Mask of froggo :Return of the legend

Long long ago they whispered that the great amphibian of OBH was lost in oblivion .The last one to see it was our very own Mr.S.Srinivasan.

Vasan then said …” The BF(bespectacled frog) is missing. Either it died fighting a valiant battle with the bathroom cleaners. Or it might be in your bathroom. Beware!

BF the legend

Haa..and good ol’ me let it fall on deaf ears ..a warning that would soon become a prophecy :p So,today,after the 10K routine (hehe … another legendary thing :p) , I go to the bathroom to wash off . I was soo damn exhausted that I didnt notice anything , the BF was waiting .I was just about to turn on the shower and voila ! I notice the BF staring at me (Unlike in Vasan’s case, it wasn’t napping this time..byaaad abbulu byaad)

It was almost as if the frog was communicating telepathically emulating Banderas in The Mask of Zorro , saying “Sio nara abbulu! The legend has returned” .I couldn’t escape thats easily. It was on the door-side of the shower cabin while poor ol’ me was cornered on the other side 😦 Reached for the bolt , unbolted the door.But still couldn’t make my escape because I had to get through the legend itself :p

Then I decided to take a risk..a plan ..a gamble for survival from a legendary (excessive usage ?? ) amphibious, potentially-lethal,infinitely-petrifying entity .My plan was to splash a bucket full of water at it and it gets forced out of the door.So, before it could recoil,the running man (me) would have made good his escape.

Then I thought , what if the frog evolved over time, mutated or whatever and became poisonous or something. What if it jumps on me and bites me ,and I get poisoned. Anyway,I took the risk!!! The stage was set.The plan executed and I was successful in making my escape. (There were hiccups in the course of the plan but I find it too embarassing to get into the details )

But something tells me he will come back …. and this time I will be waiting …. 😉


ps : Exams done ! And I just started spamming the ug4-list! May God save the meek 😉

ps1 : Is there anyone who could get into a puking contest with Marylin Manson!

ps2 : Haha… B.V.S.S.Siva Kumar has got a new crush among the ug3 girls. My hands are itching to make the relevation.But control abbulu control! There is a thing called honour among friends.

ps3 : Watching Chaos right now.

ps4 : Reading Upamanyu Chatterjee’s English August simultaneously. And oh! The book’s front cover page has the picture of a frog.Now thats Ittefaq (love this word! )

ps5: Trying to be happy.But only trying to …. 😦

ps6 : Will make some big (read as colossal,humongous, God-size ) decisions within the next three days.

ps7 : While most people are busy creating hit-lists (inspired from yours truly’s list ) , Erra Balu’s creating a lust-list 😉

ps8 : Today is Thursday :p

ps9 : So ….

ps10 : Tomorrow is Friday.

ps11 : Wrote a short story called TOFA .Will publish soon.

ps12 : This is the end.

ps13 : YarG’s just come to lab after finishing his ALP paper .He looks like he just returned from a date with the ugliest,dirtiest and smelliest girl on the planet ..LOL

ps14 : Oh sorry! Forgot its the end 🙂

7 responses to “Mask of froggo :Return of the legend

  1. he he … u shud have kicked it 😛 … ( saw ur comment on Spawns blog 😛 )

  2. It has mutated ..too powerful to go down with a mere kick.
    Curse Vasan! He should have finsihed it off when it was just a frog 😦

  3. Sivakumar’s crush.. errabaalu’s lust list.. looks like you’re on a roll of revelations!
    You find every Tom, Dick and Harry super mutated! WTF!! 😡
    On a different note, I really need to patent my stuff! There can be only one BF.. and it died fighting a valiant battle.. 😦
    You name your mutated crappy frog something else.. name it GF! ;))

    And you also are a wimp! 😀 Asking me to kick my BF and you passing out when your time comes.. :)) chi chi.. 😛

  4. @vasan
    baba is a good boy++.
    why will he hurt something, when he can, as well, run away from it?

    what happened to the I-will-not-reveal-peoples-name and I-will-use-their-abbreviated-names protocol?

  5. @ Vasan :
    I didnt pass out … I got rid of it and no one was harmed
    Be grateful, u misreable f****t! I am glorifying your BF and your writings !
    And yeah there’s a difference between you kicking something and me kicking something ,mr.Dick-head!

    @ asr :
    it abbulu pls 😐 Yeah!In case I reveal both sides of the affair 😉
    It can also be I-reveal-one-side-completely , secretise-the-other-side protocol 😀

  6. So, what do u do all day? Given ur exams are done?? And why just trying to be??

  7. thats really tough to answer 😦 Will get back to u later :p

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