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The arbitrarily written mixed bag post

The summer-heat is here :

I woke up today

Expecting a nice sunny day

But it was HOT to my dismay

Darn!The nice lil’ OBH lawn

Was already boiled at dawn !?!?!?!

The big fight  :

Folks still whisper about it.A sports event turned big-time brawl which was free-for-all !!

Why! Some rotten faced ravens actually think I was behind all that happened. How am I involved in a ug1 & ug2  joint event ?? Maaaaan! If a fight comes people start shouting my name ?!?!?!?!

Aha! I remember back then in the beginning of 2006,when SJ bhai  was scaring the ug2k3ians during a basketball match ,my batch mates started shouting baba!baba!  :p ..phew!! thank God I was nowhere near that place!

Halley and Narada

The previous evening, Halley was watching Detective Narada , a movie so uniquely itemish   that it was actually interesting (to Halley)

Now I wonder whether it is Halley’s joblessness or his item-ism that actually made him enjoy the movie 😀 .Or maybe , that speaks for the whole batch’s joblessness !

Of Bartimaeus and Mandrake

The Bartimaeus Trilogy is fantasy series written by Jonathan Shroud. Good stuff! Lots of magic,adventure and political ideologies in a  make-believe alternate world. The 3rd part, Ptolemy’s Gate  (a copy is present in the IIITian library) is note-worthy !

abbulu’s after thought : One of the main characters is John Mandrake!I wonder what it would have been had it been a lady …  Joanna (instead of John) , Woman (instead of Man) and  duck (instead of drake) ….so we have Joanna Womanduck !! (Any feminists listening?)

The IIITian dilemma

“What in the name of the shit-headed rugrats and the level-headed intellectuals …is happening ? ”

–  abbulugadu

Hmm….I hated (or so I claimed) this place all along ,throughout.But,now I am so sad about leaving it 😦 .Gosh!And I thought such things happen only in masaledar  Bollywoodishtyle romantic films !?!?!


ps :  A broken chair , a broken finger and a broken jaw ! Just few more days ra abbuluga ! Don’t lose control yet!

ps1 : Many folks over the course of my final year,attributed the  Ravana-turned-Ram transformation to me. Thank you all !  😀

ps2  : Finally opened CN texbook today for the first time in the semester 🙂 I observed its a fat book , with lots of scary stuff in it .Now should decide when to start reading it.


When Amalgam SPLASHed

The last time there was an Amalgam was when I was in the first year, a time when most of you folks weren’t there . That was a good evening , an  en la fantasma  to be precise 😀

Then, forward to last night.After years of cancellations, and a name-change ( to wade off ill-omens , I guess )  Amalgam returned re-christened as ‘Splash’

Well! Still I would say , was disappointed that faculty was nowhere. (they were there in plenty in 2004) But even then , the spirit diasplayed was good,though a bigger audience would have been much better.

Hey!But I had a field day yesterday 😀 We guys in the ug4 skit had loads of fun time brainstorming for the central-idea,practising,etc.,.

I guess everyone over there (participants and audience) had a pleasant evening. Next year, hope Splash is done on the “stage” opposite library to a much larger audience. 🙂


ps :  I am having heightened flashes of deja vu’  to whichever place I go inside the campus.

ps1  : Oh yeah! IIIT’s got a new Cupid,  me :p (super mutated lols ..more on this coming up)

And so I felt good …

Tullu , the most popular lab com of ug2k3,the Yahoo dude,the hmm ..”Tullu” :p suddenly got struck by the fitness fever.He’s jogging everyday twice and going to gym twice.And so, yours truly decides to interview him …

me : So tullu bhai!Why ?

Tullu : Dekh yaar! My gf wants me to be healthy!So I decided to lose weight!

me : Oh!

Tullu : Haan!I don’t want to lose her because I can’t run.

me : She would leave you if you can’t lose weight ??? ( *** what sort of a girl would leave a Yahoo-dude ?? ***)

Tullu :Nahin! nahin!Aisa nahin hain ..but if I think like that… I will work harder towards getting fit.

me : But so much effort ??

Tullu : Haan! I want to show her what I can do for her ! I will run for her!

me : thaaliyaan,thaaliyan!!

Devansh the bevda: Haan! But don’t get too emotional!!This materialistic world  is like Matrix,Maya, blah blah blah ……..

Tullu and me (to bevda): Shut aaaaap!


Supportive facts :Tullu ran from hi-tech city to IIIT (in verry heavy Jeans !!!!!!!! ) the previous evening! People do great deeds when it comes to ishq vishq pyaar vyaar , huh ?!?!?

