The “Any Time Abbulu” post

Okay I just happened to realise that the last oh-soo-many posts in my blog are all private posts. So writing a public post now just for the sheer heck of it. 


Stands for “any time pal” .The pal who lends you a  shoulder to cry on (inspite of his brand new shirt getting wet  ), who listens to your problems (no matter how painstakingly boring they are  ),who tries to help you in all ways (inspite of he/she cursing you to infinite proportions inside  )……etc.,

Though still crude (with a lil’ bit of polish) and still barbaric (with a lil’ bit of civilization),I am actually playing the good guy ,friend ,philosopher and guide to many ……err…ahem! super-mutated LOLs ?!?!?!

Should n’t be talking more about this, but this pal  seems to be feeling lighter right now.

Anyway all of you should make it a point to have an A.T.P!!! It helps me! 😀


Any Time Sollu” (Sollu = B.C)  Service pioneered,promoted and glorified by Halley.Walk into his room anytime , at 5 in the morning , at 5 in the evening,at 11 in the morning,at 9 in the night…he will be there in a perennially static position and ready to do any type  of BC. Thats halley for you …..


Stands for “Any Time cousin”.Ladies and Gentlemen!Let me intoduce R.K , a cousin of mine 🙂 ,studying  in IIT-Madras.If I have no other frigging work and pals aren’t online, the only thing that I can think of is chat with R.K.

The world actally seems to be an easy place with R.K ‘s enthu-filled talk. Hehe..guess enthusiam in life  is the inherent thing when you are good ol’ abbulugadu’s cousin ..err..did anyone puke??


Stands for AnyTime Criticism .There is this rascal who is my oldest pal in IIIT.And he keeps criticising me first thing in the morning.According to him ,

“First year you were mad,second year you were madder,third year maddest,in fourth year  you became undefined ..”

Seriously speaking ,to me,that sounded like a disguised compliment 😛


Stands for “Any Time Lost” .At the STS class, the lecturer suggested to read a book on Hindutva,  supposed to be a progressive concept.And according to sir,it is not supposed to be a bad thing according to popular perception .

I read half the book already, but am still confused about the real meaning of Hindutva!! Still seems to me like  religious extremism and not a progressive concept. 😦


“Any Time Poetry” . So here goes …

I confess that I bow

To thee …my pals!!

For the niceties …

I owe you a treat !!

So where shall we meet ? 🙂

Of course ! Perhaps

I wait a little bit longer

To clear all my mischaps

Once bad days stop to monger..

Then surely ..a celebration with claps …  😀

– abbulugadu


ps :I got tagged! Later Vasan ..later!Btw the questions are the same cliche’ stuff ..why dont you try to make the questions more interesting??

ps1 : ug4 lads( and laddies,if any) are becoming old! People , get up you are supposed to electrify your last month!!

ps2 : Got one more gd-pi on Monday.The budget!!Never thought that the budget would scare me soo much.

ps3:  Happy Holi(to all) and Happy Women’s day too (to the ladies) 😀

ps4 : There’s something queerly wrong with blogospshere these days.

ps5 :  Lots of ol’ friends in life springing out of nowhere these days.

ps6 :  Number of casteists,morons,jackasses et al increasing in life these days.

ps7 : Almost got into a “these days” pattern.

ps8 : Suddenly an urge to fulfill the tagging requirement dawned on me.

ps9 : I will soon create a new tagging chain too with the most bizzare of questions.

ps10 : I left gaming in second year.And the de-addiction lasts till now!! ****abbulu proudly claps****

ps11 : This is the 11th ps

ps12 : What the ______ ? I ran out of steam for ps-es

ps13 : Hmmm.. ..if you  simultaneously love and hate my blog at the same time,raise your hands up in the air !!

ps14 : Cya ..

10 responses to “The “Any Time Abbulu” post

  1. This is ATC (Any Time Comment) 😀

  2. Getting senty.. eh???? :p KOi nahin….its the time for ur batch ppl t o do that….

  3. senti ..aa ??? u have no idea what will happen if i go realllly senti :p …if abbulu does his emotions routine ,everyone will start crying …

  4. Maruti Borker

    he he … last month eh ?? u ppl need to be totally electrified … show some josh guys … by the way when is ur bizzare tag post comin ??

  5. soon ..soon 😉

  6. Also add ATI = Any Time Item and ATC = Any Time Crap

  7. @ raghuveer :
    okay ..i know ATI of our batch is 😉
    But is ATI=ATC ??

  8. You must really be bored.. hmm.. 😕

  9. why else would i reading about hindutva of all the ____–

  10. Great site, I will be back. Well done

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