An 8th semester-er’s exam thoughts

Okay then, the ‘morrow will be the day I write my last exam in IIIT (hopefully) ! Today’s exams Communication Networks (CN) and Error Correcting Codes (ECC) made me wonder the following things for the first time in four years (No! honest ! I was a good student till I became a final year student)

Why am I born ? (hmm…reminds me of an old friend who put this as a reminder in my cell so that I see it everytime I switch on the cell . Oye X! Listening ? :p)

What the hell are they writing ? ( while looking at other students during the exams …I just didn’t know what to write while the others were scribbling away in all their glory )

Will I fail ? (I just hope not!I justttt hope not! I guess I wrote enough in ECC to just scrape through .And I guess the prof. will be merciful.But CN? Man! I am seriously scared ! Why! The great PU/pooh wrote the exam better than I did.And yeah!who would want to fail in his last sem ????)

U used to prepare well before! What happened to those academic standards now ? (complicated question moron! plsssss…I am already tired of such questions.This is the last semester damnit !!!)


Verse of the day :

Like the jester laughs in all his misery

I still do, trying to wipe out history ???

If those lines made any sense

If you think the meaning is dense …

Come! Will show you the depth of this mystery !?!?!


16 responses to “An 8th semester-er’s exam thoughts

  1. dont worry .
    zafar isn’t tht cruel .. ..
    he neways has a personal grudge with handa not u .. 😀 !!

  2. I’ve been thinking on these lines since my first semester!

  3. @ @nks :
    Hmm .. y with handa ? 😐

    @ vasan :
    but I never got them before! Thats why first time is so scary 😦

  4. @ abulluga:
    orei! it is @nks okay! not @anks. you see @ == ‘a’.
    thats it for todays tute. chao!

  5. fuck zafar , hes an asshole !

  6. Maruti Borker

    He he that explains ur early exit from ECC 😛

  7. @ Incognito :
    Easy on the language please …

    @ asr :
    I will bunk ur next tute :p

    @ maruti :
    I didnt know what to write 😦 ..hope i pass

  8. Good one 🙂
    Now that your exams are over, you can ponder over these questions and tell me the answer of 1st, 2nd and the 4th 😀

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