By the way,Tullu said “run for her” !! My my! …now where did I hear such a story before ? 😉

–good ol’ abbulugadu


Happy Ugadi to everyone concerned 😀 !! 

Okay this one was on 9th march,2k7. Each panel had 3 prof.s, contrary to the dual member panels at K,L,I,B .


Case study (yet ,again! ) This time , it was a fish market , an absolute fish market.So there isn’t going to be even a miscule difference whether you speak or not.Methinks that most of the marks for GD will be given in tandem with the quality of the GD-summary  we wrote in the end.


1st,2nd and 3rd Professors = P1,P2,P3

P1 ‘s questions:

1)So Mr.Harish,you are in Electronics and Commnications , so may we safely assume you are good at verbal communication too ?

2)What do you want to do in life ?

3)What is your favourite subject ?

4) Signal processing, is it ? Tell me why signal processing is required at all  ?

5) Name some encoding & decoding  schemes.

6) Come up with 3 analogues  that relate signal processing and team-building .

7) What sort of modulation do we see in a radio ? (to which i answered “FM (frequency modulation)”)

8) Isn’t AM (Amplitude modulation) there too in radio communication ? (yes)

9)Explain the concept of AM signal !

10) Draw an AM signal and tell me which is the carrier and which one is the message signal.

11) What kind of signals did you generally observe in your lab oscilloscope ?

P2’s Questions :

1)What are your interests ?

2)Atheletics ? Any achievements ?

3)Oh I see! So which countries are famous for long distance running ? (to which I answered “some african nations ” )

4)Africa is a big continent! I am asking countries . (i said “ethiopia” )

5)What about kenya  ?  (yes sir!Kenya also has lots of winners …baad baad ..I should have remembered kenya 😦 ..okay one guffawed question so far)

6)What about your interests in other sports ? (Yes sir!I play other sports too with interest! )

p3’s questions :

1) Do u have a credit card of your own ?

2)How does a credit card work ?

 (to which like a true engineer 😛 (super mutated LOLs)  I answered the mechanism of the magnetic strip,the card-swiping,the code-entering,etc.,)

3) Eh! Is it ?

(Sir! That is for drawing money from a machine.For buying soemthing,we need to ..blah blah )

4)Okay okay! Leave the mechanism ! What is the bank’s advantage in isuuing credit cards ?

5)What is the user’s advanatage apart from realising  an immediate loan ?

6)What is the difference between a credit card and a debit card ?


Thats it!I did speak twice or thrice in GD (I am including, only those spoken attempts when everyone else stopped to listen 🙂 ) And I think I wrote a pretty above-average summary as well

PI ? except for a little faltering (which I made sure was not that apparent ) at the  “kenya” part and a little confusion at the ” bank-interest” part , I was okay in the PI , esp. with the acads 🙂

So , I guess good ol’ me can hope for the best.We shall only know in April …


ps : A series of nostalgic posts (hardly a month to go in IIITian land) to follow.Folks!Be ready to cry,laugh and go senti  😐

ps1 : Watched the movie Jagadam ,  will write a very violent 😉  review soon

ps2: If there  is Amalgam this year ,  I will dance on-stage in a lungi .Muahahaha …one last toture session for my fellow IIITians coming up … 😉

ps3 : Vasan swore.Sirius is mourning.And Kukka Satti is going to get kicked for his OA.

ps4 : Booshi,Maams and tipo still nurture their unfulfilled dream of beating me up.Violence is bad ,ol’ chums! :p

For the record

IIFT gd&pi results are declared.Didn’t get through .  :(.

29TH January(Same day as the IIFT interview) ,I got many bad twists in life.Shall always remember you Mr.29th Jan!!!

Oh and by the way me in Bengalooru (for once i got it right :P)  right now.Dad calls and keeps telling not to worry too much about the IIFT admission.Thanks Nanna!

Well! Me still thinks I did the IIM ones better than the IIFT one.Got the last one (IIM-C) tomorrow.Wish me luck people!  🙂

IIM-B : What is your Hall-ticket number ?

This was scheduled on 5th march,2k7 at 9:00 AM at the IIM-B campus.

Went there at 8:45 AM.Was quite surprised to see all the students already there.Then some Prof.s came and started calling out names.Mine was missing.

Excuse me Sir! My name’s missing 😦

What is your Hall Ticket number?

told him the number and soon found out it was the GIM (goa insti of management) interview and not that of IIM-B .

Anyway asked here and there , managed to reach the building where the real gd cum interviews were being held.So i actually gotto run :p (hehe) for an interview too.Love you Fate dude!!

The time was 9:00 AM … spot on!! There was a definitive air about , among the participants (A,B,C, among IIMS are considered elite this was my first elite league interview)….

