Of an old post,deja vu,a core and a fortress

Hahaha ..check this out.

Abbulu’s mundane yet cult post I seriously dont know whats with this post.Its been 11 months since I wrote it.No one really cared about it then but now, I am getting maximum number of hits everyday for the post since the last one month.Hehe ..guess some arbitrary blog-browser found it interesting and is spreading the message across the globe.Aha! Unknowingly,my stupid post is becoming a cult post 😀

Anyway, watched the movies , Deja Vu and Core yesterday (the day I wrote my last exam in IIIT ..err..I hope 😐 ).

Deja Vu is okayishly good. But Denzel Washington s)imply rocks .Watch the movie , its worth watching once.There was a time when Val Kilmer was an elite actor(he played Batman in Batman Returns, got to do the raunchy scenes with Nicole Kidman, the lucky b**** ) But these days he’s doing nothing more than playing second fiddle.Of course,with Washington in the front seat,guess he has no other choice 🙂

Core is also a nice time pass fare.If you are inclined towards physics,you will see the movie and enjoy it.If you are not exactly a lover of physics ( Eg: me :p ) , you will still enjoy it , provided you fast-forward it and finish off the movie within half-an-hour. 😉

Anyway Core remined me of Jules verne’s Journey to the center of the Earth.And strangely, I couldn’t help but imagine Halley, Erra Balu , Item Raja and myself as the team that went to the Earth’s core to save the world ..tch tch !!

Digital Fortress : Reading this book reminded me of Prof.Venkiah’s Cryptography lectures.I wonder how Mr.Dan Brown,the book’s author,musters up the patience and tolerance levels to actually reasearch so much on everything he writes. Hahaha..even great people are sooo jobless (Hurray! Halley rocks 😀 )


ps : Using an Aspirin every night.Unable to sleep otherwise .Something is eating up my head !! 😦

ps1 :Will play football today, after two whole months.I hope it rains while we play.

ps2 : Watching the video of the English version of Shaka laka baby (from Bombay Dreams).Honestly, its one heavy load of non-surreal bull shit !! (Devansh must be ROFLing at this phrase-usage 🙂 )

ps3 : The legendary abbulugadu’s hit list (abbaa …chaaaaa! ) is back to haunt IIIT.Two are already down.Some more to go ..muhahaha !!

ps4 :Previously watched the Ice-age video which has some arbit Rammstein song playing in the background.I feel really weird and stupid now!!

ps5 : Anyway plan to watch the movie City of Angels right now and go all senti …

ps6 : This is not ps no. (77*34 – 76*33 -17*5 + 5*5 – 50)

ps7 : If you actually made that calculation , you are one bored entity

ps8 : Still to post the IIM-C gd/interview post.

ps9 : This is the end.

15 responses to “Of an old post,deja vu,a core and a fortress

  1. babe baba become now hitman

  2. the answer is zero

  3. You need to pay me a royalty to the tune of 20 crores for misusing my name twice ! . Else catch ya in the court of law 😀

  4. bah !

  5. @ kiran D :

    @ obelix :
    I bow to u , U have just usurped the jobless lord ,Halley

    @halley :
    Seconding maruti’s opinion ..BAH!!
    U should actually appreciate my free publicity of you 🙂

  6. The review post, is it?

  7. whatever you call it 🙂

  8. Why do you watch such dumb B-Grade Bullshit moviez like “City of Angels”. What do you like in it? I hated the movie to the core even more than “The Core”. So you watched two dumb movies and wasted your time. lol!! 😀

  9. Hmm..city of angels = B Grade ? hehe ..i dont wanto waste time over this ..go join an asylum ol’ chap 😦

  10. @abbulugadu

    Hi dude,

    You sound cool.

    Can you please help me by telling me what the hell does the word “Arbid” means in english as I have never heard it and couldn’t find it anywhere.

    I would be sincerely thankful for that.

  11. pardon me ..It was a typo for arbit (acronym for arbitrary ) 🙂

  12. Thanks I got it now.

    Ya I support you on “City of Angels”.
    Nice romantic movie. more romantic coz of cage and ryan.

  13. hmm ..yeah
    Actually i was thinking on these lines .. 😉

    “how would it be had there been michael douglas and sharon stone in city of angels ” :p

  14. I should say you really have a strong and funny imagination power.
    Hmmm, “There would have been atleat 5-6 murders and 2-3 erotic bedroom scenes then if had there been michael douglas and sharon stone in city of angels .” and the movie would have loved by more than it is now.

  15. thnk u thnk u 😀

    and good improvisation on ur part too 😉

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