3000 years…2 souls …1 fate

Dont get scared! I am not having a past life recall :p This is the tagline of the book titled “GENE” by Stel Pavlou. If you are a IIITian and didnt yet read it , run to the library and get it issued. I have just returned it yesterday

scary huh ?

Well as for the apt description of the book, YUCKY,DISGUSTING,SCARY are the words.But the paradox lies in the fact that though you would hate the crudeness in certain descriptions, you wouldn’t feel like putting it down once you start .(triggers a dark side ??? perhaps … )That coming from a chap who has long-novel-phobia = fear of story books in excess of 100 pages

Anyway the next thing , Been going through a certain blog for the last one week .This blogger to be found in blogroll and stopped posting a long time ago . (more details would fry my a** )
Finally reached a point to say that his thoughts are actually a duplication of mine , well!! minus the insanity,the yo-yo and the aggression, of course.But why am I so pissed off at him I know not !! Guess those are reasons (like in the book above) that can be accounted for by a past life theory ..muhahahaha! Ahem! Kidding 🙂


ps : Second post of the day.

ps1 : Always thought the movie eraser sucked colossal time! But why the ____ am I liking the concept now ? Oh boy!That Gene book is rather influential must say 😦

ps2  : Watched an episode of OneTreeHill  the previous afternoon. Ab mein shapath leta hoon  that I would never again  watch such humongous crap ! (no.. not even for the girls in the serial)

4 responses to “3000 years…2 souls …1 fate

  1. I have read the book.. its’ bundles of crap ! I was soo hoping for sthing else..

  2. WARNING : geeks…plzzz dont read such books ! LOL

  3. Yes, I read Gene. I thought it was absolutely brilliant. It made me go off an buy his other one. He’s a superb writer. That bit with the baby was disgusting! I loved it!

  4. @ jeff :
    U said it 🙂

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