The expressions on the candidates’ faces reminded me of the song “We are the titans…” . There was this lady in the corporate suit who for an instance looked like X from behind.But that idea faded away.Anyway,the candidates were all too classy,with an authoritative defiance about them.

“Either they are  toppers of their respective batches or guys with loads of work-ex” I concluded.

Anyway ….

Group Discussion (GD)

Case study! same thing as before… 5 min to read the case.15 min for discussion.And in the end 5 min for writing the summary. It was decent , pretty decent (compared to the one at IIM-A ,which is another story)

Personal Interview (PI)

 There were two Prof.s ,both senior prof.s ,one of them was the dean of IIM-B.The 1st prof. started asking me the following questions :

Hmm… Mr.Harish!So u see people in this world as two types ?(from the answers in my profile documents)

Yes sir! The ones who move with crowd and give up when others do.The remaining are the ones who continue even when others end.  ...blah blah...

(HALT readers!! Thats why you should watch animes like Bleach …you will find all such sorts of HR answers : ) two cents worth of humble advice 🙂 )

Can you give an example from your life ?

(Aha! Perfect) **same old running man story** Please refer to the previous post for details.

But that is determination! Not about doing things differently

Sir!I would call it determination at doing things differently.

Oho!Nice logic!

Thank you sir!( Wanted to grin , but just gave him a diplomatic smile)

What subjects do you like? (while the other prof. was looking at my grade sheet)

All signal processing subjects!

Applications of signal processing in the real world ?

blah blah …

Now the dean(Prof. 2…the first time he talked so far as he was busy seeing my certificates)) asked , Tell us about your B.Tech project in layman’s terms

blah blah .. (In layman’s terms.Thank the good God! I didnt even remember it technically)

Switch back to Prof 1, why are cell phones switched off in an airplane ?

I think sir ..because in an aeroplane … the additive components of all the cell phone frequencies might add up (in the worst case where  several passengers are using them) and become close to the natural frquency of the aero plane body or its communication system ..and might lead flight problems.

Okay!Now tell me .How are wireless devices jammed  ?

Depending on the wireless device used, there is a standard fquency associated with it.So a Jamming device introduces a frequency component that is equal  to that frequency and hence nullifies its effect.

What sort of disturbances do you encounter in communicating mediums?


Can you elaborate on the different types ?

(Prof.1 is good in Signal Processing!!) Talked about different types of noise and how they are modelled while writing equations,also mentioned non-deterministic noise which can’t be represented mathematically. 

(Being a TA for Signals and Systems helped)

(Answering the previous four questions made me feel more than ever, that Prof.V.U.Reddy is God)

What books do you read ?

(Thank you STS! ) spoke about the book Hindutva  by V.D.Savarkar.

Are you religious ?

yes sir!But not a fanatic.I read Hindutva to see whether it really is religious extremism or misuse of a non-fanatic concept by politicos.

What other books do you read?

 Sir! Comics like Asterix,Calvin & Hobbes, and also science fiction by Asimov!!

(I was hoping he would ask me about the authors of the comics,when they were first printed ,etc.,  which I mugged up thorughly ..but guess he decided otherwise)

Hmm..okay! Correlate  Science-fiction with Signal Processing and create a plot right now!!

(B.C time)  blah blah ….. (mentioned humans establishing contact with aliens,etc.,)

Space has no medium,how do you communicate without a medium ?

Sir!Electromagnetic waves (in this case radio waves ..those of high wavelength ) don’t require a medium.

Now Prof 2 asked, Any questions for us ?

Asked a light hearted question about Bangalore being renamed “Bengalooru” and what would they call IIM-B ? (deliberately emphasized on “call” ‘coz obv. it is registered as IIM-Bangalore)

They answered.

Thank you Harish!

Thank you sir!


ps: My “Today’s fortune”  in orkut reads :
“Happy events will take place shortly in your home.” Its about time!

ps1 : Year book ug2k3 is up ! Himanshu Arora ROCKS ! So Does Anurag!

ps2 : Quicky !Get the batch t-shirt ready too!

The IIM-L experience

This one was on 18th Feb.Sorry for the delay in posting …

GD :

Topic : Politicians are so ****_(forgot this part)_ ***** that they promise to build a bridge where there is no river.

We were asked to write on essay on this for 10 minutes.Then 15 minutes for the group discussion.It was a fish market yet again,but the group slowly inched towards a more civilized state. Good ol’ me entered the GD 5 or 6 times ,speaking for about 3 minutes overall.Not bad I guess, considering there were 12 candidates

PI :

There were two Prof.s , both looking determined to finish me off.But fortunately,they were all nice and polite.

