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IIM-I gd/pi

Happy Shivarathri to those concerned 🙂 (Yaaar! I hope you didnt get drunk last night 😉 )

Okay,the gd&pi were held yesterday at the PESIT campus in Bangalore. 

The GD :

There were 10 members.A case study was given ..5 min for reading and then GD began.If characters like Jeeves had really existed , they would commit suicide at the etiquette maintained by the participants in the GD.

In simpler mamu lingo , the GD was like monda market  😉

I would rate my GD at 8/10 .

the PI :

We already submitted a form in which most of the ‘reason for management’ questions , the motivation questions,the HR questions,etc., were asked.So not much HR was asked in the interview (that , (I hope) was a good sign that they harboured no doubts regarding my reasons for choosing management!)

They asked me the following things :


Three questions from acads.Answered two very confidently.As for the unanswered question , I attributed to its absence in the syllabus (It was the truth!Not an extraneous excuse :|)

2)about the syllabus at IIIT: (simultaneously looking at my grade sheet)

Gave short bullet points about the syllabus set up,my strong subjects and weak subjects.

3)extra curricular activities :

Ha ha! Running man thing again.Also,guess being a IIITian MP helped as well 😀

4)Economics and GK :

Seven questions!Three on RBI (Answered two). Three on IPO (answered one) .One on somthing else (didn’t answer).So total three out of seven,at max.At least, smiled and said I dont know,sir!/I am unable to recall,sir!  honestly rather than do the gas  routine.

Thats it …all in all  the Profs were very polite and everything went off smoothly.

I would rate my PI 6.5/10 (and maybe an extra bonus half-point for showing positive attitude and honesty)


But didnt really have the exhilarating feeling I had after the Kozhikode interview… anyway, next one on 18th.

As of now, me off to check out the ISKCON temple 🙂

Thoughts for the day :

1)Hare Rama Hare Krishna ..japisthu kurchuntaama..Krishna ,Rama cheppindento gurthiddam mithramaaa .. 😀

– from the feature film , Okkadu                                              

2) Dont try to tell God how big your problems are , tell your problems how big God is  🙂 

May God bless you all,

What they said about Valentines day …

FOREWORD  : This is by no means a work of fiction! Its based on concrete ground work .Trying to be as objective as I can and pardon my unintentional insolence in case of any accidental subjectivity!!

Valentine anti-theory of  Lilli aka DVL.Kiran : Valentines day is not Indian culture!I will soon become a Bajrang Dal activist !!

abbulu’s take : Well! No comments on this one.He ‘s got beeeg muscles and can bash me up or for that matter bash anyone up!!

Deepak ‘s Edison-analogue /Elimination methodI need to think about different proposing methods, preferably the ones which fail , so that I can eliminate the wrong options. 

abbulu’s take : No wonder he got 19th rank in EAMCET’2K3!!

Raki’s all’s well stays well usp : I been planning this for 3 weeks.I gave her flowers,etc., She called me lotsa times …etc.,

abbulu’s take :  what is rakesh talking about ?? I am not telling … :p

Erra Balu’s LOBOfication  : Listen to the lyrics of Lobo’s ‘Baby I would love you to want me …’ and you will start seeing love as Divine !!

abbulu’s take :  You rocks andi!  I just hope the girl who loves him, loves Erra Balu and not his hefty Amazonian pay package!! 😉

Guru Debu’s detachment principle : Dont get too emotional !!

abbulu’s take : He is not human !! The only thing he’s attached to right now is the movie, Do aankhen Baara Haath !!

Vasan‘s spawning theory  :

You dont fight reality!! You work with it ! In India , its perfect if courting is done traditional way (arranged marriage) because of customs,traditions,etc.,

abbulu’s take : I suspect that Vasan , our good ol’ vasan ,the optimist vasan,the open-minded vasan, has a hidden caste feeling !! sSSSSSSSh!

Vikas the topper’s funda  : All this is bull-shit! Boys are innocent!Girls are opportunistic beings!I will go become a sanyasi !!

abbulu’s take :  The less said the better 😐

and finally …. 

Abbulu’s good ol’ principle  : Life is supposed to be beautiful people! Listen to what your heart says …

abbulu’s take : Me not that intellectually gifted .So I prefer it simple.

Hope u had a nice Valentines day,

-good ol’ abbulugadu 


ps :  Okay! Got a gd-pi today and one on 18th! Gotto go cram some things up  ! 😀

The Feb 14th post

Vaaaakey ! Today is more commonly known as “Valentine’s day” 😀

Time factor

But if you go by a purely statistical analysis , it is to be dubbed as “Valentine’s evening” kyon ki in the day , you really dont’s see couples anywhere (we have midsems and its rather sunny too this year in the city ).And, in the night ,the police are going to arrest you in Hyderabad !! So its plainly,pratically “Valentine’s evening” ! :-s

Awards and hate mails
Exactly on this day last year , good ol’ me introduced  the Valentine Awards with lots of hype!! Within a day of publishing that post , I got a dozen hate mails 😦 (and of course some “thank you” mails too) .Some peepal were saying,“Check out abbulu’s new dumb post !! Mazaa will come!!!”

