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Ultimate secret of this blog :

There is something hidden deep in the annals of this blog.(the usage might be wrong,thats okay,my origins are from a small village near Tirupati, so I technically classify as erra bus candidate though none including me will agree to the general usage of that phrase)

Anyway, notice the name of the folder above .ZILCH it says .This is formally the first post under this folder.But believe me , the private saved entries in this folder(so far numbering to about 300,trust me …300) constitute my real diary,my mind,my heart and my soul :O …so chaotic it will make u weep,shout,puke and laugh at the same time (Boy!I actually sounded like Ulyssess in The Iliad though I really doubt whether he would use the word “puke” :P)

If ever you reach the contents,the hidden ones,in case u become a cop and I a gangster, there can literally be a real life face-off on the cards.
The truth about Gary

You think he’s a misfit in IIIT. So did I …

You think He spams a lot! So did I …

You think He says “Ah..hhh..hhha!” whenever he’s confused .So did I …
But let me humbly tell you something.My life in IIIT became better ..well..at least started becoming better because of him.How? You see I was oh-so-scared of the Prof.s because I was never able to give them the human classification.They are too keka (roughly the opposite of vella) Prof.Gary what with his blunders and all … proved me wrong and made me feel like Prof.s are after all, humans too πŸ˜€

So thats the reason ! You say , No its not! The actual reason is this ..

Gary was a genius in his hey days.In fact came up wth a break through thesis in the field of networks.Yes people!It was stated to be one of the biggest breakthroughs in the field.Then rumour has it that his pal cheated him out of it 😦 And Gary never recovered from that blow of treachery.

The validity of the relevation? Sometimes truth doesn’t have proof ! 😦

Still more on R-rated crap

In the morning I was talking to halley about all things under the sun .A part of the conversation went like (it refers to his obsessed-with-perversion phase)
halleyji (1/2/2007 11:38:28 AM): are u at home ?
Harish Baba (1/2/2007 11:38:30 AM): yes
halleyji (1/2/2007 11:38:35 AM): aithe rush to the nearest DVD center
halleyji (1/2/2007 11:38:40 AM): and get texas chain saw masscre
halleyji (1/2/2007 11:38:47 AM): vengal rao nagar starting lo
Harish Baba (1/2/2007 11:38:55 AM): :O
halleyji (1/2/2007 11:39:06 AM): just after hungry jacks
halleyji (1/2/2007 11:39:08 AM): plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Harish Baba (1/2/2007 11:39:10 AM): desperate sacchinodivi be nuvvu
halleyji (1/2/2007 11:39:10 AM): plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
halleyji (1/2/2007 11:39:15 AM): yes i am
halleyji (1/2/2007 11:39:16 AM): i am despo
halleyji (1/2/2007 11:39:20 AM): i am frustu
Harish Baba (1/2/2007 11:39:24 AM): psycho despo
halleyji (1/2/2007 11:39:30 AM): pls get that massacre movie for me
halleyji (1/2/2007 11:39:45 AM): choodali raa (i MUST SEE IT)
Harish Baba (1/2/2007 11:39:50 AM): why r u so interested in it ?
Harish Baba (1/2/2007 11:40:04 AM): its a perverse movie
halleyji (1/2/2007 11:40:17 AM): nuvvu cd tevacchu kada (pls get it na)
Harish Baba (1/2/2007 11:41:33 AM): do one thing
Harish Baba (1/2/2007 11:41:55 AM): put ur status as “anybody has texas chain saw massacre”
halleyji (1/2/2007 11:42:25 AM): nuvvu vcd patra (get it,thats it)
halleyji (1/2/2007 11:42:27 AM): inti deggare kada (its near your house na)
halleyji (1/2/2007 11:42:29 AM): enduku OA chesthav (dont do OA)
Harish Baba (1/2/2007 11:42:33 AM): ok sare
halleyji (1/2/2007 11:42:33 AM): manchi shop ra adhi
Harish Baba (1/2/2007 11:42:37 AM): ok ok
halleyji (1/2/2007 11:42:38 AM): get ginger also
halleyji (1/2/2007 11:42:40 AM): :d Inka ask him for “such” movies

Conclusion : Halley’s the nxt Marilyn Manson in the making

Me,myself and HSSMs

By the way did you folks know that after 7 semesters in IIIT, I have a flawless record as far as HSSM grades are concerned . Some abbulu loyalists call abbulu the HSSM king :p Oh forgot to say! abbulu loyalists are just figments of my imagination.

Anyway the real reason why I opened my wordpress login now
There was a friend who said ,“Dont worry too much about the mock results ra …worry avaddu antunnanu … you will make it , just go on dont give up yet “

Rocky Balboa said , “It ain’t about how hard u get hit , its about how hard you can get hit ….. and yet keep moving forward”

Well that friend above probably doesn’t even remember that statement..and Rocky Balboa doesn’t exist.But yeah! I did manage to get a decent CAT score and am going to get calls. (actually my nom de guerre is already there in the IIM-A shortlist πŸ˜€ )

To all those CAT aspirants out there,one humble piece of confession cum advice = it doesn’t matter if your mocks go bad, my last 5 TIME mock percentiles were 89,85,88.2,82,70 ! Read it again and again.My actual CAT percentile (99.6) is not the gr8est , but certainly better than my mock performances πŸ˜€ So u see folks! Its never over until its over! And Rocky Balboa said ,“You keep moving forward …”


ps : Will go to GD/PI classes regularly now!

ps1 : Got XAT on Jan7.Plan to go beserk from tomorrow!
ps2 : Still running in the mornings …

ps3 : this is the end … of the beginning !!! πŸ˜€

11 responses to “a post

  1. Orey now i will start putting up all the other IM conversations πŸ˜€
    The ones about you being the ape πŸ˜€

  2. Its a joke πŸ˜€ and supposed to be a compliment also since I compared you to a cult God

  3. Okie i take it as a compliment :d

  4. @Halley:
    Its not a compliment! He has projected you as Dr.Hannibal Lecter minus his IQ!
    chi chi Halley.. dont take it lying down.. give it back to him! πŸ˜€

    @Mr.Goddamed Jackass!
    And as far as Mr.dongana kodaka is concerned.. who overacted his ass off after writing CAT.. 😑
    Happy New Year and may we all get screwed in the IIM interviews and STILL make it.. πŸ˜€
    AMEN! (I heard that you cant make it unless you screw it.. :D)

  5. @ halley :
    Spawn likes playing Shakuni,Narada,etc., If u have a real problem,I willed edit the post πŸ™‚

    @ the thin fellow :
    I didn’t OAfy .Those copyrights are with halley! πŸ˜‰
    I told u then its like LOTR3 climax and u did understand , so why r u swearing, u asthi pinjaram …
    Yes and same to U and hope we get the best screwing ever seen in the age of man πŸ˜€
    *** May the Force be with you ***

  6. Well then congrats for the percentile…. and whens the party?????

  7. congrats for the mind-boggling percentile…..u ll definitely “run” away with a seat in the IIMs….. who all got thru???

  8. abba … stop doing OA about your HSSMs … are you indirectly pointing at my pretty abysmmal record?? you trying to pick a fight ?? I have half a mind to restart slogging.

  9. @ Aditya :
    Thnx man πŸ˜€

    @ IV
    Not that i wanto ol’ pal ..but restarting slogging is guddu idea , but make it more **MASS MASS** this time … sick of the class crap that was dished out last time, honestly should take all those classy fartsy morons and kick their r*****s up sky high !!! :p

  10. Thts crisly awesome.. great performanc. Congrats n here’s hopin that u av a great interview and gd as well πŸ™‚

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