Tell us about yourself.

blah blah …

Do you think reservations are necessary ?

(At TIME they said … they  dont ask controversial stuff .. boy! don’t believe every prophecy blindly 😐 )

Took an absolutely neutral stance which I think is the safest matter how anti-reservation or pro-reservation you are …

What extra curricular activities are you interested in ?

blah blah …

Then suddenly silence ..looked at the grade sheet and sports certificates.I assume they considered my grades to be decent and decided not to test me on academics :D. Then , …

You performed well in both 1500 m and 100 m races ? How is it possible ?

Sir! I am used to working out in the gym (bingo! “gym” featured even in my IIM interviews :p …) So got a good amount of strength which is what is required for short sprints. Also used to jogging 10 Km in the morning.So stamina developed as well.That was useful for long distance races.

(They were verrrryy amused at the my madness of following a 10 K jogging routine)

What motivated you to run 10K (bold letters indicating higher voice)Isn’t that ..extreme ?

blah ..blah …

(The real reason is confidential 😐 so told him an Iqbal kind of story,which by the way is a reason too)

What is INSAT ?What is its purpose ?

Geo-stationary satellite.Pupose is studying climate change , precipitation,etc.,

What is DTH ?

(Simple! Direct Transmission To Home! But I forgot 😦 unanswered question)

Do u think a temporary loss of reputation can be traded off for a long time benefit ?

YES sir! blah blah …

Give me an example ?

Talked about Dhirubhai Ambani ‘s beginnings.(Thanks to the movie Guru )

But what he did was not illegal just different! Why the opposition?

Sir because , sometimes,when one tries to do something radically different from existing practices , the society
might not digest it in the beginning as it might seem absurd.Perhaps that was the problem.

(the prof. gave me a smile 🙂 ,which might mean anything)

Any questions for us ?

NO sir !

THANK YOU ..Mr.Harish

thank you sir!

PI duration : 6 minutes.


ps : IIM-B and IIM-A posts almost ready.Will post them in intervals of two days each.

ps1 : I am not revealing the self-ratings anymore because Vasan does a lot of O.A.

ps2 : I have one month more.Just a few more things to accomplish before declaring that my four years ROCKED 😀 !!!

ps3 : Where the heck is the year book ? 😦

What the gag ..I mean, tag ??

One thing you are afraid of

That I might die someday by slipping over a banana peel

Two unforgettable incidents

1) When my left thumb got cut at the football post and I could see a red fountain gush out of my left hand. (Humans like Vasan would have expired had they been in my shoes :p)

2) 20th April,2K6 : Officially the beginning of abbulugadu’s lightning era 😀

Three books


Five beautiful women

Angelinaaaa Jolie (who cares if the Sin is original or duplicate :p )

Katrina Kaif (vabba vabba …..)

Celina Jaitley (sini ne ..sini ne… crazy ayya ..crazzzzy!!!! )

Capt.Hitsugaya’s lieutanant in “Bleach”  (too bad she’s only a cartoon character)

Shreya (A vacchi B pai vale ..B vacchi C pai vaale ..C vacchi D pai vaale re ……. )

Five Fooditems

Pizza,Mirchi bajji ,  Milkshakes , Idly-sambar , sizzler

Often used words (or phrases)


good ol’ me 

F**k the crap-o

yo (sounds like “yoa” with stress on the O sound and ending slowly and deliberately with the ‘aaa’ sound)




saaaav  (translation : dieeeeee !!! )





Walk to remember (hey!toughies can like it too  you know 😉 )


Rocky Balboa


anything that sounds good to the ears

Seven things awesome about me

sooo many things ayya(some positive ,others 100% pure whoop ass stuff)  …seven is a small number!!

*** from here I modify the original tag-questions 😛

IIITian personalities  (instead of film personalities) .

(I either completely hate them or completely respect them…not saying which is for which) VUR,Zulu,Ranga Rao,Kamal,Kaul

Top  insane/weird/inexplicable things done by me in IIIT :

1)Trying to do pull-ups at the football post and getting my hand cut

2)Playing Sherlock Holmes at 3 in the morning everyday during my 3rd year

3)Rapping and  writing poetry about almost everyone I know in IIIT 🙂

4)Got A- in physics by writing all the formulae on a 5cm*5cm piece of paper for the end sem (know what  I mean,right?)

