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Snap back to Reality

I just hope Mr.Mathers won’t sue me for taking a part of his lyrics and putting it up as a title.

Want to go home , to mom and want to tell her , “Everything’s fine amma! Don’t worry ,I am sorry I told you … its just not worth anything.Why should good people like you suffer ,because of me and my pathetic trysts with fate?Just sit,watch and enjoy how I deal with problems all on my own! But unfortunately, I am not “The Tagore version of Hero” (good link) , and am scared to make such a promise! But yes!When I do get out of it , I am going to tell you ma, I am going to tell you that I kicked ass 😀

At the peak of a “everything’s right yet everything’s wrong” kind of phase in life , I see that I need to be my best this month( probably the most important month in my career).Vasan says “Everyone’s got problems!” and goes off thinking of his own ones.Guess thats how it is then! Even when you are supposed to feel happy, you feel gloomy for some reason 😦 … and folks say , “Abbuluga! Thats how REALITY is!!”

Regularly going home these days , with the TIME GD/PI classes taking place near my residential area. So spending more and more time with my bike than anything else (40 Km on bike almost everyday !! ) I am enjoying it big time and I actually feel bad when the bike-ride back home, ends ! Oh yeah! And then there’s the petrol problem, as well! Still some say , “You got to accept reality!”

I had a dream last night ! I rapped and rapped about everything in life .Soon a rap-album was released and it topped the charts.Then , I was sued BIG TIME by the people I rapped about 😦 …bilkul Eminem ishtyle !!

Got a mock interview today at 2:30pm at TIME .Will mostly get screwed . 😦


Rap of the day :

At the end of a reality laden week

I dared to watch “hitch”

Big deal man!

Send the director’s brain for a stitch!!


Whats with Mr.K.Kanth

Obsessed with daal daal and more daal??

G-F-U my lad!

You are just a “nobody’s pal”


Boozing ,freaking,dancing …

Oh boy! Everyone’s drinking

Want to drink too

But chose not to be blinking ?!?!?


Well there’s more

About which I want to speak

But well! If i do

8 Eyes are going to leak!


So for the sake of

good ol’ humanity

I will keep quiet now

And get on with reality!!


ps : Me still thinks the post doesn’t really live upto the stinginess on the title.There will be a sequel!!

The IIFT GD/PI experience

**For those of late IIFT = Indian institute of Foreign Trade**

Very well! There were 22 people called today to Golconda fort ..oops..sorry ..Hotel Golconda .So we were divided into 2 panels of 11 each. Fine?And there were two conference halls named Ivory and Ebony .My group was sent to Ivory.For some strange reason I was happy that I was being sent to Ivory and not Ebony ! Chaa ..Who cares anyway ?

Back to the point the first part was to write an essay in 20 minutes on “Spiritualism is regaining momentum in India”  My plan for any essay is to think for 5 min on the structure and then write in the next 15 minutes.I didn’t do that.I just went on blah blah blaaaah fying to kingdom come.But an okayish essay I guess , I did include points about bad effects of modernism,globalisation and yet,how they are in a way bringing spiritualism back (u know …dual – analysis kind of thing).And then made a mention about the new age spiritual mantras like AOL,etc.,

Next the GD boleto Group Discussion ..topic was something about educational sector of India benefitting  from throwing it open to foreign institutes. It was an ” all boys free for all death brawl”  from the start.I surprisingly didnt go aggressive , because I made a couple of good points in the beginning itself , and then only came in when the chaps were drying out.Okay ! All in all ..mad GD ..but I am not disappointed  with my performance: 🙂

Last the PI ,  boleto  Personal Interview … they asked me about myself ,my strengths and my weaknesses, extra-curricular ,et al and I went yapping away in all  glory. Then they asked me about the telecom industry in India and thats it!Interview done. The guy offered me a samosa! I politely refused and walked out. All in all , very polite PI  , everyone nice and comfy 🙂

The abbulu ishtyle tit-bits

The work-ex fellows know everything !! I repeat ..they know everything !! :O

I was one of the 2  guys without a tie among the candidates (I didnt want to wear one was irritating)

The other candidate was a harry potter look alike from NIT Warangal who came in jeans and a beach shirt.Must be a Bipin fan!

We were offered snacks during the break . I drank 3 cups of  tea and finished up all the biscuits (there was one candidate who put a Wont u leave anything for others u scum-bag!!  kind of look to me.)

The day I REALLY slumbered

25th January 2k6 can rightly be christened as “The Day I slept” .  Did lots of BC  in Vasan’s room about  life and related stuff the night before the previous night . So went to sleep at 3:30AM on the 25th.

The bungee jump phenomenon

Woke up at 6:00AM with my head touching the floor before my feet did (I was dreaming that I was bungee-jumping !!!!!!).That triggered off an immense urge to jump somewhere (read suicidal tendency)as I was unable to bear the pain 😦 that the loud “thud ” gifted my head. Hence I went to sleep again because I felt like someone shot me in the head and I was gonna  die within a short time anyway.

