The IPS officer

Dream Sequence : “And as the dacoits stood there counting their loot , came abbulu IPS (may God save the society :P) with his loyal battalion.Then the Sun came out and shone upon their well ironed khaki uniforms and the lions on their topis glittered like diamonds … “

It all started in 10th when I had this liking for action movies , esp. the ones where cops are involved.The Lethal Weapon series to be particular.From then on , wanted to be this IPS officer with a service gun,service vehicle and an adventurous life!! f course, strangely,shockingly wanted to do something for society (everyone’s pretty boiled up when they know nothing I guess)

Then ma used to say , “Orey chinna! Pillani evaru ivvaru ra ..” (no one’s gonna give their girl’s hand in marriage to a hot-shot IPS officer ) Well! Thats how mothers dealwith the whole thing … get marriage into the picture for a 10th standard lad who wants to become police!?!?! Then ma goes like ” Umesh chandra the famous hyderabadi police officer used to be the tiger,the this ,the that but got killed at just the age of 30 something leaving behind a 1-yr old son,a young wife …” Oh boy! Can anyone argue with moms when they do the senti thing ? But can’t say anything to that can I ? After all , love my mom šŸ™‚

Then came dad into the scene , “You are preparing for IIT okay ? And getting a good job ! Thats what any studious student should aim for …they should aim high”Dad never overheard the conversation with mom.But I didn’t muster enough courage to tell him.Not because I was scared of dad’s authority,but was scared that I would slay his expectations!

Hey!Thats okay!An engineer’s life is not bad either!

But only if …

“.. the Sun came out and shone upon their well ironed khaki uniforms and the lions on their topis glittered like diamonds … “

– abbulugadu


ps : I don’t have the scene to become an IPS officer.So easy on the criticism please šŸ™‚

5 responses to “The IPS officer

  1. well it ain’t ova as yet.. u can still go for it šŸ™‚

  2. Not exactly interested now though its like a mere fantasy now thats all šŸ™‚

  3. Imagine abbulu saying, “Aaaru nelala nundi chaavu naa munduki vacche dhairyam leka kukka laaga naa venta padutundi raa ” šŸ˜‰
    Reminds me of the time when your hand got screwed on the goal post with blood gushing out of your palm and you were saying “I am okay guys continue your football practice” Baba u rock man!
    (I make good jokes :P) ;

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