IIM-I gd/pi

Happy Shivarathri to those concerned 🙂 (Yaaar! I hope you didnt get drunk last night 😉 )

Okay,the gd&pi were held yesterday at the PESIT campus in Bangalore. 

The GD :

There were 10 members.A case study was given ..5 min for reading and then GD began.If characters like Jeeves had really existed , they would commit suicide at the etiquette maintained by the participants in the GD.

In simpler mamu lingo , the GD was like monda market  😉

I would rate my GD at 8/10 .

the PI :

We already submitted a form in which most of the ‘reason for management’ questions , the motivation questions,the HR questions,etc., were asked.So not much HR was asked in the interview (that , (I hope) was a good sign that they harboured no doubts regarding my reasons for choosing management!)

They asked me the following things :


Three questions from acads.Answered two very confidently.As for the unanswered question , I attributed to its absence in the syllabus (It was the truth!Not an extraneous excuse :|)

2)about the syllabus at IIIT: (simultaneously looking at my grade sheet)

Gave short bullet points about the syllabus set up,my strong subjects and weak subjects.

3)extra curricular activities :

Ha ha! Running man thing again.Also,guess being a IIITian MP helped as well 😀

4)Economics and GK :

Seven questions!Three on RBI (Answered two). Three on IPO (answered one) .One on somthing else (didn’t answer).So total three out of seven,at max.At least, smiled and said I dont know,sir!/I am unable to recall,sir!  honestly rather than do the gas  routine.

Thats it …all in all  the Profs were very polite and everything went off smoothly.

I would rate my PI 6.5/10 (and maybe an extra bonus half-point for showing positive attitude and honesty)


But didnt really have the exhilarating feeling I had after the Kozhikode interview… anyway, next one on 18th.

As of now, me off to check out the ISKCON temple 🙂

Thoughts for the day :

1)Hare Rama Hare Krishna ..japisthu kurchuntaama..Krishna ,Rama cheppindento gurthiddam mithramaaa .. 😀

– from the feature film , Okkadu                                              

2) Dont try to tell God how big your problems are , tell your problems how big God is  🙂 

May God bless you all,

6 responses to “IIM-I gd/pi

  1. Congrats for doing well in your stuff. And all the best for the upcoming gd/interview!

  2. Nice second quote 🙂
    Anyway do well….. After all our merger plans depends on you becoming a MBA grad 😛

  3. @ aniket :
    I am being over-optimistic :p ..anyway affirmative 🙂

    @deepak :
    sure sure 😉

  4. hmm.. cool. Everyone.. almost everyone got screwed in Indore interview..
    So I guess yours went better than what it seems to be..
    But it could have been much better I guess.. 😀
    Anyways, all ze best.. I need some tips.. so return to campus asap!! 😀

  5. You’ve been tagged. Check out my blog..
    And all the best for your interviews! 😀

  6. Interesting point of view……guys….
    check out CAT India Online a startup by IIT IIM grads….
    http://www.catindiaonline.com for 10 Mock test and Notes from IIM Toppers that too all free.

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