The IIFT GD/PI experience

**For those of late IIFT = Indian institute of Foreign Trade**

Very well! There were 22 people called today to Golconda fort ..oops..sorry ..Hotel Golconda .So we were divided into 2 panels of 11 each. Fine?And there were two conference halls named Ivory and Ebony .My group was sent to Ivory.For some strange reason I was happy that I was being sent to Ivory and not Ebony ! Chaa ..Who cares anyway ?

Back to the point the first part was to write an essay in 20 minutes on “Spiritualism is regaining momentum in India”  My plan for any essay is to think for 5 min on the structure and then write in the next 15 minutes.I didn’t do that.I just went on blah blah blaaaah fying to kingdom come.But an okayish essay I guess , I did include points about bad effects of modernism,globalisation and yet,how they are in a way bringing spiritualism back (u know …dual – analysis kind of thing).And then made a mention about the new age spiritual mantras like AOL,etc.,

Next the GD boleto Group Discussion ..topic was something about educational sector of India benefitting  from throwing it open to foreign institutes. It was an ” all boys free for all death brawl”  from the start.I surprisingly didnt go aggressive , because I made a couple of good points in the beginning itself , and then only came in when the chaps were drying out.Okay ! All in all ..mad GD ..but I am not disappointed  with my performance: 🙂

Last the PI ,  boleto  Personal Interview … they asked me about myself ,my strengths and my weaknesses, extra-curricular ,et al and I went yapping away in all  glory. Then they asked me about the telecom industry in India and thats it!Interview done. The guy offered me a samosa! I politely refused and walked out. All in all , very polite PI  , everyone nice and comfy 🙂

The abbulu ishtyle tit-bits

The work-ex fellows know everything !! I repeat ..they know everything !! :O

I was one of the 2  guys without a tie among the candidates (I didnt want to wear one was irritating)

The other candidate was a harry potter look alike from NIT Warangal who came in jeans and a beach shirt.Must be a Bipin fan!

We were offered snacks during the break . I drank 3 cups of  tea and finished up all the biscuits (there was one candidate who put a Wont u leave anything for others u scum-bag!!  kind of look to me.)

12 responses to “The IIFT GD/PI experience

  1. shit maan.. jeans for such an occasion :O

  2. Hmm .. Hotel Golkonda seems kool 🙂 , no doubt u finished up all the biscuits 😀 . By the way it looks as if u have been talkin in Mumbai style languagge 😉 or maybe watchin munnabhai 😀 .

    By the way did the guy with the beach shirt wear a tie ???

  3. drat! people. writing comments w/o reading the post? *giddy with annoyance*

  4. hey thats ok, “blah man” !!Maybe my language is found wanting at places

  5. @ maruti
    In fact me been using boleto in my posts even before munnabhai was created **with awesome pride ** :p

    @ karan
    No comments on that guy 😀

  6. Dude…. Everyone wants your language . 😛

  7. okay ,Mr.rascal!, i know in what sense u said that 😉

  8. Jeans and beach shirt at such an occasion…ain’t it a bit strange.. :8

  9. Don’t u know that u should be wearing a tie for such an occasion. kya yaar. seekhlo mujhse.

  10. @ himank :
    Perhaps some HATKE strategy :p …

    The URL you put to your name ( brought back a lot of haunting memories.

  11. hehe.. Even I dint wear a tie for the occasion.. kinda irritating to wear a tie and speak. :-s

  12. People actually come so casually? Beach shirt and a Jeans? AM surprised :O :O May be it was more of a necessity. :-/

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