Happy Ugadi to everyone concerned 😀 !! 

Okay this one was on 9th march,2k7. Each panel had 3 prof.s, contrary to the dual member panels at K,L,I,B .


Case study (yet ,again! ) This time , it was a fish market , an absolute fish market.So there isn’t going to be even a miscule difference whether you speak or not.Methinks that most of the marks for GD will be given in tandem with the quality of the GD-summary  we wrote in the end.


1st,2nd and 3rd Professors = P1,P2,P3

P1 ‘s questions:

1)So Mr.Harish,you are in Electronics and Commnications , so may we safely assume you are good at verbal communication too ?

2)What do you want to do in life ?

3)What is your favourite subject ?

4) Signal processing, is it ? Tell me why signal processing is required at all  ?

5) Name some encoding & decoding  schemes.

6) Come up with 3 analogues  that relate signal processing and team-building .

7) What sort of modulation do we see in a radio ? (to which i answered “FM (frequency modulation)”)

8) Isn’t AM (Amplitude modulation) there too in radio communication ? (yes)

9)Explain the concept of AM signal !

10) Draw an AM signal and tell me which is the carrier and which one is the message signal.

11) What kind of signals did you generally observe in your lab oscilloscope ?

P2’s Questions :

1)What are your interests ?

2)Atheletics ? Any achievements ?

3)Oh I see! So which countries are famous for long distance running ? (to which I answered “some african nations ” )

4)Africa is a big continent! I am asking countries . (i said “ethiopia” )

5)What about kenya  ?  (yes sir!Kenya also has lots of winners …baad baad ..I should have remembered kenya 😦 ..okay one guffawed question so far)

6)What about your interests in other sports ? (Yes sir!I play other sports too with interest! )

p3’s questions :

1) Do u have a credit card of your own ?

2)How does a credit card work ?

 (to which like a true engineer 😛 (super mutated LOLs)  I answered the mechanism of the magnetic strip,the card-swiping,the code-entering,etc.,)

3) Eh! Is it ?

(Sir! That is for drawing money from a machine.For buying soemthing,we need to ..blah blah )

4)Okay okay! Leave the mechanism ! What is the bank’s advantage in isuuing credit cards ?

5)What is the user’s advanatage apart from realising  an immediate loan ?

6)What is the difference between a credit card and a debit card ?


Thats it!I did speak twice or thrice in GD (I am including, only those spoken attempts when everyone else stopped to listen 🙂 ) And I think I wrote a pretty above-average summary as well

PI ? except for a little faltering (which I made sure was not that apparent ) at the  “kenya” part and a little confusion at the ” bank-interest” part , I was okay in the PI , esp. with the acads 🙂

So , I guess good ol’ me can hope for the best.We shall only know in April …


ps : A series of nostalgic posts (hardly a month to go in IIITian land) to follow.Folks!Be ready to cry,laugh and go senti  😐

ps1 : Watched the movie Jagadam ,  will write a very violent 😉  review soon

ps2: If there  is Amalgam this year ,  I will dance on-stage in a lungi .Muahahaha …one last toture session for my fellow IIITians coming up … 😉

ps3 : Vasan swore.Sirius is mourning.And Kukka Satti is going to get kicked for his OA.

ps4 : Booshi,Maams and tipo still nurture their unfulfilled dream of beating me up.Violence is bad ,ol’ chums! :p

8 responses to “IIM-A GD & PI

  1. good luck bobs for the results to follow.

    But I am seriously wondering .. Rock in lungi …lolz!! 😀

  2. thnx man 😀
    and yeah ..maza will come for sure 😛

  3. Thanx for the interview series you have been posting.. They have all been very helpful! 🙂

  4. I never knew that they go into the tech side for the PI interview. It was nice reading your interview stuff. All the best 🙂

  5. d00d.. when did I swear! 😮 bad publicity isthunnav ga.. 😡 😛

    btw congrats on your IIM-A interview admission and everything to follow.. 😀

  6. results didnt come out yet 😐 anyway same to u 🙂

    By “swear” I mean “promise” not “abuse” 😀 ..it is good publicity! I am contriving a divine appearance for you 😛

  7. @ prateek and karan :
    welcome ! 😀

  8. dear sir
    i am a b.tech (IT) 2 nd year student
    i am desperate to get in iim -a . i want to know what are the things that i can do at present to accomplish it .
    i regularly read newspaper ( TOI).
    magzines ( indiatoday)
    but what else i can do at the moment to prepare for the CAT while simultaneously keeping attention on my engg studies.
    should i may join the CAT COACHING NOW OR AT THE LAST YEAR .
    would it better for me to prepare for the CAT right now or join up a s/w company for experience .
    also i want to know if ther r any type of marks cutoff( OF GRADUATION OR INTERMEDIATE0 in the cAT .


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