Days of my life

20th April ,one year ago , marked the beginning of what some folks called  abbulugadu’s lightning era

I look back and have nothing to say! I smile, thinking of a time when I was the happiest ! In the evening today,I went with Devu and Abhinav to Ice n Spice.Yeah! Ordered that big ice-cream called “Titanic Mania” . The last time I ordered it was….. hmm … why should I tell ?? 😉

Only a vague statement from a distant memory shouts at me , Intha peddadi elaa thintaav ra babu :p  

Whatever happens ..I shall always remember 20th April , the very day last year,when I started to know what true happiness in life is really about.Happy anniversary abbulu ! Hahaha I going senti or what ! 😉

– abbulugadu


ps  : The IIM results got post-poned again ! 😦

5 responses to “Days of my life

  1. dude! congrats for MDI .. though I know IIM’s are waiting to have you …

  2. @ beegle :
    Thanks yar ! 😀

  3. what happened last year …

    ps – long distance commenting 😀 – very long distance

  4. neeku pellaindha bey///
    leka pichi pattindha?

  5. @ raki/joey :
    U r bad ayya … seriously very bad at comprehension 😦

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