The day I REALLY slumbered

25th January 2k6 can rightly be christened as “The Day I slept” .  Did lots of BC  in Vasan’s room about  life and related stuff the night before the previous night . So went to sleep at 3:30AM on the 25th.

The bungee jump phenomenon

Woke up at 6:00AM with my head touching the floor before my feet did (I was dreaming that I was bungee-jumping !!!!!!).That triggered off an immense urge to jump somewhere (read suicidal tendency)as I was unable to bear the pain 😦 that the loud “thud ” gifted my head. Hence I went to sleep again because I felt like someone shot me in the head and I was gonna  die within a short time anyway.

Lunch TIME
At noon,woke up to fill something in a stomach that was empty for the previous two days. Then the TIME people call, chiding me for  blah blah blaaaaah (I didnt hear anything, I was all sleepy then)Anyway ate lunch , vomitted it out later (the vertigo effect of the bungee jump phenomenon) and  went back to sleep.

 Home bound

This is more realistic.Started for home in the evening.Perhaps I dozed off (if there are any such  things as “instant naps” ) while riding my bike.Narrowly escaped  the Grim Ripper twice (or was it thrice ?? ) on the road.
The Fear factor

At home I slept and slept until amma woke me up for dinner. She was worried.Everyone were worried . And strangely I just wanted to sleep ! And to think that I actually suffered from partial insomnia till 24th January !!


1) Spawns‘s room filled with sleeping gas.

2) Erra Balu‘s theory, “If u get frustrated  you should sleep ”  might actually be true.

3)One way to rejenuvate  yourself  from the must-sleep trance is to read one of  abbulu’s revolutionary ( chaaaa ….hehe ..)  , super-mutated aggressive posts.


Verse of the day

A statement that doesn’t sweep

Your all-time stakes, but yet 

Something on which u would bet

Is “Divine is this fella called SLEEP” 

(Hmm ..just hoping the alarm won’t beep :p ) 

– abbulugadu

6 responses to “The day I REALLY slumbered

  1. Well can say that you slept much t hat day..but you will take some time to come even close to me which is 26 hrs on a trot waking up just once for eating and 22 hrs sum odr time that too just waking once.. 🙂

  2. hey dooD but surely mine is “torture sleep” (all kinds of bad things come to head when I wake up 😦 ) ,not peaceful sleep like yours 🙂

  3. Ya i had a real peaceful sleep..actually i almost always have peaceful sleeps..Actually i couldnt understand all these experiences u had.. 🙂

  4. Nothing like a good sleep !

  5. @ summu :
    but it was a bad sleep believe me more like a matrix experience 😦

  6. Bad sleep is good.. coz when you wake up, you tend to appreciate all the good things.. 🙂
    Of course there are times when you start thinking of bad sleep and it gets worse and ok, I am digressing from topic.. Anyways, moral of the story is: DONT SPREAD RUMOURS ABOUT ME!! 😡

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