The IIM-C experience

Considering this session was on the 15th of March ..this was a late post ..unpardonably late! Guess the final-year symptoms define lethargy..not my fault πŸ˜‰ !

So my panel had 3 gentlemen ..2 Prof.s and a part of the alumni (I think)

The GD :

It was a case study again.It was formally called a “Business Study” !There were 9 candidates and I basically came out with good points.But for one thing …

I got blasted indirectly by a member of the panel ..who well!actually interrupted (rare! very rare) the GD to blast me 😦 No more details …

The PI :

It was a totally HR routine this time …

Okay Mr.V.V.Harish Baba . Whats the “BABA” for it a surname ??

(gave a sentimental story about ma being a devotee of Sai Baba ..and yeah!not a surname)

Tell us about yourself!!

Which coaching institute are you from ??

What makes you think we should choose you over the others ?

(gave them two factors … an answer rehearsed ever since I got blasted :p in the GD … but I would rate it a good compensation for the “abbulu blasted at GD” phenomenon )

Rank all the candidates in the GD .

( Came upto rank 7 ….and one of the Prof.s seemed impressed and ended my digging-back-into-memory ordeal with a hey-your-rating-almost-matches-with-the-panel’s-rating look πŸ™‚ )

So do you read newspapers ?

What kind of books do you read ?

Hindutva! So what did you infer from your reading on “Hindutva” ? And what do you think about the present state of BJP in accordance with following the Hindutva ideology ??

(yes again! once again! thnx. to STS and thnx to X for making me take that course)

Thank you , my boy!

…Thats it, done! I started off as a villain and at leastΒ  ended up as a good,sensible (ahem!!) ,decent guy in front of them!


ps : Vasan thinks I will get through C! Says the same thing for everything.

ps1 : Oh yeah! The thin fellow had his gd-pi too that day,but was in a different panel.

ps2 : People in the outgoing batch are going senti ..but trying to hide it as much as they can. I am not going senti but trying to pretend that I am (wait!I am confused !!)

ps3 : Got a C- in CN.My worst grade till date in IIIT .I was more relieved because I wasn’t expecting to pass πŸ™‚

ps4 : And yes! If I get a D in ECC , I would have covered the whole range of grades except F .Abbulugadu, a true IIITian !!! πŸ˜€

ps5 : Just finished finalizing my hit list.

7 responses to “The IIM-C experience

  1. Did you rate urself also?
    I pity u guys.. havin 2 spend so many anxious days waitin 4 ur results πŸ˜›

  2. @ Obelix :
    You are IV ? But y the question :p

    @ karan :

  3. Dont tell me you wont get through after having given such an interview!
    One can be slightly pessimistic but you’re going overboard!!

  4. who is mr.X ??

  5. So, are u gonna publish your hit list ?? ;;)

  6. @ Vasan :
    Who said “not getting through” πŸ˜‰ ..anyway Happy new year πŸ˜€

    @ Kiran D :
    Its not Mr πŸ˜‰

    @ Bhanu :
    I already told you na ..I wont 😐

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