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Days of my life

20th April ,one year ago , marked the beginning of what some folks calledΒ  abbulugadu’s lightning era

I look back and have nothing to say! I smile, thinking of a time when I was the happiest ! In the evening today,I went with Devu and Abhinav to Ice n Spice.Yeah! Ordered that bigΒ ice-cream called “Titanic Mania”Β . The last time I ordered it was….. hmm … why should I tell ?? πŸ˜‰

Only a vague statement from a distant memory shouts at me , Intha peddadi elaa thintaav ra babu :pΒ Β 

Whatever happens ..I shall always rememberΒ 20th AprilΒ , the very day last year,when I started to know what true happiness in life is really about.Happy anniversary abbuluΒ ! Hahaha I going senti or what ! πŸ˜‰

– abbulugadu


ps  : The IIM results got post-poned again ! 😦

The IIM-C experience

Considering this session was on the 15th of March ..this was a late post ..unpardonably late! Guess the final-year symptoms define lethargy..not my fault πŸ˜‰ !

So my panel had 3 gentlemen ..2 Prof.s and a part of the alumni (I think)

The GD :

It was a case study again.It was formally called a “Business Study” !There were 9 candidates and I basically came out with good points.But for one thing …

I got blasted indirectly by a member of the panel ..who well!actually interrupted (rare! very rare) the GD to blast me 😦 No more details …

The PI :

It was a totally HR routine this time …

Okay Mr.V.V.Harish Baba . Whats the “BABA” for it a surname ??

(gave a sentimental story about ma being a devotee of Sai Baba ..and yeah!not a surname)

Tell us about yourself!!

Which coaching institute are you from ??

What makes you think we should choose you over the others ?

(gave them two factors … an answer rehearsed ever since I got blasted :p in the GD … but I would rate it a good compensation for the “abbulu blasted at GD” phenomenon )

Rank all the candidates in the GD .

( Came upto rank 7 ….and one of the Prof.s seemed impressed and ended my digging-back-into-memory ordeal with a hey-your-rating-almost-matches-with-the-panel’s-rating look πŸ™‚ )

So do you read newspapers ?

What kind of books do you read ?

Hindutva! So what did you infer from your reading on “Hindutva” ? And what do you think about the present state of BJP in accordance with following the Hindutva ideology ??

(yes again! once again! thnx. to STS and thnx to X for making me take that course)

Thank you , my boy!

…Thats it, done! I started off as a villain and at leastΒ  ended up as a good,sensible (ahem!!) ,decent guy in front of them!


ps : Vasan thinks I will get through C! Says the same thing for everything.

ps1 : Oh yeah! The thin fellow had his gd-pi too that day,but was in a different panel.

ps2 : People in the outgoing batch are going senti ..but trying to hide it as much as they can. I am not going senti but trying to pretend that I am (wait!I am confused !!)

ps3 : Got a C- in CN.My worst grade till date in IIIT .I was more relieved because I wasn’t expecting to pass πŸ™‚

ps4 : And yes! If I get a D in ECC , I would have covered the whole range of grades except F .Abbulugadu, a true IIITian !!! πŸ˜€

ps5 : Just finished finalizing my hit list.

Mask of froggo :Return of the legend

Long long ago they whispered that the great amphibian of OBH was lost in oblivion .The last one to see it was our very own Mr.S.Srinivasan.

Vasan then said …” The BF(bespectacled frog) is missing. Either it died fighting a valiant battle with the bathroom cleaners. Or it might be in your bathroom. Beware!

BF the legend

Haa..and good ol’ me let it fall on deaf ears ..a warning that would soon become a prophecy :p So,today,after the 10K routine (hehe … another legendary thing :p) , I go to the bathroom to wash off . I was soo damn exhausted that I didnt notice anything , the BF was waiting .I was just about to turn on the shower and voila ! I notice the BF staring at me (Unlike in Vasan’s case, it wasn’t napping this time..byaaad abbulu byaad)

It was almost as if the frog was communicating telepathically emulating Banderas in The Mask of Zorro , saying “Sio nara abbulu! The legend has returned” .I couldn’t escape thats easily. It was on the door-side of the shower cabin while poor ol’ me was cornered on the other side 😦 Reached for the bolt , unbolted the door.But still couldn’t make my escape because I had to get through the legend itself :p

Then I decided to take a risk..a plan ..a gamble for survival from a legendary (excessive usage ?? ) amphibious, potentially-lethal,infinitely-petrifying entity .My plan was to splash a bucket full of water at it and it gets forced out of the door.So, before it could recoil,the running man (me) would have made good his escape.