Lunch TIME
At noon,woke up to fill something in a stomach that was empty for the previous two days. Then the TIME people call, chiding me for  blah blah blaaaaah (I didnt hear anything, I was all sleepy then)Anyway ate lunch , vomitted it out later (the vertigo effect of the bungee jump phenomenon) and  went back to sleep.

 Home bound

This is more realistic.Started for home in the evening.Perhaps I dozed off (if there are any such  things as “instant naps” ) while riding my bike.Narrowly escaped  the Grim Ripper twice (or was it thrice ?? ) on the road.
The Fear factor

At home I slept and slept until amma woke me up for dinner. She was worried.Everyone were worried . And strangely I just wanted to sleep ! And to think that I actually suffered from partial insomnia till 24th January !!


1) Spawns‘s room filled with sleeping gas.

2) Erra Balu‘s theory, “If u get frustrated  you should sleep ”  might actually be true.

3)One way to rejenuvate  yourself  from the must-sleep trance is to read one of  abbulu’s revolutionary ( chaaaa ….hehe ..)  , super-mutated aggressive posts.


Verse of the day

A statement that doesn’t sweep

Your all-time stakes, but yet 

Something on which u would bet

Is “Divine is this fella called SLEEP” 

(Hmm ..just hoping the alarm won’t beep :p ) 

– abbulugadu

Of diamonds and conflicts

Blood Diamond : This movie is more like a documentary in most of the parts.But an okayish movie.Surely very good on its GK.’Conflict diamonds’… hmm ..would be a pretty interesting topic to know more about (provided you are humanistically,socially,morally inclined of course 🙂 )

abbulu’s catches :1)Jeniffer Connelly looks youner than her age.How does she manage to do that ??

2) The African side hero in this movie is also Russell Crowe’s side kick in The Gladiator.This fellow actually acted better than De Caprio himself

3) Young boys (10-12 yr olds) simulateneously doping, dancing to rock music and killing people with AK-47s is difficult to digest.Also makes me wonder why do the filmwallahs put rock as the music genre when it comes to the baddies ? (Hmm. actually rap would be a good alternative ..oh no! Was that Crypt talking ? )

4) The penultimate scene of the movie where a dying De Caprio calls Connelly and tells her that he was very glad he met her ,which leads to her crying ……… is so f***in cliche’ . And there was not even one scene of them together that was worth watching … 😦 waaaaaaah :(( !!! ( get it ,guys ? 😉 )

The never ending quest

Mr.Halley’s infused a desperation in me by challenging me to find TexasChain Saw Massacre.

As if thats not enough,stupid me in all grandeur actually took an oath that I would not step on IIITian soil without a CD of that dumbass of a movie ! And I just fail to find a stupid ol’ movie 😦

Analogy :

Halley = King Arthur (below is a pic)

 (original pic )
Texas chain saw massacre CD = Holy Grail

Abbulu =Knight of the round table 😉

——————————————————————————————ps:Further info about the Arthurian legends

ps1:What does THIS mean ???

3000 years…2 souls …1 fate

Dont get scared! I am not having a past life recall :p This is the tagline of the book titled “GENE” by Stel Pavlou. If you are a IIITian and didnt yet read it , run to the library and get it issued. I have just returned it yesterday

scary huh ?

Well as for the apt description of the book, YUCKY,DISGUSTING,SCARY are the words.But the paradox lies in the fact that though you would hate the crudeness in certain descriptions, you wouldn’t feel like putting it down once you start .(triggers a dark side ??? perhaps … )That coming from a chap who has long-novel-phobia = fear of story books in excess of 100 pages

Anyway the next thing , Been going through a certain blog for the last one week .This blogger to be found in blogroll and stopped posting a long time ago . (more details would fry my a** )
Finally reached a point to say that his thoughts are actually a duplication of mine , well!! minus the insanity,the yo-yo and the aggression, of course.But why am I so pissed off at him I know not !! Guess those are reasons (like in the book above) that can be accounted for by a past life theory ..muhahahaha! Ahem! Kidding 🙂


ps : Second post of the day.

ps1 : Always thought the movie eraser sucked colossal time! But why the ____ am I liking the concept now ? Oh boy!That Gene book is rather influential must say 😦

ps2  : Watched an episode of OneTreeHill  the previous afternoon. Ab mein shapath leta hoon  that I would never again  watch such humongous crap ! (no.. not even for the girls in the serial)

First day_stumped at GD

Had a T.I.M.E class at 6:15AM .Got up at 5 because the excitement of going to my first Group Discussion(GD) session was …err..hmm…how’s stupendously unparalleled !!!
So there was only one GD since there were less number of students.So there!Topic given and me setting off the explosions by starting off I would say nicely.Then the other participants decided to show me what a GD is.Within a few seconds, I was literally shouting “Maaaaaaaaaa! Bachaaaaaao! Bachaaaaaao!” in my head 😦

And I thought I was decent at GDs.Ground Truth = I got blasted to kingdom come !!! 😦

This the arbitraries the posts

Partial Insomnia , a catch phrase I used to use so many times.And its coming back I guess.Got up at 4 .Couldn’t sleep any more.That was what was happening most of the times in the last 6 years … but that is another story.x-x-xx-x-x-x-x

So I got my sweater, my skull cap , shoes and went out to run.Run I did,but why in the name of an arbit jabroni’s brainless bheja did I start thinking ? You see the problem with that is that when I start to think while running , I keep going and going.By the time I am out of thoughts I am out of energy too 😦 and can run no more.

