What the gag ..I mean, tag ??

One thing you are afraid of

That I might die someday by slipping over a banana peel

Two unforgettable incidents

1) When my left thumb got cut at the football post and I could see a red fountain gush out of my left hand. (Humans like Vasan would have expired had they been in my shoes :p)

2) 20th April,2K6 : Officially the beginning of abbulugadu’s lightning era 😀

Three books


Five beautiful women

Angelinaaaa Jolie (who cares if the Sin is original or duplicate :p )

Katrina Kaif (vabba vabba …..)

Celina Jaitley (sini ne ..sini ne… crazy ayya ..crazzzzy!!!! )

Capt.Hitsugaya’s lieutanant in “Bleach”  (too bad she’s only a cartoon character)

Shreya (A vacchi B pai vale ..B vacchi C pai vaale ..C vacchi D pai vaale re ……. )

Five Fooditems

Pizza,Mirchi bajji ,  Milkshakes , Idly-sambar , sizzler

Often used words (or phrases)


good ol’ me 

F**k the crap-o

yo (sounds like “yoa” with stress on the O sound and ending slowly and deliberately with the ‘aaa’ sound)




saaaav  (translation : dieeeeee !!! )





Walk to remember (hey!toughies can like it too  you know 😉 )


Rocky Balboa


anything that sounds good to the ears

Seven things awesome about me

sooo many things ayya(some positive ,others 100% pure whoop ass stuff)  …seven is a small number!!

*** from here I modify the original tag-questions 😛

IIITian personalities  (instead of film personalities) .

(I either completely hate them or completely respect them…not saying which is for which) VUR,Zulu,Ranga Rao,Kamal,Kaul

Top  insane/weird/inexplicable things done by me in IIIT :

1)Trying to do pull-ups at the football post and getting my hand cut

2)Playing Sherlock Holmes at 3 in the morning everyday during my 3rd year

3)Rapping and  writing poetry about almost everyone I know in IIIT 🙂

4)Got A- in physics by writing all the formulae on a 5cm*5cm piece of paper for the end sem (know what  I mean,right?)

(there are more… but too dangerous for public access  :p )

I tag :

anyone who blogs in ug2K3 …( and those who dont blog in ug2k3, start blogging now!!!!)


ps :  Shall soon post the IIM-L and IIM-B interview experiences.

ps1 : Things are smooth in life right now … but not smooth enough!!

ps2 :  Got the second rank in ECC midsem and 5th rank in CN  midsem (from the bottom 😛 )

ps3 : I prepared a list of a dozen characters whom I seriously want to kick before I leave this place. (3 of them are females .Well!…I mean , though against popular perception,according to govt. records ,two of them are females .And the third ? Please don’t ask )

ps4 : Deepak invited me for a drink yesterday.What the f*********** ..I dont drink!!!!

ps5 :  I am coming for the batch trip too :p …may God save the folks who are coming along .. muhhahahahaha ..You people are going to have one hell of a time.

ps6 : Is Amalgam on the cards ??  If so, IV and Manish dancing on-stage in lungis will be a nice idea 🙂 (come on chummies … start flaming )

ps7 : Watched the movie,“A” in NTR’s room.Got a migraine attack.

4 responses to “What the gag ..I mean, tag ??

  1. its matsumoto! You watch bleach and you dont know matsumoto!! hayya!! 😮

    And the new questions are interesting but the answers are baba-like.. 😦
    You should have tried something hatke.. my 2 cents!

  2. It’s all very nice…I like your blog. Just a practical suggestion : Your new theme puts enormous strain on my myopic eyes(I’m sure it does the same to others, too). Can you do something about it?

  3. @ spawn :
    ok i will see to it ..

    @ aniket :

  4. lightning era ??

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