Then I thought , what if the frog evolved over time, mutated or whatever and became poisonous or something. What if it jumps on me and bites me ,and I get poisoned. Anyway,I took the risk!!! The stage was set.The plan executed and I was successful in making my escape. (There were hiccups in the course of the plan but I find it too embarassing to get into the details )

But something tells me he will come back …. and this time I will be waiting …. πŸ˜‰


ps : Exams done ! And I just started spamming the ug4-list! May God save the meek πŸ˜‰

ps1 : Is there anyone who could get into a puking contest with Marylin Manson!

ps2 : Haha… B.V.S.S.Siva Kumar has got a new crush among the ug3 girls. My hands are itching to make the relevation.But control abbulu control! There is a thing called honour among friends.

ps3 : Watching Chaos right now.

ps4 : Reading Upamanyu Chatterjee’s English August simultaneously. And oh! The book’s front cover page has the picture of a frog.Now thats Ittefaq (love this word! )

ps5: Trying to be happy.But only trying to …. 😦

ps6 : Will make some big (read as colossal,humongous, God-size ) decisions within the next three days.

ps7 : While most people are busy creating hit-lists (inspired from yours truly’s list ) , Erra Balu’s creating a lust-list πŸ˜‰

ps8 : Today is Thursday :p

ps9 : So ….

ps10 : Tomorrow is Friday.

ps11 : Wrote a short story called TOFA .Will publish soon.

ps12 : This is the end.

ps13 : YarG’s just come to lab after finishing his ALP paper .He looks like he just returned from a date with the ugliest,dirtiest and smelliest girl on the planet ..LOL

ps14 : Oh sorry! Forgot its the end πŸ™‚

Of an old post,deja vu,a core and a fortress

Hahaha ..check this out.

Abbulu’s mundane yet cult post I seriously dont know whats with this post.Its been 11 months since I wrote it.No one really cared about it then but now, I am getting maximum number of hits everyday for the post since the last one month.Hehe ..guess some arbitrary blog-browser found it interesting and is spreading the message across the globe.Aha! Unknowingly,my stupid post is becoming a cult post πŸ˜€

Anyway, watched the movies , Deja Vu and Core yesterday (the day I wrote my last exam in IIIT ..err..I hope 😐 ).

Deja Vu is okayishly good. But Denzel Washington s)imply rocks .Watch the movie , its worth watching once.There was a time when Val Kilmer was an elite actor(he played Batman in Batman Returns, got to do the raunchy scenes with Nicole Kidman, the lucky b**** ) But these days he’s doing nothing more than playing second fiddle.Of course,with Washington in the front seat,guess he has no other choice πŸ™‚

Core is also a nice time pass fare.If you are inclined towards physics,you will see the movie and enjoy it.If you are not exactly a lover of physics ( Eg: me :p ) , you will still enjoy it , provided you fast-forward it and finish off the movie within half-an-hour. πŸ˜‰

Anyway Core remined me of Jules verne’s Journey to the center of the Earth.And strangely, I couldn’t help but imagine Halley, Erra Balu , Item Raja and myself as the team that went to the Earth’s core to save the world ..tch tch !!

Digital Fortress : Reading this book reminded me of Prof.Venkiah’s Cryptography lectures.I wonder how Mr.Dan Brown,the book’s author,musters up the patience and tolerance levels to actually reasearch so much on everything he writes. Hahaha..even great people are sooo jobless (Hurray! Halley rocks πŸ˜€ )


ps : Using an Aspirin every night.Unable to sleep otherwise .Something is eating up my head !! 😦

ps1 :Will play football today, after two whole months.I hope it rains while we play.

ps2 : Watching the video of the English version of Shaka laka baby (from Bombay Dreams).Honestly, its one heavy load of non-surreal bull shit !! (Devansh must be ROFLing at this phrase-usage πŸ™‚ )

ps3 : The legendary abbulugadu’s hit list (abbaa …chaaaaa! ) is back to haunt IIIT.Two are already down.Some more to go ..muhahaha !!

ps4 :Previously watched the Ice-age video which has some arbit Rammstein song playing in the background.I feel really weird and stupid now!!

ps5 : Anyway plan to watch the movie City of Angels right now and go all senti …

ps6 : This is not ps no. (77*34 – 76*33 -17*5 + 5*5 – 50)

ps7 : If you actually made that calculation , you are one bored entity

ps8 : Still to post the IIM-C gd/interview post.

ps9 : This is the end.

An 8th semester-er’s exam thoughts

Okay then, the ‘morrow will be the day I write my last exam in IIIT (hopefully) ! Today’s exams Communication Networks (CN) and Error Correcting Codes (ECC) made me wonder the following things for the first time in four years (No! honest ! I was a good student till I became a final year student)

Why am I born ? (hmm…reminds me of an old friend who put this as a reminder in my cell so that I see it everytime I switch on the cell . Oye X! Listening ? :p)

What the hell are they writing ? ( while looking at other students during the exams …I just didn’t know what to write while the others were scribbling away in all their glory )

Will I fail ? (I just hope not!I justttt hope not! I guess I wrote enough in ECC to just scrape through .And I guess the prof. will be merciful.But CN? Man! I am seriously scared ! Why! The great PU/pooh wrote the exam better than I did.And yeah!who would want to fail in his last sem ????)

U used to prepare well before! What happened to those academic standards now ? (complicated question moron! plsssss…I am already tired of such questions.This is the last semester damnit !!!)


Verse of the day :

Like the jester laughs in all his misery

I still do, trying to wipe out history ???

If those lines made any sense

If you think the meaning is dense …

Come! Will show you the depth of this mystery !?!?!