The Shiv sena ,  RSS et al angle

They have been at peace all this while.But on this day,the 14h of feb,  they come out like tigers, out to  hunt the deer.

Tigers =  culturally inclined anti-valentine protestors

Deer =  No! not the couples.Rather,the florists and gift shop owners are the deer  in the true sense 😦 because its their shops that are damaged.

*** This is one inflammatory article 

The Valentine Economy

Lots more paisa pumped into the market because of Valentine’s day 🙂  If u ever dared to take the Economics course , you will know the supply-side economics is absolute only on Valentine’s day (where both the Keynasian  policies and  free-market policies work equally well)

Check this article out  , from BBC , if you are patient enough :p

 Abbulu’s thought for the day 🙂

This guy named Cupid

Rhymes with stupid 

But if u think a tad 

Thats not that bad 

‘Coz in this case , u dont think

You only feel and your eyes blink 

Thus I cheerfully end this post

Raising a Valentines day toast 

Yours truly,

Good ol’ abbulugadu

One more exablog

For definition refer here

So there! Last year I withdrew Comm. Networks because I was scared of Prof.PRK 😦 Now I had to do it because its a core course 😦 And its still giving me the jeepers creepers because I got the second lowest score in quiz-1 and ug2k4_ece has no dearth of studious creatures x(

Hmm.. and my cursed migraine attacks keep getting stronger as days pass!Someting like a knife running through my forehead.Does aspirin have a big bro ?

good one

The Great pooh (Mr.PU !!) is studying near by! He reminds me of that dialogue he made when we guys just landed in IIIT in 2003.He happened to notice Ms.A(one of our seniors) pass by and crudely blurted out , “Emi undi ra mama! Naaku kummeyyalani undi!” (What a figure,uncle!I want to gobble !).The only thing was that his blurt was about 100dB loud

There’s of lots of stuff to read for STS.And curse the jabronical rugrats the language in the course material is not in legible english!And Prof.KK sorta made it a rule that HSSM courses should have C grades and D grades too! May he get boinked by ______________ (fill it with whatever u want to!!)

I take an oath that I will clean my room before the mid sems get over.And when I am done it will be neater than Raki’s room!!

The Kozhikode experience

Hmm ..not exactly a Kozhikode experience,but rather the K experience in Bangalore.MJ’s call was in the afternoon session  too.Was mundo glad to see another IIITian face.

The GD

The Topic : some article  about Dalits,their upliftment,futile measures,etc.,

Luckily,discussed the entire thing about caste ( particularly Dalits) with dad the day before.It was a 12 member group and I guess I did pretty well,though the GD became dry after 7 minutes.

I would give myself an 8.5/10 for GD .

the abbulu rip-off : This gural (read girl),who was sitting next to me in GD) came running to me after the GD and said , “You did reallly well !!” Geeee!  Thanks a lot lady!

the PI

There were two interviewers ..

Tell us about urself ?What motivates you?How do you motivate others?

blah blah blaaaah !!!  

Tell us about the political scenario in AP and why do you think Mr.Chandra Babu Naidu went down in the elections.

Talked about the farmers’ suicides! Also talked about the imbalance of concentration of attention towards the IT sector,etc.,

Do you think change of govt. helped in AP ?

Talked about the 1-lakh compensation plan of YSR backfiring with farmers killing themselves so their families get the money , excessive govt. debts from world bank & centre,etc.,

Tell us about diode and its characteristics.

Gave the answer I have been cramming since the past  3 years. 😉

How is diode used as a switch ?

Gave an almost text book answer 😀

What do you know of Laplace Transforms ?

Text book answer (I was a TA for signals and systems 😉 )

Why do you relate everything in life to the last lap of 1500 meters race ? (from  my answers written in the form)

This is the highlight! I talked about the folktale of the running man :p  ,the 90 kgs to 70 kgs weight loss ;  and how such a thing is related to every aspect of life.Ended with the trademark dialogue, “Sir! I believe life’s a race and the path’s a pedestrian zone!So , start running!”  and all three of us had a good laugh.

I would rate my PI at 7.5/10 🙂

the abbulu rip-off : The Prof. offered me a glass of water and I politely refused saying that I was not nervous at all.He was pleased to hear that (from what I could make out from his expression) !!


ps : Check out Vasan’s GDPI experience 

ps 1:  Next one on 15th Feb.More inputs then.

ps2 : Ek dhum fundooooo post lined up for Feb 14th 😉

ps2 :  Vasan says D-T-A !!!! ( I am not talking about Yaar’s CS clan and I am not going to say what this full form is)

The one on recent firsts

Me in Bangalore for the first time 🙂 Haven’t seen the famous Bangalore pottiyaan ( that Mr.T was telling me about) yet !

Anyway lots of firsts recently.Got really drunk for the first time on Saturday.Then again on Monday.Enough damage done to my liver!  [MORAL : never blog when u r drunk ]

Got onto a plane for the first time 🙂 ! Got air-sick for the first time too (obviously!)

Oh last but not the least.Got my first IIM  GD&PI today.So signing off for now …