The arbitrarily written mixed bag post

The summer-heat is here :

I woke up today

Expecting a nice sunny day

But it was HOT to my dismay

Darn!The nice lil’ OBH lawn

Was already boiled at dawn !?!?!?!

The big fight  :

Folks still whisper about it.A sports event turned big-time brawl which was free-for-all !!

Why! Some rotten faced ravens actually think I was behind all that happened. How am I involved in a ug1 & ug2  joint event ?? Maaaaan! If a fight comes people start shouting my name ?!?!?!?!

Aha! I remember back then in the beginning of 2006,when SJ bhai  was scaring the ug2k3ians during a basketball match ,my batch mates started shouting baba!baba!  :p ..phew!! thank God I was nowhere near that place!

Halley and Narada

The previous evening, Halley was watching Detective Narada , a movie so uniquely itemish   that it was actually interesting (to Halley)

Now I wonder whether it is Halley’s joblessness or his item-ism that actually made him enjoy the movie 😀 .Or maybe , that speaks for the whole batch’s joblessness !

Of Bartimaeus and Mandrake

The Bartimaeus Trilogy is fantasy series written by Jonathan Shroud. Good stuff! Lots of magic,adventure and political ideologies in a  make-believe alternate world. The 3rd part, Ptolemy’s Gate  (a copy is present in the IIITian library) is note-worthy !

abbulu’s after thought : One of the main characters is John Mandrake!I wonder what it would have been had it been a lady …  Joanna (instead of John) , Woman (instead of Man) and  duck (instead of drake) ….so we have Joanna Womanduck !! (Any feminists listening?)

The IIITian dilemma

“What in the name of the shit-headed rugrats and the level-headed intellectuals …is happening ? ”

–  abbulugadu

Hmm….I hated (or so I claimed) this place all along ,throughout.But,now I am so sad about leaving it 😦 .Gosh!And I thought such things happen only in masaledar  Bollywoodishtyle romantic films !?!?!


ps :  A broken chair , a broken finger and a broken jaw ! Just few more days ra abbuluga ! Don’t lose control yet!

ps1 : Many folks over the course of my final year,attributed the  Ravana-turned-Ram transformation to me. Thank you all !  😀

ps2  : Finally opened CN texbook today for the first time in the semester 🙂 I observed its a fat book , with lots of scary stuff in it .Now should decide when to start reading it.


6 responses to “The arbitrarily written mixed bag post

  1. You are still ravana :p ..
    references :
    Broken Chair
    Broken Jaw
    Broken Finger :p

  2. You need to control your temper.. not vice versa. Seriously..

    Thankfully it was Satish and not ME, who was sitting on the chair.. phew! 😀

  3. cha! lets see :p 😀

  4. @ halley :
    Objection your honor 😐
    Bhagvat gita (loka kalyanam kosam andi loka kalyanam kosam :p )

    @ spawn :

  5. Halley gaadiki Det. Narada movie correct. Vamsi movies annitilo VP movie ade.

  6. Detective Naarada oka goppa movie
    Mohanbabu carrier lo oka turning point adhi

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