First day_stumped at GD

Had a T.I.M.E class at 6:15AM .Got up at 5 because the excitement of going to my first Group Discussion(GD) session was …err..hmm…how’s stupendously unparalleled !!!
So there was only one GD since there were less number of students.So there!Topic given and me setting off the explosions by starting off I would say nicely.Then the other participants decided to show me what a GD is.Within a few seconds, I was literally shouting “Maaaaaaaaaa! Bachaaaaaao! Bachaaaaaao!” in my head 😦

And I thought I was decent at GDs.Ground Truth = I got blasted to kingdom come !!! 😦

2 responses to “First day_stumped at GD

  1. Yesterday I got screwed at GDs as well.. 😦
    I spoke only twice for 10 seconds each throughout the 15 minute GD!! 😦 😦

  2. Bad spawn bad 😦 …but wait until our fellowship starts then we will show them ..LOL :d

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