The tiny huge twists in life

Well! There are always things that happen in one’s life that seem to be of zilch value but the butterfly effect of them is catastrophic(oh no! why the f*** is this theory coming to my head so many times)

The Ramaiah and Megastudy circle connection :

There are these two big time IIT-entrance coaching institutes in Hyderabad which grind the students big time, sterilise them,de-corrupt them,solder them, push them, enlighten them, preach them , teach them et al  and manage to get a lot of them into the IITs.

Okay so where do I come in ?  I told my dad before the Ramaiah entrance (yeah!an entrance for that too) “If i dont get into this I will forget the IIT dream” Obviously I didnt get in 😦 Then dad said , “Hey!You might get into Megatudy circle!”  I was quite optimistic about that one.Sure enough , get record-breaking , path-breaking , bheja-breaking  scores in maths n chemistry but screwed up in physics and those authority guys had to put sectional cut-offs! Blast! So then , I land up in Gowtham college,S.R.Nagar in IIT coaching batch (dad persuading me, my interest in IIT then= -ve infinity)

The IIT to EAMCET to IIIT ian landing  :

Note Point  : The person I am talking about has been my mentor  and guide who is directly & indirectly responsible for my decent ranks in EAMCET & AIEEE.The following incident is highlighted only in good jest. 😀

Five years ago , in my +1/Intermediate 1st year , there was this mathematics lecturer Mr.V.V.S.S.Srinivas (I think there’s one more S in the name,but I dont remember) who told me face-on ,

Em panikosthavu ra nuvvu IIT ki , nee bonda paniki vasthaavu ra , ekku cheyyaku class lo , BURRA PAGILIPODDI ..(Translation : You are not fit for IIT , dont do your monkey antics  in IIT  coaching class , otherwise your brain will break …  )  So the next day, I shifted to EAMCET-coaching class citing the reason in rhyme-model

I am running away in pain

And  with all possible disdain 

Scared that he will break my brain

If he saw me again! 😦

So i prepared for EAMCET what with ceremonoiusly cramming all sorts of formulae,short-cut formulae corresponding to original formulae,short-cut methods to remember the short-cut formulae to the original formulae,short-cuts to remember the short-cuts to the  …oh God! I hope you got it!?!?!? That actually proved very useful for the AIEEE paper in 2K3 where speed was an effective criterion. I didnt knowwhat IIIT was until 2 days before I decided to join it 🙂

Yeah! Btw I didnt even write IIT screening . At least saved myself the humiliation of  putting a mongoose face before certain characters who think that writing IIT screening is a matter of prestige !

Network(s) Delay :

Dropped a flexi-core course  called Communication Networks last year because I was scared of probability.So had to compulsarily do it this sem (being my final sem)Now I am facing the music,would surely have had a better grade had I not dropped it last year.If I get any grade better than B- in this course ,  Chandramouli and IV will  give an on-stage classical dance performance !! 😛

According to the grape-vine ,the course was made “core ” from “flexi-core” because I was the only student who dared to do such a thing as drop it.So guess the management didn’t want  gullible future  generations of IIITian-ECE to follow the example of the pioneer !


Quote(s) of the day

“Burra pagilipoddi ….”  (your brains’s gonna break)

“Nee bonda kooda paniki raadu ..”  (even your hole won’t be any use )

“Bonda Sacchinoda … ” ( hole-dead fellow .. )

-V.V.S.S.Srinivas the maths lecturer


ps : Next post on  “abbulu the IPS officer”

ps1  : next next post about a bike ride at 5 AM in the morning !

ps2 : A fortnight ago,I made two promises and they are fulfilled 😉

8 responses to “The tiny huge twists in life

  1. Nice Post………..
    ceremonoiusly cramming all sorts of formulae,short-cut formulae corresponding to original formulae,short-cut methods to remember the short-cut formulae to the original formulae,short-cuts to remember the short-cuts to the …LOL

  2. Srinivas simply rox raa
    By and large he is “the” best maths teacher i have ever come across till date 😀

  3. Gimme one good reason to dance ;p

  4. @ piyush :
    thaaanx 😀

    @ halley :
    Thats why i mentioned the note-point.Remember!He used to say note-point too for every formula he gave

    @ Obelix :
    Reason 1 :You are IV !
    Reason 2:And as far I know you were introduced to shaking ur leg recently.So the novelty should inspire you 😉

  5. haha.. captured the vicious circle that these coaching institutes put u into very well.. 🙂

  6. you might have got through mega if u had spoken with the profs and stated ur case…theyre pretty cool and not at all as draconian as ramiah…

  7. yes … but without them life would be impossible for non-analytical chaps like me 🙂 from a certain angle they shape up(literally!!) a person you know 😛

  8. @ varun :
    What? And go through the ordeal of preparing for IIT :O :O :O … anna I couldn’t take IIT-prep at Gowtham,S.R.Nagar 😛 what to talk of wlite insti like Mega 😦 What to do? I am just not as intelligent as you are 🙂
    However, Thnx for the advice 😀 very nice of you

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