This the arbitraries the posts

Partial Insomnia , a catch phrase I used to use so many times.And its coming back I guess.Got up at 4 .Couldn’t sleep any more.That was what was happening most of the times in the last 6 years … but that is another story.x-x-xx-x-x-x-x

So I got my sweater, my skull cap , shoes and went out to run.Run I did,but why in the name of an arbit jabroni’s brainless bheja did I start thinking ? You see the problem with that is that when I start to think while running , I keep going and going.By the time I am out of thoughts I am out of energy too 😦 and can run no more.

Thats what happened today.At around 6:30 AM I found myself at Tank Bund !!! (my house is at S.R.Nagar which is around 6-7 KM away)And I had no taakat left to walk another foot.Maaan! Curse my uninfected foot! Hmmm …. the grassy place near Eat Street reminds me of something intense πŸ˜‰ That is yet another story …


Tank Bund ? Basically the byaaaaaaadest thing about Tank Bund is the side of necklace Road that is opposite Eat street . Euphemistically speaking , there’s lots of S-H-I-T there.


There are (to the best of my knowledge) only three Mitsubishi Cedia s in the whole state right now.And by some forlorn miracle , pedananna garu (read dad’s elder bro/ uncle) owns one . Boy! The Cedia experience was gooood esp. when u r sitting one that has the original sports engine used in rallies πŸ™‚ Would have loved to drive it , but guess the car’s too precious , know what I mean right :p There was a time when i drove dad’s car. But that is another story …


Can’t wait for the PDP classes at TIME, to start .Then mazaa will come! Gotto go to classes everyday! I just hope the petrol prices don’t rise till I finish my GD/PI programme 😦


Eminem is the rap-dada .If you are verry angry,verry frustoo,verrry much into the “fuck-the-system-fuck-the-world-mood” (a temporary state of high BP for youngsters), listen to Eminem and u will know u r not alone.

Iron Maiden is well like the super saiyan breed of rock .Hmmmm … Soooper Saiyannnn ..Iron Maidennnnn …ya I guess an alliteration can be contrived out of it!


But there’s a problem ! After 5 years of listening to Rock, everything sounds the same !! Is my interest dwindling ? Or maybe its an indication to promote myself to something more than listening to rock.

Okay then.How about learning the guitar ? The only thing is I dont want to put as much effort into learning guitar as I put into either EAMCET or C-programming!


Ammamma (read Granma) getting hot hot pooris πŸ™‚ Basically this post was aimed to distract my mind from triggering the excessive-mouth-watering process , while I wait for the pooris.


Well! This is what yaappens when the halley brand of arbit/sollu/BC posts go yo-yo ! Of course nothing like the halley brand of BC though .Happy jobless ,BC fied, birth-yesterday halley πŸ˜€

5 responses to “This the arbitraries the posts

  1. Dude!! STOP thinking! Breathe in.. breathe out.. now relax..

    Did I get the order wrong? :-??
    Why dont I think before I comment! :-?? dammit.. 😑

  2. @ spawn :
    I would prefer LOG IN… LOG OUT… (of wordpress login :p ) … hehe πŸ™‚

  3. Did u actually drive the Cedia??

  4. No! 😦 Basically my driving is highly inflammable :p

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