IIM-B : What is your Hall-ticket number ?

This was scheduled on 5th march,2k7 at 9:00 AM at the IIM-B campus.

Went there at 8:45 AM.Was quite surprised to see all the students already there.Then some Prof.s came and started calling out names.Mine was missing.

Excuse me Sir! My name’s missing ūüė¶

What is your Hall Ticket number?

told him the number and soon found out it was the GIM (goa insti of management) interview and not that of IIM-B .

Anyway asked here and there , managed to reach the building where the real gd cum interviews were being held.So i actually gotto run :p (hehe) for an interview too.Love you Fate dude!!

The time was 9:00 AM¬†… spot on!! There was a definitive air about , among the participants (A,B,C, among IIMS are considered elite ..so this was my first elite¬†league interview)….

The expressions on the candidates’ faces reminded me of the song “We are the titans…”¬†. There was this lady in the corporate suit who for an instance looked like X from¬†behind.But that idea faded away.Anyway,the¬†candidates were all too classy,with an authoritative defiance about them.

“Either they are¬† toppers of their respective batches or guys with loads of work-ex” I concluded.

Anyway ….

Group Discussion (GD)

Case study! same thing as before… 5 min to read the case.15 min for discussion.And in the end 5 min for writing the summary. It was decent , pretty decent (compared to the one at IIM-A ,which is another story)

Personal Interview (PI)

 There were two Prof.s ,both senior prof.s ,one of them was the dean of IIM-B.The 1st prof. started asking me the following questions :

Hmm… Mr.Harish!So u see people in this world as two types ?(from the answers in my profile documents)

Yes sir! The ones who move with crowd and give up when others do.The remaining are the ones who continue even when others end.  ...blah blah...

(HALT readers!! Thats why you should watch animes like Bleach …you will find all such sorts of HR answers : ) ..my two cents worth of humble advice ūüôā )

Can you give an example from your life ?

(Aha! Perfect) **same old running man story** Please refer to the previous post for details.

But that is determination! Not about doing things differently

Sir!I would call it determination at doing things differently.

Oho!Nice logic!

Thank you sir!( Wanted to grin , but just gave him a diplomatic smile)

What subjects do you like? (while the other prof. was looking at my grade sheet)

All signal processing subjects!

Applications of signal processing in the real world ?

blah blah …

Now the dean(Prof. 2…the first time he talked so far as he was busy seeing my certificates))¬†asked , Tell us about your B.Tech project in layman’s terms

blah blah .. (In layman’s terms.Thank the good God! I didnt even remember it¬†technically)

Switch back to Prof 1, why are cell phones switched off in an airplane ?

I think sir ..because in an aeroplane … the additive components of all the cell phone frequencies might add up (in the worst case where¬† several passengers are using them) and become close to the natural frquency of the aero plane body or its communication system ..and might lead flight problems.

Okay!Now tell me .How are wireless devices jammed  ?

Depending on the wireless device used, there is a standard fquency associated with it.So a Jamming device introduces a frequency component that is equal  to that frequency and hence nullifies its effect.

What sort of disturbances do you encounter in communicating mediums?


Can you elaborate on the different types ?

(Prof.1 is good in Signal Processing!!) Talked about different types of noise and how they are modelled while writing equations,also mentioned non-deterministic noise which can’t be represented mathematically.¬†

(Being a TA for Signals and Systems helped)

(Answering the previous four questions made me feel more than ever, that Prof.V.U.Reddy is God)

What books do you read ?

(Thank you STS! ) spoke about the book Hindutva  by V.D.Savarkar.

Are you religious ?

yes sir!But not a fanatic.I read Hindutva to see whether it really is religious extremism or misuse of a non-fanatic concept by politicos.

What other books do you read?

 Sir! Comics like Asterix,Calvin & Hobbes, and also science fiction by Asimov!!

(I was hoping he would ask me about the authors of the comics,when they were first printed ,etc.,  which I mugged up thorughly ..but guess he decided otherwise)

Hmm..okay! Correlate  Science-fiction with Signal Processing and create a plot right now!!

(B.C time)¬† blah blah ….. (mentioned humans establishing contact with aliens,etc.,)

Space has no medium,how do you communicate without a medium ?

Sir!Electromagnetic waves (in this case radio waves ..those of high wavelength ) don’t require a medium.

Now Prof 2 asked, Any questions for us ?

Asked a¬†light hearted question about Bangalore being¬†renamed “Bengalooru” and what would they call IIM-B ? (deliberately emphasized on “call” ‘coz obv. it is registered as IIM-Bangalore)

They answered.

Thank you Harish!

Thank you sir!


ps:¬†My “Today’s fortune”¬† in orkut reads :
“Happy events will take place shortly in your home.” Its about time!

ps1 : Year book ug2k3 is up ! Himanshu Arora ROCKS ! So Does Anurag!

ps2 : Quicky !Get the batch t-shirt ready too!

2 responses to “IIM-B : What is your Hall-ticket number ?

  1. OK Mr.Harish you are selected. That Hindutva stuff is cool. Did you read it.

  2. @ raghuveer :
    still reading …

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