The IIM-L experience

This one was on 18th Feb.Sorry for the delay in posting …

GD :

Topic : Politicians are so ****_(forgot this part)_ ***** that they promise to build a bridge where there is no river.

We were asked to write on essay on this for 10 minutes.Then 15 minutes for the group discussion.It was a fish market yet again,but the group slowly inched towards a more civilized state. Good ol’ me entered the GD 5 or 6 times ,speaking for about 3 minutes overall.Not bad I guess, considering there were 12 candidates

PI :

There were two Prof.s , both looking determined to finish me off.But fortunately,they were all nice and polite.

Tell us about yourself.

blah blah …

Do you think reservations are necessary ?

(At TIME they said … theyΒ  dont ask controversial stuff .. boy! don’t believe every prophecy blindly 😐 )

Took an absolutely neutral stance which I think is the safest matter how anti-reservation or pro-reservation you are …

What extra curricular activities are you interested in ?

blah blah …

Then suddenly silence ..looked at the grade sheet and sports certificates.I assume they considered my grades to be decent and decided not to test me on academics :D. Then , …

You performed well in both 1500 m and 100 m races ? How is it possible ?

Sir! I am used to working out in the gym (bingo! “gym” featured even in my IIM interviews :p …) So got a good amount of strength which is what is required for short sprints. Also used to jogging 10 Km in the morning.So stamina developed as well.That was useful for long distance races.

(They were verrrryy amused at the my madness of following a 10 K jogging routine)

What motivated you to run 10K (bold letters indicating higher voice)Isn’t that ..extreme ?

blah ..blah …

(The real reason is confidential 😐 so told him an Iqbal kind of story,which by the way is a reason too)

What is INSAT ?What is its purpose ?

Geo-stationary satellite.Pupose is studying climate change , precipitation,etc.,

What is DTH ?

(Simple! Direct Transmission To Home! But I forgot 😦 unanswered question)

Do u think a temporary loss of reputation can be traded off for a long time benefit ?

YES sir! blah blah …

Give me an example ?

Talked about Dhirubhai Ambani ‘s beginnings.(Thanks to the movie Guru )

But what he did was not illegal just different! Why the opposition?

Sir because , sometimes,when one tries to do something radically different from existing practices , the society
might not digest it in the beginning as it might seem absurd.Perhaps that was the problem.

(the prof. gave me a smile πŸ™‚ ,which might mean anything)

Any questions for us ?

NO sir !

THANK YOU ..Mr.Harish

thank you sir!

PI duration : 6 minutes.


ps : IIM-B and IIM-A posts almost ready.Will post them in intervals of two days each.

ps1 : I am not revealing the self-ratings anymore because Vasan does a lot of O.A.

ps2 : I have one month more.Just a few more things to accomplish before declaring that my four years ROCKED πŸ˜€ !!!

ps3 : Where the heck is the year book ? 😦

2 responses to “The IIM-L experience

  1. you dont worry abt Vasan. we’ll send someone to take care of him.

  2. Thats of help ..I shall be ever grateful πŸ˜›

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