(there are more… but too dangerous for public access  :p )

I tag :

anyone who blogs in ug2K3 …( and those who dont blog in ug2k3, start blogging now!!!!)


ps :  Shall soon post the IIM-L and IIM-B interview experiences.

ps1 : Things are smooth in life right now … but not smooth enough!!

ps2 :  Got the second rank in ECC midsem and 5th rank in CN  midsem (from the bottom 😛 )

ps3 : I prepared a list of a dozen characters whom I seriously want to kick before I leave this place. (3 of them are females .Well!…I mean , though against popular perception,according to govt. records ,two of them are females .And the third ? Please don’t ask )

ps4 : Deepak invited me for a drink yesterday.What the f*********** ..I dont drink!!!!

ps5 :  I am coming for the batch trip too :p …may God save the folks who are coming along .. muhhahahahaha ..You people are going to have one hell of a time.

ps6 : Is Amalgam on the cards ??  If so, IV and Manish dancing on-stage in lungis will be a nice idea 🙂 (come on chummies … start flaming )

ps7 : Watched the movie,“A” in NTR’s room.Got a migraine attack.

The “Any Time Abbulu” post

Okay I just happened to realise that the last oh-soo-many posts in my blog are all private posts. So writing a public post now just for the sheer heck of it. 


Stands for “any time pal” .The pal who lends you a  shoulder to cry on (inspite of his brand new shirt getting wet  ), who listens to your problems (no matter how painstakingly boring they are  ),who tries to help you in all ways (inspite of he/she cursing you to infinite proportions inside  )……etc.,

Though still crude (with a lil’ bit of polish) and still barbaric (with a lil’ bit of civilization),I am actually playing the good guy ,friend ,philosopher and guide to many ……err…ahem! super-mutated LOLs ?!?!?!

Should n’t be talking more about this, but this pal  seems to be feeling lighter right now.

Anyway all of you should make it a point to have an A.T.P!!! It helps me! 😀


Any Time Sollu” (Sollu = B.C)  Service pioneered,promoted and glorified by Halley.Walk into his room anytime , at 5 in the morning , at 5 in the evening,at 11 in the morning,at 9 in the night…he will be there in a perennially static position and ready to do any type  of BC. Thats halley for you …..


Stands for “Any Time cousin”.Ladies and Gentlemen!Let me intoduce R.K , a cousin of mine 🙂 ,studying  in IIT-Madras.If I have no other frigging work and pals aren’t online, the only thing that I can think of is chat with R.K.

The world actally seems to be an easy place with R.K ‘s enthu-filled talk. Hehe..guess enthusiam in life  is the inherent thing when you are good ol’ abbulugadu’s cousin ..err..did anyone puke??


Stands for AnyTime Criticism .There is this rascal who is my oldest pal in IIIT.And he keeps criticising me first thing in the morning.According to him ,

“First year you were mad,second year you were madder,third year maddest,in fourth year  you became undefined ..”

Seriously speaking ,to me,that sounded like a disguised compliment 😛


Stands for “Any Time Lost” .At the STS class, the lecturer suggested to read a book on Hindutva,  supposed to be a progressive concept.And according to sir,it is not supposed to be a bad thing according to popular perception .

I read half the book already, but am still confused about the real meaning of Hindutva!! Still seems to me like  religious extremism and not a progressive concept. 😦


“Any Time Poetry” . So here goes …

I confess that I bow

To thee …my pals!!

For the niceties …

I owe you a treat !!

So where shall we meet ? 🙂

Of course ! Perhaps

I wait a little bit longer

To clear all my mischaps

Once bad days stop to monger..

Then surely ..a celebration with claps …  😀

– abbulugadu


ps :I got tagged! Later Vasan ..later!Btw the questions are the same cliche’ stuff ..why dont you try to make the questions more interesting??

ps1 : ug4 lads( and laddies,if any) are becoming old! People , get up you are supposed to electrify your last month!!

ps2 : Got one more gd-pi on Monday.The budget!!Never thought that the budget would scare me soo much.

ps3:  Happy Holi(to all) and Happy Women’s day too (to the ladies) 😀

ps4 : There’s something queerly wrong with blogospshere these days.

ps5 :  Lots of ol’ friends in life springing out of nowhere these days.

ps6 :  Number of casteists,morons,jackasses et al increasing in life these days.

ps7 : Almost got into a “these days” pattern.

ps8 : Suddenly an urge to fulfill the tagging requirement dawned on me.

ps9 : I will soon create a new tagging chain too with the most bizzare of questions.

ps10 : I left gaming in second year.And the de-addiction lasts till now!! ****abbulu proudly claps****

ps11 : This is the 11th ps

ps12 : What the ______ ? I ran out of steam for ps-es

ps13 : Hmmm.. ..if you  simultaneously love and hate my blog at the same time,raise your hands up in the air !!

ps14 : Cya ..