Thats what happened today.At around 6:30 AM I found myself at Tank Bund !!! (my house is at S.R.Nagar which is around 6-7 KM away)And I had no taakat left to walk another foot.Maaan! Curse my uninfected foot! Hmmm …. the grassy place near Eat Street reminds me of something intense 😉 That is yet another story …


Tank Bund ? Basically the byaaaaaaadest thing about Tank Bund is the side of necklace Road that is opposite Eat street . Euphemistically speaking , there’s lots of S-H-I-T there.


There are (to the best of my knowledge) only three Mitsubishi Cedia s in the whole state right now.And by some forlorn miracle , pedananna garu (read dad’s elder bro/ uncle) owns one . Boy! The Cedia experience was gooood esp. when u r sitting one that has the original sports engine used in rallies 🙂 Would have loved to drive it , but guess the car’s too precious , know what I mean right :p There was a time when i drove dad’s car. But that is another story …


Can’t wait for the PDP classes at TIME, to start .Then mazaa will come! Gotto go to classes everyday! I just hope the petrol prices don’t rise till I finish my GD/PI programme 😦


Eminem is the rap-dada .If you are verry angry,verry frustoo,verrry much into the “fuck-the-system-fuck-the-world-mood” (a temporary state of high BP for youngsters), listen to Eminem and u will know u r not alone.

Iron Maiden is well like the super saiyan breed of rock .Hmmmm … Soooper Saiyannnn ..Iron Maidennnnn …ya I guess an alliteration can be contrived out of it!


But there’s a problem ! After 5 years of listening to Rock, everything sounds the same !! Is my interest dwindling ? Or maybe its an indication to promote myself to something more than listening to rock.

Okay then.How about learning the guitar ? The only thing is I dont want to put as much effort into learning guitar as I put into either EAMCET or C-programming!


Ammamma (read Granma) getting hot hot pooris 🙂 Basically this post was aimed to distract my mind from triggering the excessive-mouth-watering process , while I wait for the pooris.


Well! This is what yaappens when the halley brand of arbit/sollu/BC posts go yo-yo ! Of course nothing like the halley brand of BC though .Happy jobless ,BC fied, birth-yesterday halley 😀

The boy and the lake … Episode 2

He looked for a pathway down the cliff to reach that lake.None!! He didnt’ know what to do.

So he took a nearby creeper lying there (from where that came from …he knew not ) and went down the cliff!

He finally went near the river with bruises,cuts and all that was gifted by his descent down the cliff.But voila!

He didnt see the girl anymore it was a pretty beeeeeeeeeeg kappa(read frog) that was making a sound like “baka baka baka” (English translation : croak !croak!croak!) in the middle of the lake!!

“Ahaaa!” said the boy .

He turned towards the sky and said “Thanks God…for letting me know tha I need glasses!!!”

-x- the end -x- 😛


closing song :

Kappa okati vunnadi

Baka Baka mani annadi ….


AFTERWORD : I know u want to boil my b*** ! But thats the story 🙂

AFTERWORD 2 : That classifies as an abbulu- jobless- prank on the people.No hard feelings all ye classic romantics 😉


The boy and the lake … Episode 1

(*** DISCLAIMER : The following story is purely a work of fiction.Any resemblance to real life characters, incidents and places is unintentional and co-incidential *** )
He grew up all his life in the fields , the fields that his father used to own and work.Then his father passed away and he had to live alone with his mother.

He was working as usual in the fields the same fields that his father worked and which he owns.It was getting dark in the hilly region’s lonely village , a small village consisting of around twenty families.Then he saw it …

Over the most distant hill that he could see with his naked eye , he saw a mist ! Fogs and mists are commo-find in those areas.But why did he feel such a strange peculiarity towards this one.NO! He was not only seeing it , he was feeling it! FEEL! ?!?!? Can one actually FEEL a mist ?? He felt he did.

It was getting darkAlmost time to go home , go home to his mother ,to the warm little cottage ,to the hot food waiting for him.But NO! He chose to follow the trail of the mist to see what that strange feeling was …

He ran as fast as his 12-year old legs could carry him .Then he reached a cliff, a cliff which could not be seen from his village.He then looked back.H could see nothing but the mist.Just the pale whiteness in the dark evening.He was sure he was lost,but bent over the cliff and could make out a ..a lake.Everything else was covered by the mist except the lake.The lake was clear , there were lotuses , water lilies et al.It was beautiful.But something even more beautiful was what was in the middle of the lake.It was a woman girl ..just the visible face of a girl !!!

She must be someone from above! he thought

But why is she down there ????

……… to be continued 🙂