When Amalgam SPLASHed

The last time there was an Amalgam was when I was in the first year, a time when most of you folks weren’t there . That was a good evening , an  en la fantasma  to be precise 😀

Then, forward to last night.After years of cancellations, and a name-change ( to wade off ill-omens , I guess )  Amalgam returned re-christened as ‘Splash’

Well! Still I would say , was disappointed that faculty was nowhere. (they were there in plenty in 2004) But even then , the spirit diasplayed was good,though a bigger audience would have been much better.

Hey!But I had a field day yesterday 😀 We guys in the ug4 skit had loads of fun time brainstorming for the central-idea,practising,etc.,.

I guess everyone over there (participants and audience) had a pleasant evening. Next year, hope Splash is done on the “stage” opposite library to a much larger audience. 🙂


ps :  I am having heightened flashes of deja vu’  to whichever place I go inside the campus.

ps1  : Oh yeah! IIIT’s got a new Cupid,  me :p (super mutated lols ..more on this coming up)

9 responses to “When Amalgam SPLASHed

  1. was ur idea stolen from ours?

  2. yeah splash was fun 😉 …
    hey cupid y dont u point some arrows here 😀

  3. Yup.. atleast it was held! But i guess the timing was not all that great

  4. I missed it :(( so so bad …..

    I hope I dont stay around when the next one happens 😛 😀

    neways gud job … I love Drama !!

  5. there was actually something called ‘splash’ that happened before even we ppl joined. It was also similar to Amalgam … I think .. well .. atleast cul life is looking up 😛

  6. Splash was awesome.. we were awesome!

    Why did you delete my comment? 😮
    Why did you delete your last post about you being drunk? 😮
    Why did you blog about such lame things like you guys getting drunk? 😡

    aahh.. am bored. Do not delete this comment!
    Unless.. you really want a very very bad testimonial! >:)

    PS: I’m watching you! 😀

  7. me ? drunk ? :O :O

  8. @Playboi & rama:
    I dont remember ..but the name “spalsh” was surely heard before too …

    @ maruti :
    For that I need the nameof the other person too 😀 then I will do the cupid’s job :p ..hehe

  9. Gollum (in me): No Cupid doesnt help his friends. Cupid is bad. He needs to be harmed.
    Smeagle: No.. no.. he is good. He mustn’t be harmed.
    And then….. I realise I aint in LOTR. 😛

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