The boy and the lake … Episode 1

(*** DISCLAIMER : The following story is purely a work of fiction.Any resemblance to real life characters, incidents and places is unintentional and co-incidential *** )
He grew up all his life in the fields , the fields that his father used to own and work.Then his father passed away and he had to live alone with his mother.

He was working as usual in the fields the same fields that his father worked and which he owns.It was getting dark in the hilly region’s lonely village , a small village consisting of around twenty families.Then he saw it …

Over the most distant hill that he could see with his naked eye , he saw a mist ! Fogs and mists are commo-find in those areas.But why did he feel such a strange peculiarity towards this one.NO! He was not only seeing it , he was feeling it! FEEL! ?!?!? Can one actually FEEL a mist ?? He felt he did.

It was getting darkAlmost time to go home , go home to his mother ,to the warm little cottage ,to the hot food waiting for him.But NO! He chose to follow the trail of the mist to see what that strange feeling was …

He ran as fast as his 12-year old legs could carry him .Then he reached a cliff, a cliff which could not be seen from his village.He then looked back.H could see nothing but the mist.Just the pale whiteness in the dark evening.He was sure he was lost,but bent over the cliff and could make out a ..a lake.Everything else was covered by the mist except the lake.The lake was clear , there were lotuses , water lilies et al.It was beautiful.But something even more beautiful was what was in the middle of the lake.It was a woman girl ..just the visible face of a girl !!!

She must be someone from above! he thought

But why is she down there ????

……… to be continued 🙂

3 responses to “The boy and the lake … Episode 1

  1. thats unfair…leaving the reader in the midst of a story and tht too at the point of mentioning a gal!!!

  2. Dude.. wrong time to stop. Its not because you’ve left me in suspense of who/what the girl is.. its just that so far, the story doesnt make much sense.. didnt sound very interesting.. you shud have dished out the whole friggin story.. then it would have been interesting..

    Anyhoo howz preparation for interviews coming along? :-> 😀

  3. Dont bullshit me spawn :p no story is “not interesting ” esp. when its suspends when a girl comes along 🙂

    Ya TIME GD/PI classes stsrat regularly from today.When shall we start the joint prep !!

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