The Feb 14th post

Vaaaakey ! Today is more commonly known as “Valentine’s day” 😀

Time factor

But if you go by a purely statistical analysis , it is to be dubbed as “Valentine’s evening” kyon ki in the day , you really dont’s see couples anywhere (we have midsems and its rather sunny too this year in the city ).And, in the night ,the police are going to arrest you in Hyderabad !! So its plainly,pratically “Valentine’s evening” ! :-s

Awards and hate mails
Exactly on this day last year , good ol’ me introduced  the Valentine Awards with lots of hype!! Within a day of publishing that post , I got a dozen hate mails 😦 (and of course some “thank you” mails too) .Some peepal were saying,“Check out abbulu’s new dumb post !! Mazaa will come!!!”

The Shiv sena ,  RSS et al angle

They have been at peace all this while.But on this day,the 14h of feb,  they come out like tigers, out to  hunt the deer.

Tigers =  culturally inclined anti-valentine protestors

Deer =  No! not the couples.Rather,the florists and gift shop owners are the deer  in the true sense 😦 because its their shops that are damaged.

*** This is one inflammatory article 

The Valentine Economy

Lots more paisa pumped into the market because of Valentine’s day 🙂  If u ever dared to take the Economics course , you will know the supply-side economics is absolute only on Valentine’s day (where both the Keynasian  policies and  free-market policies work equally well)

Check this article out  , from BBC , if you are patient enough :p

 Abbulu’s thought for the day 🙂

This guy named Cupid

Rhymes with stupid 

But if u think a tad 

Thats not that bad 

‘Coz in this case , u dont think

You only feel and your eyes blink 

Thus I cheerfully end this post

Raising a Valentines day toast 

Yours truly,

Good ol’ abbulugadu

14 responses to “The Feb 14th post

  1. by the way r u celebrating ‘wallet’entine ….

  2. I guess so ..though its little more valentine than ‘wallet’entine 🙂

  3. okay then …if its “wtf” implying showing ur resentment against the anti-valentine protestors , fine with me too !! 😀

  4. wtf wtf??

  5. I would take that as a yes 😀 ….so …yeah ..WTF ?

  6. d0000ddd.. WTF!! 😀 😛

  7. 😀 what the _____ ??? (generalization :p )

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