The Kozhikode experience

Hmm ..not exactly a Kozhikode experience,but rather the K experience in Bangalore.MJ’s call was in the afternoon session  too.Was mundo glad to see another IIITian face.

The GD

The Topic : some article  about Dalits,their upliftment,futile measures,etc.,

Luckily,discussed the entire thing about caste ( particularly Dalits) with dad the day before.It was a 12 member group and I guess I did pretty well,though the GD became dry after 7 minutes.

I would give myself an 8.5/10 for GD .

the abbulu rip-off : This gural (read girl),who was sitting next to me in GD) came running to me after the GD and said , “You did reallly well !!” Geeee!  Thanks a lot lady!

the PI

There were two interviewers ..

Tell us about urself ?What motivates you?How do you motivate others?

blah blah blaaaah !!!  

Tell us about the political scenario in AP and why do you think Mr.Chandra Babu Naidu went down in the elections.

Talked about the farmers’ suicides! Also talked about the imbalance of concentration of attention towards the IT sector,etc.,

Do you think change of govt. helped in AP ?

Talked about the 1-lakh compensation plan of YSR backfiring with farmers killing themselves so their families get the money , excessive govt. debts from world bank & centre,etc.,

Tell us about diode and its characteristics.

Gave the answer I have been cramming since the past  3 years. 😉

How is diode used as a switch ?

Gave an almost text book answer 😀

What do you know of Laplace Transforms ?

Text book answer (I was a TA for signals and systems 😉 )

Why do you relate everything in life to the last lap of 1500 meters race ? (from  my answers written in the form)

This is the highlight! I talked about the folktale of the running man :p  ,the 90 kgs to 70 kgs weight loss ;  and how such a thing is related to every aspect of life.Ended with the trademark dialogue, “Sir! I believe life’s a race and the path’s a pedestrian zone!So , start running!”  and all three of us had a good laugh.

I would rate my PI at 7.5/10 🙂

the abbulu rip-off : The Prof. offered me a glass of water and I politely refused saying that I was not nervous at all.He was pleased to hear that (from what I could make out from his expression) !!


ps : Check out Vasan’s GDPI experience 

ps 1:  Next one on 15th Feb.More inputs then.

ps2 : Ek dhum fundooooo post lined up for Feb 14th 😉

ps2 :  Vasan says D-T-A !!!! ( I am not talking about Yaar’s CS clan and I am not going to say what this full form is)

11 responses to “The Kozhikode experience

  1. best of luck with em 🙂

  2. Well first of all the bets for this and the interviews to be held ..
    But i was shocked to know that they asked technical questions for MBA interview..I cant get the use of asking technical questions for entering a management institute..

  3. i agree totally vid himank

  4. it seems that u did pretty well. All the Best for next GDs.

  5. @ himank and karan :

    Obviously they will surely ask acads.Because they want ppl who are good learners.If we failed to answer technical stuff(being engg. students) , they might think we are not good students/learners. 🙂

    @ rama & raghu :
    Thnx 😀

  6. News,trends and events of Calicut-kozhikode. Get latest news updates on this blog.

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  8. d00d.. wtf is D T A? 😮 Dont quote me wrongly.. 😀
    You seem to have rocked the interview.. 😀
    @Himank & Karan:
    They test your technical knowledge because whatever you learn now will be useful to you sometime in the future.. So study your technical subjects well else you’ll end up like me.. 😀
    Dont spoil the kids, baba.. 😀

  9. @ himank @ karan :
    My reason’s the main REASON ….spawn’s is the secondary reason 🙂 First they want to see whther u r good learners !! Thats it ! What they teach u at the IIMs is much more higher strata than what you learn in your B.Tech …will it be useful compared to what u study at the IIMs ???? NOT REALLY !!!!!!!!!!!

    @ spawn :
    DTA = Dont trust A* (I am not saying this)

  10. watever.. but the bottomline’s we gotta study.. nd thats not good nus 😦

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