thought.Thank God it did 😀 And thanks (I really mean it) to Dr.JS for the big little BTP which proved really helpful in the interview.

Well!Everyone’s amused with me getting a job 😉 popularly..err…I mean …notoriously.. supposed to be the irresponsible lad in the ECE 2k3 batch 😛 … guess I will grow up now!



ps : Called mom first and X next to tell them .They are all happies :d

ps1 : I want to learn java before I graduate. 😛

6 responses to “The “abbulu and job” post

  1. Congrats sir.. now its the party tme 🙂

  2. yea!! 🙂
    ada paavi! wont you tell ppl who earnestly ask abt your prospects(referring to me)?
    anyway, time to start enjoying life and getting fat.

  3. hey congrats ….

    which company ??

  4. @ himank n @anks :
    Thnx 😀

    @asr :
    yeah .. getting fat is a good idea 😉

  5. congrats nd yeah.. we want the party!!!!

  6. And yes! The company’s CONEXANT 🙂

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